Special seminar for cancer affected people 

25JunGanztägig27Special seminar for cancer affected people with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi -  Spiritual lectures, energy transmission, practice of exercises


Special seminar with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi for cancer affected people 

Fri 25 – Sun 27 June 2021

Further information and the registration link will follow four weeks before the seminar begins.
Please note the following for new participants:

As this is a special seminar, we ask all new interested persons to contact the organiser Karin Hattwig before registering: MAIL karin.xinlan@t-online.de, PHONE 0421.63 68 571. Here you will find information on participation requirements and registration.

The registration deadline for new participants is 11 June and for all other participants 23 June. 

The online seminar begins on Friday, 25 June, at 10 a.m. and ends on Sunday, 27 June, at around 10 p.m.

You will receive further information about the seminar after registration.

Course fee: 249 euros per participant

Background to the Kang Ai seminars

When people get cancer, they often and understandably ask themselves the same questions: Why did I get cancer? Why is it me of all people? How can I get well again? Health and wisdom teacher Wei Ling Yi got to the bottom of these questions: What is cancer and where are the roots of its development? From his many years of research into tumour diseases on an energetic-holistic level, he developed a therapeutic approach that perceives the human being in its entirety and includes body, heart, mind and soul. A method that can lead to healing and always contributes to an improvement in the quality of life such as more strength, stability, joy, confidence and self-confidence.

We would like to offer English speaking YiXue friends the opportunity to also attend the YiXue seminars. Please note!

Voice volume of the English Interpretation: 

Because of the technique of ZOOMs interpretation system, the volume of Sifu Wei Ling Yi’s voice will be low when choosing the English interpretation, but theinterpreters voice will be clearly audible.

Quality of interpretation: 

Our interpreters from German to English are not professionals, but speak English fluently and will do their best to offer you a good translation.


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