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Dear YiXue Friends, Seminar Participants, and other Interested Persons,From the bottom of his heart Sifu Wei Ling Yi addresses all of us to raise and develop our awareness of the situation on earth that affects all of us. Wei Ling Yi wrote us a letter about the current situation in the world, which you can download here as a PDF. It is rare that Sifu spoke with such clarity and distinctness about the importance of taking the current situation seriously and realizing its cause and the effects. The corona virus is just one example of how the situation on earth got worse. In the West we only hear marginally of many catastrophes in the world. But they do exist, and they all contain messages and call for pausing and learning to choose new ways of living.

If you scroll down to the bottom you can download the protection mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’

”May all living beings unite in harmonyso that the corona viruscan leave mankind in peace.This is the best way to solve this crisis.”

— Sifu Wei Ling Yi

Wei Ling Yi wrote us a letterabout the current situationin the world,which you can downloadhere as a PDF.
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Letter from Sifu Wei Ling Yi about Coronavirus Pandemic, 20 March 2020

Dear Lotus Friends,

the origin of all life is kind in its essence, filled with great mercy, great compassion and great love. Unfortunately, mankind no longer follows the natural laws of cosmos and nature, even though they are the fundamental laws of everything living.

Although Mother Earth is our home, we have shown little respect, appreciation and love towards her for many decades. We have lost sight and gratitude for her beauty and her preciousness, for our planet, which unconditionally gives us everything we need for our life, our development, our BEING and our happiness.

Obsessed by Greed

Mankind is obsessed with greed and relentlessly exploits the earth down to its very depths. This greed is the reason why the balance between heaven and earth and the harmony and peace between all living beings has been lost. The corona virus has lost its original mercy and balance, it is spreading rapidly across the entire planet and causes bitterness and suffering in many families.

We are One World – We are One

We all have a common origin and root and are one big family. Actually there is no difference between me and you, between you and us, between yours and mine. Our destinies and our lives are all connected, we are ONE, we are ONE WORLD. The corona virus also belongs to our family, basically it is our friend, our relative.

So that Heaven touches the Earth

It is about time that we realize that our compassion and mercifulness, our love and kindness and our true tolerance can resolve all natural disasters, accidents, wars and sufferings on earth.

Let us spread our compassion out of ONE HEART,which is deeply connected with the universal unity, the YI.*Let us cultivate the great ’Fa’ − the cosmic laws −to unite heaven with earth.*Let us recite together the protective mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’and develop our peaceful, harmonious heart.*Let us give Lotuses to one anotherso that heaven touches the earth.

In the end, I wish all of us that peace will return to this world and that all countries are prosperous, so that people can live happily, and that beauty can unfold on earth again.

Your Master Sifu
Wei Ling Yi

All YiXue seminars till April 19th 2020 have been canceled

The Federal Government and the Federal States are now taking drastic measures to slow down the further spreading of the corona virus and to ensure the necessary healthcare. For this reason, on March 16th, the Federal and State Governments agreed on guidelines to reduce public activities in Germany to a minimum. Like all public institutions, the YiXue Education Center is affected by this measures.

For this reason, we unfortunately have to cancel all YiXue Seminars until the end of June 2020.

To what shall we pay attention?

At the moment it is important to avoid any risk of becoming infected with the virus. Sifu Wei Ling Yi emphasizes the need to abide by the state regulations, to limit social contacts, to keep distance and to comply with the now well-known hygiene regulations in order to practice care and prevention. Not everyone who is ill feels symptoms but is nevertheless a potential virus carrier. Therefore, caution is important for all ages. Infection, especially for old and sick people, can be life threatening. If we can slow down the rate of infection, the health system will be able to treat the serious cases so that as few people as possible die.

Here you can listento the mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’
Listen to ’Ma Ya Hai’

What can we do?

Even though Sifu supports us all, it is now particularly important to take personal responsibility and to practice and cultivate on the Yin and Yang levels.

We can thank Sifu for teaching us many methods that make it possible to practice and cultivate at any time, in any place, even in the smallest of spaces. In this way we can strengthen our immune system, increase our energy level and go into silence to regulate ourselves and to keep calm, optimistic and hopeful.

Most of you are familiar with the exercises of the YiXue practice. Nevertheless, here is a brief overview of a few exercises that are particularly suitable now.

  • Rice sack
  • Bowing (regretting, forgiving, asking and thanking)
  • Opening and closing the red heart Lotus
  • Going into silence: Sitting on the Lotus
  • Standing, walking, and sleeping on the Lotus
  • Reciting “Ma Ya Hai” whenever possible, but especially at 9pm for at least 11 minutes

Process for global energy transmission:
Daily at 9:00 p.m. (local time) for 11 minutes.

We connect with Sifu Wei Ling Yi and the YiQi and recite the protective mantra „Ma Ya Hai“ inwardly or quietly. The mantra carries the strength and information to send light into the world, to harmonize ourselves, all living beings and the environment and to prevent or mitigate disasters.

The more people that recite together, the greater is the impact. We therefore ask you to share this call with other YiXue friends and other interested parties.

Thank you very much for your participation and support.