We were successful and say thank you!

The Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief Foundation (NOTUKA) in 2022

For Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief (NOTUKA), we would like to report two major highlights this year. Firstly, we donated the highest amount in a year. höchste Summe eines Jahres gespendet. That is a proud € 15,000.00. That is a proud € 15,000.00.

And we have exceeded the €100,000.00 donation mark (€108,149.00) since our inception (2010). This is only possible because many donors support NOTUKA generously and regularly.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say THANK YOU.




This year we have donated -

  • 5.000 € for people in need in the Ukrain through the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (Diakonia Disaster Aid)
  • 5.000 € for needy people in drought areas in East Africa via Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V.
  • 2,000 € for people suffering from the floods in Pakistan via Help, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e. V.
  • 3,000 € for winter aid in the Ukraine via arche noVa

We continue to sincerely hope that we can help to mitigate the consequences of (natural) disasters through our support. We thank Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi for his determined and persistent energetic-spiritual work for the well-being of our Earth, of us humans and of our cosmos. And once again, we thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity. They are instrumental in making these fundraising events possible. We are filled with gratitude and send you a rainbow-coloured lotus of donations.

The board of the Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief Foundation (NOTUKA) would like to thank you very much!


Who is the Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief Foundation and what does it do?
The Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief Foundation regularly donates to aid organisations around the world that are recommended by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), so we can be confident that donations are used in accordance with our statutes. The Wei Ling Yi Emergency and Disaster Relief Foundation was founded in 2010 to provide non-material and financial help to people and regions worldwide who have fallen on hard times due to (natural) disasters. In doing so, it supports Grand Master Wei Ling, who for many years has dedicated a significant part of his spiritual work to harmonising global energy flows, thereby supporting and regulating Feng Shui on earth.

Ma Ya Hai – The Power of the Sacred Tones

Ma Ya Hai

For questions about the mantra Ma Ya Hai write an email to: mayahai@yixue.de

Download Ma Ya Hai mp3

The current world situation needs the power of our united hearts!!!

The current world situation needs the power of our united hearts!!! We continue to recite the ‘Ma Ya Hai’ MANTRA worldwide at 11am and 9 pm DAILY for at least 11 minutes, BY CONNECTING in spirit, to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán Mexico, where the YIXUE protective mantra originated, SO AS to dissolve natural disasters and wars in the world with ONE heart and ONE sound!!!! Together with Wei Ling Yi we are building a huge global Lotus Qi field.

Due to the current world situation, you are invited to recite the powerful and transformative MA YA HAI protection mantra daily with the following NEW VIDEO INSPIRED BY GRANDMASTER WEI LING YI.

The power to harmonize the cosmos, the earth and all living beings greatly increases the more people collectively participate in an energy transmission and recite the mantra with an aligned, compassionate heart.

We inivite you to share this newsletter with your relatives, acquaintances and friends

Poem by
Wei Ling Yi

"Golden shines the light over the pyramid of the sun,
shining in all heavenly directions.
A symphony resounds over Mother Earth, across all mountains and rivers
in harmony with heavenly-sacred tones of thousands of people.
The sacred tones of MA YA resound into the world, dissolving all catastrophes.
Into the cosmic infinity of space and time resounds the sacred sound HAI,
revealing the great radiance in heaven and on earth."

Wei Ling Yi
on the origin
of the YiXue protection mantra
Ma Ya Hai

The YiXue protective mantra Ma Ya Hai first sounded over the pyramids of Teotihuacán in 2007 during the Da Di Feng Shui trip with Wei Ling Yi to Mexico.

A travelogue: “We travelled along the Silk Road to Mexico, many lotus lovers and cultivators from all over the world, to visit and explore the most impressive ancient city of all Mesoamerican peoples: Teotihuacán – “The place where man becomes God” – this is how it is translated.

In the middle of the city, the third largest pyramid in the world, the approximately 64-metre-high Pyramid of the Sun, rises into the sky, and right next door is the somewhat smaller 46-metre-high Pyramid of the Moon. After we had climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, euphoric and full of happiness, an imposing shining colourful light full of radiant beauty appeared in the sky.

We were astonished by the sudden appearance in the sky in which a large snow-white cloud – a lotus – formed in the middle of the glistening light: pure, flawless and incredibly beautiful.

Through this magical apparition, a sound rang out softly – a sound that approached us from afar: the heavenly mantra Ma Ya Hai. We were surprised and joined in the ONE sound. It echoed from the tops of the pyramids down to the base of the mountains and resonated endlessly back and forth between the pyramids of the sun and the moon.“

Since that magical event and since that day, we have begun to chant the mantra Ma Ya Hai all over the world, year after year. From Mexico we carried it to the world: from South America to North America, from America to Europe, to Africa and Asia. We chant in every country, every day, in all places to regulate the feng shui of the earth. From year to year we discover more and more its magical effect. Especially in the present time, which has kept the world in suspense since 2019 with natural disasters, crises and wars, we chant it daily all over the world to support and regulate ourselves, all living beings and the earth.

