Corona Virus – Current SituationConcerning YiXue Seminars!

With a heavy heart due to the current situation and official state regulations we have to cancel all YiXue Seminars. You can join our online seminars. Infos will follow soon.

YIXUE – Culture of the Cosmos,of the Soul and the Life

The potential of the Yi Qi, the cosmic original energy of creation

Learn to heal your body, to develop the spiritual power of your heart and the potential of your soul and to connect to the cosmos at a profound level.

The universal teachings of health, awareness and wisdom of the YiXue Culture give an opportunity to everyone to gradually investigate oneself, to move forward and to heal. Working with the original energy of the cosmos, the YiQi, is fundamental. Every individual who learns to receive, feel and use this energy, owns a true treasure. The more our life energy increases by continuous practice and cultivation, the healthier and more luminous we will become. We release blockages and activate our self-healing powers. We develop serenity and compassion within ourselves, experience the openness of the heart, and are able to access our wisdom and the great potential of our soul.

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may, 2020

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An interview with Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

If we − like many of us today − want to change the world, we first have to get to know ourselves and start to change us …


New YiXue Book

Soon the new YIXUE book will also be available in English. Further information following soon.