YiXue Culture

Die YiXue Kultur

’You are your own best healer’

The YiXue Culture and Grand Master Wei Ling Yi dedicate themselves to universal health, consciousness and wisdom teachings and methods of the holistic development of man and his self-development. They enable every person to take health into their own hands, in order to heal themselves step by step through regular practice and meditation. The body becomes permeable again, light and bright like that of a child. The heart returns to a loving openness, and the connection to the soul is opened and strengthened.

The possibility of our participation in the YiXue culture is a gift that Wei Ling Yi puts into our hands every day. In an ancient, family-oriented tradition, the knowledge of life cultivation and self-development was formerly only accessible to a small selection of people. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi opened this originally secret knowledge and makes it experienceable and applicable to all people. The YiXue culture goes back to a multi-thousand-year-old, proven and universal treasure of holistic development and cultivation methods for body, mind, heart and soul.

This includes energy and healing work, awareness work and careful, compassionate behavior, a healthy way of life, as well as the learning and observance of the cosmic, universal laws, in order to ultimately develop into a holistic, healthy and compassionate human being.


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The true source of his teachings, says Wei Ling Yi, is the universal primordial knowledge from the earliest times, from which also the spiritual tradition lines of Chinese life sciences have emerged. The large lotus system Lian Hua Da Fa, developed by him from the tradition, thus includes the inheritance of various spiritual transmission lines. At the same time, Wei Ling Yi developed a new form, the YiXue culture, which is adequate to the present, on the basis of his own research with the life energy Qi and the healing energies of the cosmic energy of origin and creative power YiQi.

Yi literally means ONE and stands for the pure cosmic origin, perfection, holism. Xue means teaching, study, exploration and self-experience. Thus the YiXue culture, as the teaching of the ONE, makes it possible for every human being to explore himself in order to be wholesome. On the other hand, the YiXue culture embodies a holistic and forward-looking life science that explores the networking of energetic life processes and universal information. It also contains the search for cosmic truth and its principles as well as its recognition and integration as a lived wisdom.

Access to the YiXue culture is open to all people regardless of origin and religion. It is based on the idea of an all-embracing unity. It is not about the difference, but about the essence of human beings. Behind this is the great desire and the forward-looking aim of contributing to the development and establishment of a higher consciousness for the benefit of all humans, all other living beings and the earth.

’Research within the YiXue culture begins with us human beings.
It begins with all of us: with the people who join the path of cultivation
to achieve a higher level of consciousness and with the people who practice.
YiXue culture is the contemplation of the mysteries of our cosmos.’

Life Cultivation
with Grandmaster
Wei Ling Yi

Life cultivation is the central aspect in the teaching of the YiXue culture. It goes back to the millennial tradition of the Great Lotus system and includes a path of self-healing and self-awareness to be healthy on all levels of being, which comprises body, heart and soul. The great aim for every individual is to gradually develop the personal level of energy and consciousness to a high, radiant level through their own practice and cultivation methods, in order to develop their full potential and soul power.

First of all, this path requires a continuous internal cleansing and transformation process to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages and disease information as well as to grind and transform the ego step by step. At the same time, it is a path into meditative silence, in order to increasingly develop knowledge and wisdom and to ultimately become aware of one’s true self. Those who truly recognize themselves can answer the great questions of life: Where do I come from? Why I’m here? What is my task? Where do I go? Recognizing yourself, emphasized Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, is not an easy task. Behind it lies a great philosophy of life, a holistic life science and a study of the cosmic laws with the future-oriented objective and vision to unite heaven, earth and human in harmony and peace.