Let us open our hearts and sing with our spiritual, mental power, then we can lift the light within us and in the world. MA YA HAI channels out bad information, supports sincerity and helps to mitigate or even dissolve natural disasters, crises and wars. We contribute to peace in the world to create a harmonious light-filled future.

Welcome to participate in the Ma Ya Hai world healing.
May peace come to the world. Ma Ya Hai!

For questions about the mantra Ma Ya Hai write an email to: mayahai@yixue.de

Great gratitude for a light-filled peace event

Impressions from the World Peace Evening January 2022

Great gratitude for a light-filled peace event

Our first big online world peace evening together on 01.01.2022 was a light-filled event. Many international Lotus friends sent peace wishes to the world on behalf of their home countries.

Touching was the collective chanting of powerful YiXue mantras for ourselves and for peace in the world like the mantra Ma Ya Hai, which was supported by an energy transmission from Grandmaster Wei Ling Y to balance the energies worldwide.

However, the key to peace lies within ourselves. Wei Ling Yi emphasized that self-cultivation involves solving problems within ourselves and thus in the world. We should avoid conflict, strife and harboring selfishness or war within ourselves. In essence, we are all ONE and all living beings are equal.

"If we manage to overcome selfishness, we will cultivate a beautiful lotus so that fortunate qi will flow to us naturally.
We should cultivate together and collectively to a higher consciousness. This will protect humanity." Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

When people begin to understand this in the depth of their hearts and implement it through their behavior, peace will unfold in the world. It is important to give the lotus with its message of peace to all people and to carry it across the sea to all continents.

Peace wish from Luxembourg
“Inner peace is the prerequisite for world peace. So I wish for every human being at this time to cultivate and find inner peace. All of us together will manage to achieve great connectedness and live it. I am sure of it.” Christian Langers

Peace wish from Poland
“In the new year 2022, I wish everyone, with all my heart, many beautiful days with a lot of love, respect, hope and a lot of positive energy. And above all, peace from every smallest corner of the whole world.” Adam Stosik

Peace Wish from Germany

“Sifu Wei Ling Yi has said, “We should send a lotus to the people, a lotus for their hearts, so that politicians and state officials can calm and soothe their hearts and find peace. Therefore, we would like to say to all state leaders: be as you originally were, kind in heart.” Siegbert Moog


Event participants’ impressions

“The event was so loving and full of wonderful energy. With the great commitment and love of Wei Ling Yi, it can only be successful. What also always moves my heart especially is when at the end of the event the screen on the computer is opened for everyone and we can all see each other, then the evening ends so soulfully.” Cordula Heck, Germany

“We enjoyed the New Year’s celebration very much. This was the first time for us to attend. One mantra in particular stood out to me ‘Gu Mu Na Li Mu’. It is constantly in my mind and helps me sit on the lotus. This mantra touches me the most.” Christiane Grau, Germany

“Thank you all for such a wonderful Lotus meditation today and I truly loved all the mantras. What fun to sing.” Cecilia de Rico, USA

“All day yesterday was very emotional for me. The webinar was wonderful and so filled with joy and hope. And now during my daily walk, I just realized, I’ m so grateful it’ s super cloudy so no one can see me dance-walking :)” Hanna Norberg, Sweden

A heartfelt Lotus thank you to Sifu Wei Ling Yi,
all contributors and participants!
January 2022

Only our Love can save the Earth - an interview with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

an interview with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

’Only our love can save the Earth’

What is special about 11.11.? 

“11.11. is an important day in terms of time and space. On this day a cosmic gate opens and it is especially favourable to regulate global information. It is the best time to harmonise cosmic qi, earthly qi and human qi. The date comes from our spiritual tradition, the YIXUE culture. The aim is that through the joint energy work of as many people as possible, the energy of the cosmos, the earth and the human being will find their way back into the natural yin-yang balance.“

How does a Global Energy Transmission work? 

“This work is a form of energy and information work that goes beyond the third dimension and happens on the spiritual level, the YIN level. It is a form based on thought power and spiritual healing. The more people with an aligned, compassionate energy participate and connect in an energy transmission, the higher the power to regulate the cosmos, the earth and all living beings. We have been doing this global energy work in YiXue for many years and the experience shows us that we experience good effects through this joint work. Most important during an energy regulation is the power of faith, the belief in one’s own power and the possibility to bring about good things together.“

Why is such work important at the moment? 

“These three levels – cosmos, earth and human being – are in a great disharmony. They are no longer in balance. The cosmic qi, the earthly qi and the human qi are getting more and more into a chaotic state and there are increasing problems. The cosmos and the earth are suffering under the present conditions. Regulation on their part is shown, for example, by the increase in natural disasters.

The real problem is that we as human beings no longer abide by the natural laws of the cosmos and there are cosmic laws that we must observe if we want to live healthy, holistically and in peace with heaven, earth and humanity. The cosmos and nature also have their natural laws. They carry consciousness, a high consciousness, they also have a soul, and they follow their tasks. Nature has its natural cycle, the seasons, growth. When we plant a pumpkin, a pumpkin grows, not a cucumber. The moon, all the planets follow their given orbit. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The earth too follows natural laws.“

Who is responsible for the chaos on earth?

