Life cultivation is the central aspect in the teaching of the YiXue culture. It goes back to the millennial tradition of the Great Lotus system and includes a path of self-healing and self-awareness to be healthy on all levels of being, which comprises body, heart and soul. The great aim for every individual is to gradually develop the personal level of energy and consciousness to a high, radiant level through their own practice and cultivation methods, in order to develop their full potential and soul power.

TheLife Cultivation

Even at the very beginning, the person involved in the process quickly realizes that sincere effort and self-exploration are the keys to success: Regular practice, objective self-observation and patience with oneself, as well as trust in the teacher’s support form the basis. Those who practice regularly start to discover which factors in oneself and in relation to one’s environment are unhealthy and inharmonious. Increasing understanding and realization will develop of how the potential for health and self-realization can unfold through the connection to the cosmos.

Viewed holistically, the teaching has a yang level of outer practice and patterns of exercises and an invisible yin level of learning by the heart. This yin level is of particular importance in the YiXue Culture and is referred to as “Teaching without words”. It is the traditional level of the Master’s transmission of knowledge and wisdom to the disciple, which takes place without words. It is a teaching from heart to heart and soul to soul.

The processof transformation

First of all, this path requires a continuous internal cleansing and transformation process to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages and disease information as well as to grind and transform the ego step by step. At the same time, it is a path into meditative silence, in order to increasingly develop knowledge and wisdom and to ultimately become aware of one’s true self. Those who truly recognize themselves can answer the great questions of life: Where do I come from? Why I’m here? What is my task? Where do I go? Recognizing yourself, emphasized Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, is not an easy task. Behind it lies a great philosophy of life, a holistic life science and a study of the cosmic laws with the future-oriented objective and vision to unite heaven, earth and human in harmony and peace.

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Through regular exercise practice, we gradually raise our life energy levels and self-healing capacities so that diseases, centers of inflammation, pain and old information that have manifested in the body can vanish with time. It is an often longstanding transformation process which requires continuous practice and patience so that

▪ the energy channels (meridians) are opened and remain open

▪ all organs work harmoniously and are in balance

▪ the nerve paths are cured and their conductivity and optimal pulse propagation are ensured

The emotional balance and the stabilization of the spiritual heart power are essential prerequisites for a holistic development. By regulating and harmonizing our emotions like wrath, anger and worries, we become stable. Anxious and negative emotions dissipate, joy of life, serenity and ease increase

With increasing levels of energy, good health and a quiet heart, it is possible to develop the soul powers with the aim of recognizing oneself and cultivating the true and sincere self. If our consciousness grows in a modest attitude, latent potentials and access to cosmic levels, knowledge and wisdom are increasingly opened up and deeper insights are given.

When man has succeeded in all these stages, this process ends in the revelation of one’s unity with the highest pure cosmic energy of origin and creative power, the YiQi.