Auf Erfolgskurs - YiXue Pädagogik auf Malta

Auf Erfolgskurs: YiXue Pädagogik auf Malta – YiXue Educational Program (YEP)

Hier ein aktueller Bericht von der YEP Entwicklung auf Malta. Die deutsche Übersetzung folgt in Kürze. 


The YEP Malta Research Project – Spreading YEP in schools

The YEP Malta two year Research Project has just gone through its 3rd phase. The project that commenced last November 2018 is being held in conjunction with the MEDE through Maria Regina College, the YiXue Bildungszentrum Germany, the YiXue Malta Association and the Department of Counselling and Social Wellbeing of the University of Malta. The first seminar was an introduction by Wei Ling Yi and his teaching team of the YEP method to student and teaching stuff of Year 1 and 2 at the Gharghur Primary School.

The second seminar held in March 2019 included also the parents of these classes. The July 2019 seminar was purposely aimed at educators after school finished. The participation of 88 attendees was very positive and soon a research report on this seminar will be issued separately. As a result of this seminar teachers requested that we meet up regularly so they will be able to practise and experience more benefits for themselves and so we are meeting for practise every week. The outcome of all these seminars is best summarised by the Head of School of Gharghur in a note she sent when the seminar was over and another note received from one of the teacher participants of the course.


Ms Ben Portelli – Head Of School Gharghur

I wish to thank Master Wei Ling Yi who offered this enlightening experience to our school community. Also, I thank Mr Decelis for gifting Gharghur School with this opportunity towards self-wellness and serenity. This leads me to extend my gratitude to MEDE too. May all primary schools have the opportunity of receiving and above all, embracing the enriching skills which we received till now. We are lucky to have received so much already.

The next steps:

I feel it is my responsibility to instil at school the culture of daily exercises not only with year 1 and year 2 students but further. I will work on this myself during morning assemblies and alternate between physical exercises (already the school’s culture) and YiXue relaxation exercises. I wish we could start off our monthly COHs (Council of Heads of schools) with the relaxing position for a few minutes. Indeed this experience will nourish a climate of joy and perseverance to help us flow through the breezes and winds of a school day and family day. With whole-hearted gratitude, The Gharghur School Community


Ms JZ, Teacher, participant of the YEP Course for Educators, July 2019

Having previously followed two YIXUE courses, I was very interested to inform myself and be able to attend the YEP course as a teacher and to learn how I can use the knowledge gained in a way that my students could benefit fully from it. Thank you for this precious opportunity. Some points that really seem to hit home were:

  • Humans need to connect with nature.
  • The importance to teach YiXue wisdom, Life Science information, from a very young age to students.
  • Life Science = Life Information = Laws of Nature = Laws of health = Laws of life = Health and its information.
  • A smile is one of the most important tools that a teacher needs to reach out to his/her students.
  • A good teacher = good students = cultivation of a good, compassionate heart. Always remember that no matter what we go through in life, it is always in passing.
  • There are no failures in life…
  • We correct, we delete and we learn from our mistakes.
  • When something goes wrong and we are unbalanced, we need to regain balance in ourselves and then everything will settle into place again.
  • Dynamic life force can be blocked because the meridian channels in our body systems are blocked and the QI energy cannot flow evenly.
  • We need to raise our dynamic life force.
  • When tired, do not reach out for another coffee (which keeps one alert for some time only), instead, we stand up, feet, shoulder width apart, and start with the Standing exercise. This way we will re-boost our energy levels. We need to do some of the YiXue practises every day, and master the technique before introducing it to our students. We should do this with our students step by step, starting with mastering small actions with the students, till they can complete the whole series in the weeks and months to follow.
  • Believing is the power to success.
  • The proper storage area for the QI is in the lower abdomen, not in the head area or chest area.
  • If students believe in their teacher, then success is ensured. STILLNESS IN OUR LIVES IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Life science needs to be incorporated into our education system.