“From the multidimensional, energetic perspective, we humans have affected cosmic qi, earthly qi and also our own qi through our behaviour. Problems are cropping up all over the world. It affects all countries. Many people also have problems, are annoyed and angry. The impairment is now so massive that the cosmos and also the earth can no longer bear this burden. Now they have begun to regulate themselves. A lot has happened, especially in the last two years. Many catastrophes appear, such as flood disasters, long periods of heat, fire disasters, volcanoes erupt, the outbreak of the Corona crisis.

It’s similar to us humans, when we are permanently under stress, we get sick. For example, if we catch a cold, then our body and our defences start working to regulate themselves again.“

Greed is the real reason why the balance between heaven and earth and the harmony and peace between all living beings has been lost. So, too, the Corona virus has lost its original mercy and balance, spreading rapidly across the planet and causing bitterness and suffering in many families. People are ready to wage wars and to fight to assert their interests. Through our desire to possess more and more, the eternal striving for power, for money and possessions, we have lost access to our hearts, to our souls. We lose ourselves in the outside, in matter, instead of turning inwards to open ourselves to the knowledge and wisdom of higher dimensions.

So we ourselves are responsible for our problems. But many people do not yet realise this. They are afraid and pass on the responsibility. Others realise that we ourselves are responsible, but they don’t care, they are disrespectful towards the earth and other living beings. One problem is the emotions in our hearts, which have enormous power. Humans carry yin and yang information. When both sides are in balance, we are holistically healthy, the body, the heart and the soul. It is important that we learn to regulate and balance our emotions quickly when we lose our stability. When we are in our centre, peace can unfold in the heart.

The spiritual guides, saints in heaven, but also deceased ones, our ancestors, they are actually afraid of bad thoughts, of the unbalanced emotions of us humans and the power that comes with it. By now it is well known how powerful thoughts can be and that we create our world, our reality, through our thoughts.“

How do we solve the problems?

“It is important that people learn about the laws of life and rediscover and develop their spiritual power, their mental power. Everything is made of energy. Every energy carries information and every thought carries information. And the question is, what quality does the information carry, how much power, what intention is behind a thought, behind words and deeds.

The spiritual tradition of YiXue is about exploring the connection between mind and matter, to get to know our mental power and to increase our dynamic life energy. We train the power and speed of our thoughts to bring about good in the world. Scientists have found that thoughts carry power and that thoughts that carry high power can do much. This spiritual power is the power we use when we work with energy transmissions. It is important that in addition the spiritual power of the heart is high, the heart is compassionate and carries good information. Hope also carries power and good wishes that we can express from the heart to bring about good.“

What specifically can we do? 

“From a celestial point of view, from a spiritual perspective, we should recognise that we are harming the earth, the cosmos and thus ourselves through our unconscious behaviour. In order to evolve ourselves, we can repent and apologise for our unconscious behaviour. Asking for forgiveness carries great transformative power.

We can chant mantras. In our culture we recite the protective mantra Ma Ya Hai. The sound waves of the mantra carry high vibrational information and energies to harmonise cosmic qi, earthly qi and our qi. We will only return to global harmony and peace when we again cooperate with the earth and the cosmos and align ourselves with cosmic laws. We can learn to listen to the cosmos and the earth again. The cosmos and the earth speak with us through the exchange of energies and information, one could also say telepathically. But unfortunately we no longer listen to them, nor do we listen to the spiritual, celestial guides, you can also call them saints, whose task it is to teach us how to raise our consciousness and develop wisdom. Then we will realise how we are all connected through a gigantic energetic information network. 

The path to awareness leads through silence. In meditation we can gain insights and develop wisdom from them. This is the path and an often years-long, a lifelong, holistic process we call life cultivation with the aim of healing the body, balancing the emotional heart and unfolding the soul light. The higher our energy level rises, the healthier, freer and happier we become.”

Only our love can save the earth

“It is high time that we realise that only our respect, mercy and compassion can end the suffering on earth, to resolve problems like natural disasters, wars, and misfortune.

People who are highly cultivated are in the natural yin-yang balance, their energy and cultivation levels are high. They appeal to us not to harm other living beings, the earth and the cosmos. If we harm others, we basically harm ourselves. Everything that we give out in terms of information, through our thoughts, through our words, through our way of acting, comes back to us many times over according to the law of resonance and the law of cause and effect – bad as well as good.

It is important that we start with ourselves and change. Only when we develop peace in our hearts do we change the world through our radiance. These are ancient, human wisdoms and it is possible for every human being to learn to evolve to a high level of consciousness in order to unfold the heart qualities such as respect, truthfulness, kindness, empathy and love for their own good and for the good of all.”


“May we be healthy and safe in this time of crisis. 

May we, through our virtuous, our 

Gong De heart, carry others. 

May we unfold the light and peace within us.” Wei Ling Yi 


Interview with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

YiXue Education Centre, November 2021

The secret of a long, happy life

Report Online Seminar 27 August 2021 | 'The Secrets of Longevity'

The secret of a long, happy life

We all have the desire to live a long, happy and healthy life. What are the methods we can use? What is our true purpose as we grow older?

