Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Wei Ling Yi is a renowned teacher of health and wisdom as well as a spiritual teacher, who – as someone with infinite patience and devotion – has been teaching and guiding people on their path to a healthy and wholesome life for many years.

Alongside his teaching activity, he supports the cooperation between the YiXue culture and the Western innovative sciences. By initiating congresses and educational programmes, Wei Ling Yi integrates the universal knowledge of the YiXue culture to contribute to the development of a new, global awareness. He has been teaching in Germany as well as other European countries and the USA and has been committed to the protection and healing of mother earth all over the world since 1995.

’Being simple, living modestly, helping people,keeping a childlike heart, cherishing peace, respecting the teachingsand practice with devotion.’ – Wei Ling Yi

Spiritual Lectures by Wei Ling Yi

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The Great Daoof Wei Ling Yi

Grand Master Wei Ling Yi was born the son of a famous healer’s family in the Chinese province Jiang Xi, in a region and village which were influenced by elevated and good Feng Shui. His extraordinarily high spiritual potential and his healing capabilities were recognized early and cultivated considerably since his childhood.

His mother Bai Zi initiated him into the practice of physical and energy work and was his teacher on the level of heart and virtue. When he was six and a half years old, he met his first teacher outside of his family: a monk, one of the grand masters who live in the mountains, came to him to teach him. Already at the age of 16, Wei Ling Yi was named True Miracle Healer for the people –Bai Xing Shen Yi. Thereinafter, he was guided by more than 30 different teachers of various disciplines, as the spectrum of his capabilities has proven enormous.

The Great Lotus System Lian Hua Da Fa, which was created by Wei Ling Yi, incorporates on the one hand the heritage of various traditional lineages, and on the other hand a new model adapted to the present time, which was developed by the grand master based on his own research on healing energies of the cosmic origin energy YiQi.

First InternationalQigong University

In China, Wei Ling Yi paved the way for the official recognition of the YiXuemedicine as an independent academic subject. In 1991, he proved in studies that his healing techniques offer a tremendous evolvement of mental and intellectual potentials of the people. In 1993, he founded the first international Qigong University in Sichuan and as president of the World Qigong Congress(Hamburg 1999, Berlin 2003, Basel 2007) he essentially contributes to the exchange and cooperation between holistic Eastern health as well as wisdom teachings and Western sciences.

Since 1995, Wei Ling Yi teaches in Germany, Europe and overseas. For those who know him, he is a spiritual teacher and master, who is ceaselessly patient and devoted when teaching, supporting and giving guidance. And to put it in his own words: he is a guide and mentor for all Dao travelers on the way to a healthy, virtuous and wholesome life.