März, 2020

06mar(mar 6)0:0022(mar 22)23:59Veranstaltung fällt ausYiXue Spring Teaching Tour 2020Event postponed until further notice



YiXue Spring Teaching Tour 2020 postponed!

Due to the possible presence of the health hazard

caused by Corona Virus

Dear friends and all who are interested in meeting Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi in March and have made arrangements to attend his lectures,

We, from the organization of the YiXue Education Center, Germany, are very sorry and saddened to disappoint you that Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi has postponed his visit to California. 

Due to the possible presence health hazards caused by the Corona Virus, we are considering the wellbeing of all as we are in close proximity during the group meetings. 

In addition, in light of possible future travel restrictions, there would be an additional hardship on Wei Ling Yi in case he could not return to Germany as scheduled. He has an extensive schedule all over Germany and Malta in the month of April. 

In addition to that, the YiXue has recently acquired a large Center outside Berlin that is currently being refurbished to house additional teachings and workshops among other things. 

Without Wei Ling Yi¨s presence this work would be slowed. The risk of lack of transportation from Los Angeles is an added concern to all. 

We will let you know as soon as it is possible about Wei Ling Yi‘s next visit California.

We would like to thank all friends who have committed themselves with their time and great efforts preparing for this visit.  

Global Energy Transmission

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is doing the global energy transmission daily to change the negative situation of world-wide suffering, virus disaster and panic. Wei Ling Yi also asks all lotus friends to try to stay at home, practice well and support him with a balanced and peaceful heart e.g. by reciting the Ma Ya Hai mantra.

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi wishes all and their families good health, happiness and longevity.

The organizers of YiXue Education Center, Germany in conjunction with the Wei Ling Yi Foundation, USA


6 (Freitag) 0:00 - 22 (Sonntag) 23:59

Aktuelle Info YiXue-Seminarbetrieb!


Aktuelle Lage YiXue-Seminarbetrieb!

Schweren Herzens müssen wir aufgrund der aktuellen Lage und offiziellen staatlichen Regelungen alle YiXue-Seminare bis vorerst dem 19. April 2020 absagen. Darunter fallen die Interne Fortbildung, das Fasten- und Familienseminar sowie Sitzen auf dem Lotus. Sollte sich an der offiziellen Regelung der Bundesregierung und an unserem Seminarbetrieb etwas verändern, werden wir Euch umgehend informieren.