This was an online seminar weekend in August 2021 with Wei Ling Yi not only for people aged 60 and over, but for anyone who wants to start laying the foundations for happy, healthy, self-determined and contented growing and ageing at a young age.

For three evenings Wei Ling Yi joyfully taught us about the necessary prerequisites and ended each evening with an effective and powerful energy transmission. In the mornings and afternoons we were able to immerse ourselves in wonderful practical exercises in the energy field of the energy of origin, guided by the entire team who also lead the weekly online exercise group of Lotusfreunde 60plus. The texts from the book “On the Path of Wisdom into the Freedom of the Soul” were enriching and the live chanting Ma Ya Hai for the 11 o’clock meditation touched us all deeply.

In his spiritual teachings, Sifu Wei Ling Yi comprehensively answered questions ranging from dietary recommendations to the two central life cycles to the central principles of a long, healthy life.

Excerpts from Wei Ling Yi’s teachings during the seminar

The two life cycles: The Earthly Cycle and the Heavenly Cycle


  • In the first cycle, or circle of life, we fulfil and live our earthly task: finding a job to live, starting a family, raising our children, etc. Wei Ling Yi calls this the earthly cycle.


  • When we turn 50 and our children are grown up, the work with our inner child, our soul, begins. Wei Ling Yi says that this is the beginning of the time to find out “what heaven has meant and intended for us in our lives”. This is the beginning of the heavenly cycle. This work is very important. From then on at the latest, we should connect with our soul, cultivate its power and light, so that we can develop spiritually. Because ultimately the great goal of every soul is to grow in order to reunite with heaven, our original home, the lotus world, and to return there.

The three central principles for a healthy, happy and long life
1 Fortunate destiny

Every human being has his or her own destiny, which is determined by our cultivation in the past and present life. This destiny is moved and determined by yin and yang, and it continually twists and turns between these two poles. We should be careful not to lose our auspicious destiny, which can change depending on our way of thinking and acting. Our 7 emotions as well as the 6 types of greed have an influence on our balance and if we do not know their meaning and influence, our destiny will turn negative. So we should learn how to balance our emotions and thus ourselves again and again in our daily life.

2 The Life Energy Qi

The basis for our practice and cultivation is working with the life energy Qi. If we know how to vitalise, nourish and heal ourselves through practice, we will be successful in our life cultivation. Qi is not visible, but we can feel it. Through practice and self-enquiry (life science) we learn to distinguish good energies and information from negative ones. Ultimately, the goal is to absorb and store nourishing qi and to expel weakening energies from the body

3 Inner and outer Feng Shui

The important Feng Shui for all people is their own, the inner Feng Shui. If our energy level is high, if we are in balance and full of light, then we radiate this from the inside to the outside and thus also regulate and harmonise our surroundings, the so-called outer Feng Shui. Thus, every change begins with ourselves with the health of all organs, the body and the harmonisation of our heart energy to enable the cultivation of a lightful soul.

“Our illnesses basically come from the heart. An unstable heart can lead to 100 diseases, but a stable, harmonious heart can heal 100 diseases at the same time.” Wei Ling Yi Wei Ling Yi


For three days Wei Ling Yi taught us about the principles that help us to live a long life. Now it is up to us to put them into practice in order to return to our child heart and child body, to sincerity, truth and beauty. We cultivate until old age, because on this path and in the YiXue there is no retirement. We have found the path – but we have to walk it ourselves. We have found the path – but we have to walk it ourselves.

Report: Orga-Team Long Life Institute

A few comments about the seminar

“The joy and lightness was so clearly noticeable. The seminar was a really great, round thing: the singing, the photos, many details that enriched the whole thing.” Nadja

“It became very quiet and calm in my heart and I felt like a lotus leaf in the wind, very still and delicate “(Linde)

“Due to my illness I get really stiff knees after sitting for a long time and great problems getting up, after the energy transfer it was quite easy.” (Doris)

“It was as if I was at a real seminar in Nossen…” (Carola)

“I have been motivated again to do something for myself regularly.” (Elisabeth)

“I feel calmer and am more with myself and during the seminar much, much more gracious with my fellow human beings. Through the mantra singing my voice has changed a lot: It became pure again like it used to be, my vocal training didn’t do that. Even my psychotherapy didn’t have as much effect as my regular practising!” (Eva-Maria)

“I felt very wide and light.”(Christina)

“A successful mixture of wonderful lyrics; Christel is becoming more and more radiant.” (Wolfgang)

“The seminar is very touching and what I notice is that my disabled daughter makes extremely good developments by participating in YiXue seminars. She gets a deep presence and becomes cheerful. The very exhausting nights and the problems associated with them have disappeared.” (Michaela with Kati)

“I was very weak, didn’t really want to practise, overcame myself and was rewarded with strength and lightness.”(Eva-Maria)

