The teaching, practice and research of the YiXue Culture enable every person to take health into their own hands, in order to heal themselves step by step through regular practice and meditation. The body becomes permeable again, light and bright like that of a child. The heart returns to a loving openness, and the connection to the soul is opened and strengthened.

The originof the YiXue Culture

The possibility of our participation in the YiXue culture is a gift that Wei Ling Yi puts into our hands every day. In an ancient, family-oriented tradition, the knowledge of life cultivation and self-development was formerly only accessible to a small selection of people. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi opened this originally secret knowledge and makes it experienceable and applicable to all people. The YiXue culture goes back to a multi-thousand-year-old, proven and universal treasure of holistic development and cultivation methods for body, mind, heart and soul.

This includes energy and healing work, awareness work and careful, compassionate behavior, a healthy way of life, as well as the learning and observance of the cosmic, universal laws, in order to ultimately develop into a holistic, healthy and compassionate human being.


The true source of his teachings, says Wei Ling Yi, is the universal primordial knowledge from the earliest times, from which also the spiritual tradition lines of Chinese life sciences have emerged. The large lotus system Lian Hua Da Fa, developed by him from the tradition, thus includes the inheritance of various spiritual transmission lines. At the same time, Wei Ling Yi developed a new form, the YiXue culture, which is adequate to the present, on the basis of his own research with the life energy Qi and the healing energies of the cosmic energy of origin and creative power YiQi.

Yi literally means ONE and stands for the pure cosmic origin, perfection, holism. Xue means teaching, study, exploration and self-experience. Thus the YiXue culture, as the teaching of the ONE, makes it possible for every human being to explore himself in order to be wholesome. On the other hand, the YiXue culture embodies a holistic and forward-looking life science that explores the networking of energetic life processes and universal information. It also contains the search for cosmic truth and its principles as well as its recognition and integration as a lived wisdom.

Access to the YiXue culture is open to all people regardless of origin and religion. It is based on the idea of an all-embracing unity. It is not about the difference, but about the essence of human beings. Behind this is the great desire and the forward-looking aim of contributing to the development and establishment of a higher consciousness for the benefit of all humans, all other living beings and the earth.

Principles of the YiXue Teaching

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YiXue Life Cultivation

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The YiQi – Cosmic Soul

To understand the core of the YiXue culture, we need to start with YiQi. Yi means ONE. In this context ONE means perfection, oneness and origin of all existence.Qi stands for the energy,…

The Qi – Energy of life

According to Wei Ling Yi, only he/she, who is aware of Qi, the energy of life, feels it and learns how to treat it with care, will be able to govern it, and thus determine his own life and…

Lotus – Spiritual transformation

The Lotus flower is revered in Asia as a sacred plant. It has always stood symbolically for spiritual transformation and for the spiritual development of man, which leads to attainment of…