Launching of the YiXue Educational Programme

The launching of the YiXue Educational Programme (YEP)
under the leadership of WEI LING YI

2018 was a great year for the YiXue Teachings in Malta. Following the two professional research reports on children and professionals issued by the University of Malta re YEP (YiXue Educational Progarmme) the Malta Lotus Group is finally proud to move on to its next 2 year YEP project with Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, this time in Malta state schools.

Tuesday 20th November 2018 marked the official launching of the YiXue Educational Programme at Gharghur Primary, a school within the Maria Regina College. A group of 5 experts in the field accompanied Wei Ling Yi from the Educational Centre in Nossen Germany.

The classes selected were three, a year 1 class and two year 2 classes (one of which hosts a majority of foreign students). Accompanying and attending the sixty students were their three Teachers and three Learning Support Assistants together with the SMT and the head teacher who followed the course almost every day.

Wei Ling Yi’s Method better known as YiXue Practice “employs special exercises to enhance brain activity, communication, alertness, intuition and social behaviour. These exercises aim and are used to increase intelligence, higher awareness and the unfolding of latent potentials in students. This generates self-confidence and a positive mental outlook.”

Through his simple explanation and exercises all students and staff alike were introduced to this method over a four day seminar-workshop. In the evening of the final day all parents and families were invited to witness the work done by their children, and also participate to experience the beauty of this training. The College Principal Mr Patrick Decelis was present for this event which was heavily supported by the presence of the families of the children.

This training is being practised everyday by the teachers and classes involved with the support of members from YiXue Malta.  The children are very happy and they have adapted themselves to these exercises which complement and enhance their learning.

The University of Malta is following this process with interest following the previous research report they presented two years ago entitled Evaluating The YiXue Educational Pogramme YEP 2015 . The research was conducted by the Department of Counselling within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta.

The aims of the research were to measure the effectiveness of the Wei Ling Yi Method on the psycho-social profiles of the participating students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)/Learning Difficulties (LD) and then to offer recommendations for further research, implementation and policy based on its findings.

Großer Erfolg für die YiXue Pädagogik auf Malta

Das YiXue Education Programme (YEP) auf Malta, initiiert von Großmeister Wei Ling Yi, startet in eine neue Ära. Nach der erfolgreichen Studie zur YiXue Pädagogik von der Universität Malta (2015), begann auf Wunsch des maltesischen Ministeriums für Bildung ein neues Forschungsprojekt an maltesischen Grundschulen zur Wirkung der YiXue Pädagogik.

Der maltesische Minister für Bildung, Honorable Evarist Bartolo, (links im Bild) freut sich, dass Großmeister Wei Ling Yi seine Unterstützung an einheimischen Schulen fortführen wird, um diese wegweisende Form der Pädagogik auf Malta zu verbreiten. Durch die erste Studie der Universität Malta konnten Wissenschaftler belegen, dass die Arbeit von Wei Ling Yi und die regelmäßige Anwendung der ganzheitlich orientierten YiXue Methoden positive Wirkungen haben. Die Selbstwahrnehmung der Kinder und Jugendlichen, ihr Lern- und Sozialverhalten verbesserten sich ebenso wie ihre schulische Leistungsfähigkeit.

„Wir sind alle so stolz und aufgeregt, dass wir auf so einer kleinen Insel wie Malta die Pioniere sind für so ein wichtiges Forschungsprojekt“, freut sich das YEP Team Malta, das seit 2012 Großmeister Wei Ling Yi darin unterstützt, die YiXue Pädagogik aufzubauen und zu verbreiten. „Es war ein langer Weg bis hierher. Doch Schritt für Schritt kommen wir weiter. Und dieses neue Projekt, das vom Ministerium unterstützt wird, ist für uns wie eine Morgendämmerung. Die Sonne wird aufgehen und die unbezahlbare und wertvolle YiXue Lehre von Wei Ling Yi wird sich weiterentwickeln und weiter etablieren.”