“It was such a harmonious and energetic seminar. Of all the seminars I have participated in, this one was the most beautiful. I am so happy and also grateful. So much love and also security arrived, it was beautiful.” (Sylvia)

“After every lecture or immediately when Sifu starts the 2nd part of the lecture, I feel how my body is flooded with enormous heat. It makes me feel very comfortable, very relaxed and protected. The lectures are very valuable and full of important information for me – sometimes I think he is speaking about me. Many open questions are answered. I felt very addressed by the contribution on happy destiny. Finally everything becomes easy and everything works out for the best, in the professional field and especially with the children.” (Elli)

United in the ONE from East to West

United in the ONE from East to West

Bringing a great spiritual wisdom teaching to the world is a challenging mission. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi began this path in his childhood, exploring, training and cultivating himself, healing and teaching at a young age and founding the International Qigong University at the foot of the sacred E Mei Mountain in his homeland in China. After 30 years of teaching in the East, he made his way to the West. Symbolically, the three great energetic forces unite on this path: the Golden Child – the enlightened soul, the guiding, patient and driving force of the buffalo, and the luminous, perfect beauty of the high master, revealing the true teaching of wisdom and the lotus spirit.

The three great energetic forces symbolised by:
The Golden Child – the enlightened soul.
The buffalo: the leading, patient and driving force
The High Master: the luminous, perfect beauty, the true teaching of wisdom, revealing the lotus spirit

An essay by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

“Accompanied by the auspicious wind – sacred and purple in colour – the Golden Child points the ONE way of life, the Great Lotus Way of Wisdom from East to West. Time passes quickly. The world is changing, and spirituality is changing with it. Wake up! The luminous lotus spirit shines pure and beautiful. Remain in trust, rely on your strength and tap into your wisdom.

Dear Lotus Friends! Let us stand stable and firmly anchored with both feet on the ground. We overcome all difficulties and follow our great mission to lead the world into a new, luminous age. We give away the lotus so that wisdom awakens in every human being and the lotus spirit spreads. With great hope and anchored in deep faith, we wish for harmony to unfold and peace to come to the world.

The sun is shining again, warm and beautiful. Spring has arrived. Flowers play a symphony for all nations and peoples united in harmony. This great connection is created through the ONE path, across the bridge from East to West. On this true lotus path, the golden lotus child, sweet and pure, the buffalo and the sage, carried by shining lotus light, walk forward: soberly, step by step, overcoming all bitterness, all difficulties, never giving way to agony and fatigue. Through their singing, solitude redeems itself, sharing the true teaching of the truth of heaven and life. Thus they pave the way to the great freedom of luminous consciousness and the perfection of the ONE BEING.

The goal is near. But it has not yet been reached. Everyone should be filled with lotus spirit, everyone should live the great wisdom and high consciousness, so that we will rise to a new stage of evolution of humanity.”

May all people be happy and healthy.
May all souls be free.
May peace come to the world.

The YiXue heartwind

"Sincerity, mercy, inner beauty and abundance are the deepest meaning of our lives." Wei Ling Yi


Nothing can support and carry us better in this turbulent time than the balance, harmony and stillness in our heart and soul.

Wei Ling Yi has created a new term for a development in which we all participate if we want to develop holistically and globally: the YIXUE HEARTWIND. The YiXue heartwind symbolises the light that radiates from a pure, loving heart; a deep joy that unfolds when we begin to act unconditionally and naturally for the benefit of all, thus making the soul happy.

"Who cultivates virtue (De) in the heart, unfolds the beauty of the soul." Wei Ling Yi

The YiXue heartwind is the true wind of change. Every change begins in each one of us with the decision to develop into a true and merciful human being. From a merciful heart radiates the power that is capable of changing the world. The one who carries peace in his or her heart carries it to the world outside. This is a cosmic law − timeless and eternal. It is a knowledge that is cultivated in all great wisdom cultures and is always in the center of true spiritual development.

“Only in ourselves do we find true peace, which radiates from each of us and can change the world from the heart. Wei Ling Yi

And so Wei Ling Yi never tires of talking about the spiritual heart, its qualities, its power and true purpose. Overcoming the ego is one of the greatest challenges on the path of life cultivation and implies the understanding why we have chosen this path, why acting in the spirit of the whole is more important than following our own personal needs without consideration for others. Which thoughts do we cultivate? What words do we choose? What do we feel and how do we act?In the YiXue we call the signpost that guides us ‘LOTUS SPIRIT’. When we follow the Lotus Spirit, we follow the highest spiritual principle, the highest universal consciousness, which is revealed through unconditional love.

“Unconditional love is the outer expression of the supreme spirit.” Wei Ling Yi

The Lotus Spirit comes out from the voice within our heart, which acts unconditionally in the spirit of universal love. Whoever acts by the Lotus Spirit fills oneself with true Qi, unfolds true inner values and by this develops one’s light and the power of Great Virtue (Gong De)

“Great Virtue – Gong De – boundless.” Wei Ling Yi

A wisdom teacher like Wei Ling Yi reminds us of our own true nature and accompanies and supports us on the path of cultivation into the freedom and perfection of the soul. The power of the heart and overcoming the ego are the next big steps for humanity on the path to a new dimension of global consciousness.

