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The current world situation needs the power of our united hearts!!!

The current world situation needs the power of our united hearts!!! We continue to recite the ‘Ma Ya Hai’ MANTRA worldwide at 11am and 9 pm DAILY for at least 11 minutes, BY CONNECTING in spirit, to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán Mexico, where the YIXUE protective mantra originated, SO AS to dissolve natural disasters and wars in the world with ONE heart and ONE sound!!!! Together with Wei Ling Yi we are building a huge global Lotus Qi field.

Due to the current world situation, you are invited to recite the powerful and transformative MA YA HAI protection mantra daily with the following NEW VIDEO INSPIRED BY GRANDMASTER WEI LING YI.

The power to harmonize the cosmos, the earth and all living beings greatly increases the more people collectively participate in an energy transmission and recite the mantra with an aligned, compassionate heart.

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Poem byWei Ling Yi

"Golden shines the light over the pyramid of the sun,shining in all heavenly directions.A symphony resounds over Mother Earth, across all mountains and riversin harmony with heavenly-sacred tones of thousands of people.The sacred tones of MA YA resound into the world, dissolving all catastrophes.Into the cosmic infinity of space and time resounds the sacred sound HAI,revealing the great radiance in heaven and on earth."

GrandmasterWei Ling Yion the originof the YiXue protection mantraMa Ya Hai

The YiXue protective mantra Ma Ya Hai first sounded over the pyramids of Teotihuacán in 2007 during the Da Di Feng Shui trip with Wei Ling Yi to Mexico.

A travelogue: “We travelled along the Silk Road to Mexico, many lotus lovers and cultivators from all over the world, to visit and explore the most impressive ancient city of all Mesoamerican peoples: Teotihuacán – “The place where man becomes God” – this is how it is translated.

In the middle of the city, the third largest pyramid in the world, the approximately 64-metre-high Pyramid of the Sun, rises into the sky, and right next door is the somewhat smaller 46-metre-high Pyramid of the Moon. After we had climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, euphoric and full of happiness, an imposing shining colourful light full of radiant beauty appeared in the sky.

We were astonished by the sudden appearance in the sky in which a large snow-white cloud – a lotus – formed in the middle of the glistening light: pure, flawless and incredibly beautiful.

Through this magical apparition, a sound rang out softly – a sound that approached us from afar: the heavenly mantra Ma Ya Hai. We were surprised and joined in the ONE sound. It echoed from the tops of the pyramids down to the base of the mountains and resonated endlessly back and forth between the pyramids of the sun and the moon.“

Since that magical event and since that day, we have begun to chant the mantra Ma Ya Hai all over the world, year after year. From Mexico we carried it to the world: from South America to North America, from America to Europe, to Africa and Asia. We chant in every country, every day, in all places to regulate the feng shui of the earth. From year to year we discover more and more its magical effect. Especially in the present time, which has kept the world in suspense since 2019 with natural disasters, crises and wars, we chant it daily all over the world to support and regulate ourselves, all living beings and the earth.

Let us open our hearts and sing with our spiritual, mental power, then we can lift the light within us and in the world. MA YA HAI channels out bad information, supports sincerity and helps to mitigate or even dissolve natural disasters, crises and wars. We contribute to peace in the world to create a harmonious light-filled future.

Welcome to participate in the Ma Ya Hai world healing.
May peace come to the world. Ma Ya Hai!

For questions about the mantra Ma Ya Hai write an email to: