To understand the core of the YiXue culture, we need to start with YiQi. Yi means ONE. In this context ONE means perfection, oneness and origin of all existence.

Qi stands for the energy, which pervades and vivifies everything. Thus, this pure and highest origin energy can be explained as the most uninfluenced and healthy basic element of anything existing. It permeates and influences the whole universe, nature and all life. It gives information to all living beings, navigates their development, their differentiation and their being. The pure energy YiQi is the beginning of any evolutionary process, a source of healing, vigor and inspiration.

YiQi is the main reference source in the YiXue culture and it is the energy which is applied to the holistic development of body, heart and soul. Anyone who learns to consciously receive it and thus to use it for his/her health, owns a true treasure.