Impressions Lotus Festival 2020

Lightful, silent and solemn - a great celebration for heart and soul

This year's Lotus Festival, the highest spiritual event in the YiXue, was the first time we celebrated it online. It coincided with the Christmas festival. These were particularly light-filled and silent days, revealing a highlight in 2020 for many lotus friends. It is like an annual reset, an annual energetic new beginning, by pooling the energy of the past year and receiving and storing new light and energy at the highest level, the lotus lights, to build up our energy and light body, our lotus boat.

We thank Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi from the bottom of our hearts for this light-filled Lotus Festival 2020 with all its touching, powerful and wonderful moments; a festival that reveals the infinity of the cosmos and gives us the possibilities to meet our SELF in depth.

Together we were connected with many lotus friends via a worldwide digital and at the same time light-filled energetic network. A power that Wei Ling Yi bundles and harmonises through the hearts and souls, a perfect energy field that takes each participant individually on a heavenly journey.

Rarely as ever before does the new form of the ONLINE events show how Wei Ling Yi works via the Yin level, the spiritual world and information level. Everything is tangibly connected to everything else. Each participant experiences this Yin level and the energetic support of Wei Ling Yi via the cosmic perfect energy field in his or her own personal way. And nothing makes these invisible levels, which go beyond the 3rd dimension, clearer and more touching than the words and impressions of all those who participated, which we summarise here in excerpts.

Impressions from participants

“I love to sit down and relax deeply letting my hand draw and paint in contact … Warmlotusgreetings.” Lena, Sweden (pictures on the right)


Mele Kalikimaka! Looking forward to this special Lotus festival and so grateful to be able to join. Thank you Sifu, Wei Ling Yi. A beautiful start into the New Year.” Gesine, USA, Hawaii


“Thank you, Sifu for reaching out to us with these seminars. We are very lucky to have Sifu reach us. Give Sifu my gratitude. A lovely seminar in German and English.”  Paul, Malta


“A thousand thanks to Sifu and to you who prepared and helped run the festival. We have now all had the opportunity, no matter where in the world, to experience this wonderful festival. I must confess that I was surprised at how intense and effective it was. The energy transfer was immense and the effects are lasting. I think this was the most intense lotus festival I have experienced since my initiation! Thank you. Lotus greetings from the heart.” Sophia, Germany, Freiburg

“The lotus festival was wonderful. The whole atmosphere was completely experiential. I am fulfilled and grateful for the Lotusfest gift. And it was nice to see you all again. At the end there was singing and dancing again…beautiful. I feel all fulfilled by this event. Thank you.” Holde, Germany


“We had a sensational Lotusfest 2020 !!! – and that online: Thank you – it was world class and did a lot of good! About this Lotusfest I am very grateful and happy about the teachings and well felt energy transmissions from our teacher SiFu Wei Ling Yi. In addition, I consider the YiXue Lotus Friends community, with an equally strong connection and the daily valuable practice, very successful and important!!! At this lotus festival it became very clear to me that Wei Ling Yi wants to build a bridge between science and the so-called religions, because there are things between heaven and earth for which there are still no explanations and it needs a grand master like Wei Ling Yi to explain and suggest them to us. We all have to walk the path ourselves. So it was a great event this year with the first online version and the connections were clearly noticeable, powerful, light-filled and celebratory.” Marion, Germany, Heidelberg


“Thank you so much Sifu and Team. It was so lovely to see you lotus friends all at the end of the lotus festival webinar. It was so special. So grateful.” Michelle, USA, Santa Monica


“It was a very informative talk and the lotus festival was totally relaxing and inspiring anyway.” Percy, Germany, Hamburg


“I was very touched by the appearance of the participants at the end of the event. What a joy it will be when we can meet again properly! My heartfelt thanks go to all the people who made this festival possible through diligent work and tireless dedication and incomparable inventiveness. From the bottom of my heart I thank Sifu, our infinitely loving, patient and helpful teacher for his wisdom, strength and love that he is willing to share with us.” Michaela & Katharina, Germany, Aachen


“The Lotus Festival and all the lectures helped me well over the holidays. Thank you to Sifu Wei Ling Yi and everyone else. I had a lot of time to practice daily on the lotus energy field and feel completely connected. We stay connected. Thank you for everything, love.” Anna, Germany, Regensburg


“Seeing Sifu is a special joy. Sifu is simply a gift for humanity. I hope with all my heart that he will be successful with his mission. Love to Sifu with our deepest thanks from our hearts and great success for the World Lotus Centre. We look forward to tonight and the Lotusfest night together.” ☺ 


“It feels so good to see the photo of Sifu on my phone and feel his light, such a beautiful gift for Lotusfest.” Gerlinde, Germany, Berlin


“The words of Wei Ling Yi during a lecture, where I was attentively awake, clearly show me my issues, which I am allowed to improve and where I get angry with myself and also doubt myself afterwards. I recognise it even more clearly, I already suspected it. The resolution to tackle these things again is in me and I started right away this morning. In gratitude I practise bowing and my inner eye looks into the depths and widths. It was a beautiful lotus festival and I am fulfilled and very grateful. With all my heart I give a lotus to Sifu Wei Ling Yi and thank him. I also thank everyone who helped to make this beautiful lotus festival a success.”   


