Impressions Yixue Congress 2017

It is time to take that great step
towards a new dimension of human culture!

Modern Spirituality, Holistic Life Science, Art & Culture

The world undergoes a fundamental transformation whereby many people search for new paths and would like to find a key to open the gate to holistic health, higher consciousness and peace.

The yearly YiXue Congress connects people who are on the path of self-investigation and development of body, heart and soul. They practice according to the great YiXue system of health and wisdom in order to grow holistically and elevate their level of consciousness and energy to a ground breaking and innovative stage. During this practice week, anyone interested has the opportunity to gain insight into a modern, spiritual way of life and cultivation which implies the potential to take a huge step towards a new dimension of human culture.

The biggest highlight of all events is the encounter with grand master Wei Ling Yi who is a teacher of awareness and wisdom and is known as a great sage and healer of our time.

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Program YiXue Congress 2017

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YiXue Congress Team
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B. Kristen
FON: +49(0)35242/4888-121
MOBIL: +49(0)176/22391916

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P. Seifert
FON: 01575 6102053

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Main event location

University of Arts Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 33 | Room 158
10623 Berlin

YiXue Bildungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
YiXue Akademie e.V.
Wei Ling Yi Lotuslichtstiftung