The process of transformation

In a simplified way, the holistic life cultivation of body, heart and soul can be divided into different development phases. It should be noted that every person moves forward individually, each in his time and his pace. It is not a purely chronological process, but each person works in parallel at several stages:

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Body: Releasing blockages and diseases

Through regular exercise practice, we gradually raise our life energy levels and self-healing capacities so that diseases, centers of inflammation, pain and old information that have manifested in the body can vanish with time. It is an often longstanding transformation process which requires continuous practice and patience so that

▪ the energy channels (meridians) are opened and remain open

▪ all organs work harmoniously and are in balance

▪ the nerve paths are cured and their conductivity and optimal pulse propagation are ensured


Heart: Regulating emotions, opening and strengthening the heart

The emotional balance and the stabilization of the spiritual heart power are essential prerequisites for a holistic development. By regulating and harmonizing our emotions like wrath, anger and worries, we become stable. Anxious and negative emotions dissipate, joy of life, serenity and ease increase


Soul: Developing the power of the soul

With increasing levels of energy, good health and a quiet heart, it is possible to develop the soul powers with the aim of recognizing oneself and cultivating the true and sincere self. If our consciousness grows in a modest attitude, latent potentials and access to cosmic levels, knowledge and wisdom are increasingly opened up and deeper insights are given.


Oneness: Perfection of the soul by experiencing universal oneness

When man has succeeded in all these stages, this process ends in the revelation of one’s unity with the highest pure cosmic energy of origin and creative power, the YiQi.

The YiQi

Origin of life

To understand the core of the YiXue culture, we need to start with YiQi. Yi means ONE. In this context ONE means perfection, oneness and origin of all existence. Qi stands for the energy, which pervades and vivifies everything. Thus, this pure and highest origin energy can be explained as the most uninfluenced and healthy basic element of anything existing. It permeates and influences the whole universe, nature and all life. It gives information to all living beings, navigates their development, their differentiation and their being. The pure energy YiQi is the beginning of any evolutionary process, a source of healing, vigor and inspiration.

YiQi is the main reference source in the YiXue culture and it is the energy which is applied to the holistic development of body, heart and soul. Anyone who learns to consciously receive it and thus to use it for his/her health, owns a true treasure.

The Qi

The energy of life

According to Wei Ling Yi, only he/she, who is aware of Qi, the energy of life, feels it and learns how to treat it with care, will be able to govern it, and thus determine his own life and well-being.

Qi is the subtle energy of the cosmos and bears light, power and information. Even if it is neither comprehensible, nor tangible, nor visible, it is still existent and sustains, navigates and regulates all processes of life. In the East, this vital energy has been investigated for centuries and has been applied for the benefit of health. In China, the knowledge of the energy of life and its practice resulted in the development of manifold types of Qigong.


The more freely Qi can flow through our bodies by regular practice and the more our energy level increases, the healthier we are. Qi and blood flow easily through a healthy body; there are neither blockades nor painful parts. Any physical and organ functions work in harmony. We are full of power and energy; it is a perfect, ideal state of health, which is also referred to as Return to a Child’s Body.

Learning to sense the quality of Qi

There are different types and qualities of Qi – like Qi of the sun invigorating plants, Qi of the organs sustaining organ functions or Qi of a place, where the information of past events is still existent. Qi is most likely graspable if the individual learns how to sense it and to experience which effect it has on our body and our surroundings. For example: If we enter a house and we have a sensation of cold and feel the need to quickly leave this place, it usually means that we are uneasy with the energy of this location. It can be said that the Feng Shui of this house is not good, distorted information got stuck in there and literally chased us off. However, if the Qi of a house is in balance and harmony and the Feng Shui is good, we take a seat voluntarily, feel at ease and like to dwell there.

In the context of humans it is similar. There are people, in whose proximity we feel very much at ease so that, often unconsciously, we don’t want to leave them at all. This is because these people have an elevated energy level and a highly developed, harmonious and shining charisma so that humans and animals like to be near them.

The Lotus

Der Lotus

Symbol of spiritual transformation

The Lotus flower is revered in Asia as a sacred plant. It has always stood symbolically for spiritual transformation and for the spiritual development of man, which leads to attainment of perfection. It is rooted in the mud, it grows purposefully towards the light and opens above the water surface to its unique, true beauty and perfection. The Lotus is symbolic of the spiritual development and cultivation path of man. Through a deep transformation process he frees body, mind, heart and soul from old information, energies, blockages and illnesses, in order to develop holistically and unfold his true self. Living in harmony with the universe, nature and all living beings and feeling closely connected to all is the ultimate aim.