“Thank you so much for the blessings, Sifu. Sifu you were in my house.” Mila, USA, Los Angeles


Mele Kalikimaka! Looking forward to this special Lotus festival and so grateful to be able to join. Thank you Sifu, Wei Ling Yi. A beautiful start into the New Year.” Gesine, USA, Hawai


“Thank you for such wonderful lectures and transmissions. I am so thankful to have Sifu in my home and to connect with all the team. Happy New Year. And to all of us lotus and more lotus.” Eugenia, USA, Los Angeles


“I myself became really familiar with my lotus boat for the first time during the Lotusfest and was then also able to travel on energy levels to some places where I was entrusted with new tasks. This year already since summer 2020 I was energetically equipped with a lot of power and can create and use a powerful large Qi field especially with my hands. This has intensified once again. I have the impression that this year a lot of Qi work could take place in the family systems and the ancestral lines and thus very many old burdens were released.” Martin, Switzerland, Sankt Gallen


“It was my first Lotus Festival seminar and online to boot. I currently have a professional and health problem, a shattering, torn feeling and so I decided to participate in the Lotus Festival Seminar at very short notice. Through Master Wei Ling Yi’s energy transmission, practical application and experience, my health has improved day by day. I can let go of professional problems better. That is why I continue to cultivate and practise the YiXue teaching. I feel supported and protected, which gives me great security and happiness. It was very worthwhile to participate in the Lotus Festival seminar.” Elisabeth, Germany Bremen


“It was a wonderful experience, this Christmas Lotus Festival 2020, and I am full of gratitude. And I am also in the awareness, everything stored in me will become accessible for me again.” Sabine, Germany, Leipzig


“So fun seeing everyone singing and dancing by the end and all of a sudden about our really eat days in LA. The fun we had. Maggie’s house full of people receiving the Lotushand in her kitchen! Great, with an online Lotus Festival.” Cecilia, USA, Los Angeles


“Thanks so much, to all the wonderful YiXue team members and Lotus friends. Your efforts have brought us all so much in 2020. It is my honour to practice, meditate and celebrate with everyone. May we all cultivate succesfully in 2021; as we grow in compassion, harmony and balance. Many lotusses to you all.” Brenda, Canada, Edmonton


“I was practising yesterday to some beautiful music. It felt like I had big lotuses in my hands and the Qi just wanted to unfold and dance. In my heart I felt, I am an artist. I told Sifu from my heart, well this is just the way it will be! I will just flow with the waves of Qi. I am not stopping the flow and allowing the movements to unfold! It was incredibale.  Dancing Lotus Hands.” 

Current situation corona virus

Current situation corona virus

Dear YiXue Friends, Seminar Participants, and other Interested Persons,

From the bottom of his heart Sifu Wei Ling Yi addresses all of us to raise and develop our awareness of the situation on earth that affects all of us. Wei Ling Yi wrote us a letter about the current situation in the world, which you can download here as a PDF. It is rare that Sifu spoke with such clarity and distinctness about the importance of taking the current situation seriously and realizing its cause and the effects. The corona virus is just one example of how the situation on earth got worse. In the West we only hear marginally of many catastrophes in the world. But they do exist, and they all contain messages and call for pausing and learning to choose new ways of living.

If you scroll down to the bottom you can download the protection mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’

”May all living beings unite in harmony
so that the corona virus
can leave mankind in peace.
This is the best way to solve this crisis.”

— Sifu Wei Ling Yi

Wei Ling Yi wrote us a letter
about the current situation
in the world,
which you can download
here as a PDF.
Download Letter

Letter from Sifu Wei Ling Yi about Coronavirus Pandemic, 20 March 2020

Dear Lotus Friends,

the origin of all life is kind in its essence, filled with great mercy, great compassion and great love. Unfortunately, mankind no longer follows the natural laws of cosmos and nature, even though they are the fundamental laws of everything living.

Although Mother Earth is our home, we have shown little respect, appreciation and love towards her for many decades. We have lost sight and gratitude for her beauty and her preciousness, for our planet, which unconditionally gives us everything we need for our life, our development, our BEING and our happiness.

Obsessed by Greed

Mankind is obsessed with greed and relentlessly exploits the earth down to its very depths. This greed is the reason why the balance between heaven and earth and the harmony and peace between all living beings has been lost. The corona virus has lost its original mercy and balance, it is spreading rapidly across the entire planet and causes bitterness and suffering in many families.

We are One World – We are One

We all have a common origin and root and are one big family. Actually there is no difference between me and you, between you and us, between yours and mine. Our destinies and our lives are all connected, we are ONE, we are ONE WORLD. The corona virus also belongs to our family, basically it is our friend, our relative.

So that Heaven touches the Earth

It is about time that we realize that our compassion and mercifulness, our love and kindness and our true tolerance can resolve all natural disasters, accidents, wars and sufferings on earth.

Let us spread our compassion out of ONE HEART,
which is deeply connected with the universal unity, the YI.
Let us cultivate the great ’Fa’ − the cosmic laws −
to unite heaven with earth.
Let us recite together the protective mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’
and develop our peaceful, harmonious heart.
Let us give Lotuses to one another
so that heaven touches the earth.

In the end, I wish all of us that peace will return to this world and that all countries are prosperous, so that people can live happily, and that beauty can unfold on earth again.

Your Master Sifu
Wei Ling Yi

All YiXue seminars till April 19th 2020 have been canceled

The Federal Government and the Federal States are now taking drastic measures to slow down the further spreading of the corona virus and to ensure the necessary healthcare. For this reason, on March 16th, the Federal and State Governments agreed on guidelines to reduce public activities in Germany to a minimum. Like all public institutions, the YiXue Education Center is affected by this measures.

For this reason, we unfortunately have to cancel all YiXue Seminars until the end of June 2020.

To what shall we pay attention?

At the moment it is important to avoid any risk of becoming infected with the virus. Sifu Wei Ling Yi emphasizes the need to abide by the state regulations, to limit social contacts, to keep distance and to comply with the now well-known hygiene regulations in order to practice care and prevention. Not everyone who is ill feels symptoms but is nevertheless a potential virus carrier. Therefore, caution is important for all ages. Infection, especially for old and sick people, can be life threatening. If we can slow down the rate of infection, the health system will be able to treat the serious cases so that as few people as possible die.

Here you can listen
to the mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’
Listen to ’Ma Ya Hai’

What can we do?

Even though Sifu supports us all, it is now particularly important to take personal responsibility and to practice and cultivate on the Yin and Yang levels.

We can thank Sifu for teaching us many methods that make it possible to practice and cultivate at any time, in any place, even in the smallest of spaces. In this way we can strengthen our immune system, increase our energy level and go into silence to regulate ourselves and to keep calm, optimistic and hopeful.

Most of you are familiar with the exercises of the YiXue practice. Nevertheless, here is a brief overview of a few exercises that are particularly suitable now.

  • Rice sack
  • Bowing (regretting, forgiving, asking and thanking)
  • Opening and closing the red heart Lotus
  • Going into silence: Sitting on the Lotus
  • Standing, walking, and sleeping on the Lotus
  • Reciting “Ma Ya Hai” whenever possible, but especially at 9pm for at least 11 minutes

Process for global energy transmission:
Daily at 9:00 p.m. (local time) for 11 minutes.

We connect with Sifu Wei Ling Yi and the YiQi and recite the protective mantra „Ma Ya Hai“ inwardly or quietly. The mantra carries the strength and information to send light into the world, to harmonize ourselves, all living beings and the environment and to prevent or mitigate disasters.

The more people that recite together, the greater is the impact. We therefore ask you to share this call with other YiXue friends and other interested parties.

Thank you very much for your participation and support.

Joint YiXue energy transmission for Australia

Joint YiXue energy transmission
for Australia

Grand Master Wei Ling Yi invites you
for a daily 11 minute energy transmission
for Australia at 9:00 pm commencing
on January 7th 2020 for 11 days

Since November 2019, devastating bush fires have hit hard various regions of Australia. It is the longest-running fire in Australia‘s history that has so far devastated more than 4 million hectares of land. In comparison, the wildfires in California burned 766,439 hectares in 2018 and the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest burned 900,000 hectares of land in 2019. The bushfires in Australia have killed several people and it is estimated that up to half a billion animals have died in the fires. Thousands of homes and living spaces have been destroyed. Ecologists and climate researchers warn that the most intense fires could start in January and February.

Terrifying and at the same time touching pictures and videos from Australia are going around the world and illustrate the harrowing situation of the country. People around the world are facing their greatest challenge. The disturbances in the natural balance of yin and yang caused by humans are increasing and are manifested in devastating natural disasters. The earth as the mother of our existence and livelihood is more and more endangered.

NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS)

How can we, together, help AUSTRALIA!

For more than 30 years, Wei Ling Yi has dedicated much of his work to harmonize Mother Earth in order to prevent and reduce the effects of disasters. Wei Ling Yi has already implemented an energy regulation for the acute situation in Australia. Because of the strength and extent of the fires, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi is now inviting all of us to work energetically with him at 9:00 p.m. for Australia from January 7th, to help to regulate the devastating situation of the bushfires in Australia.

Procedure of the daily energy transmission:

From January 7th for 11 days at 9:00 p.m. (your local time) for 11 minutes:

. We practice sitting on the lotus for (11 minutes every day at 9:00 p.m).

. We connect with Sifu Wei Ling Yi and the YiQi

and recite the mantra „MaYaHai“ quietly or inside.

. With one thought we send light, Qi, love and peace to Australia.

To increase the effect of the energy transmission, we ask you to share this call with other YiXue friends and potential interested people.

Thank you very much for your participation and support.
MaYaHai – YiXue Education Center