According to Wei Ling Yi, only he/she, who is aware of Qi, the energy of life, feels it and learns how to treat it with care, will be able to govern it, and thus determine his own life and well-being.

Qi is the subtle energy of the cosmos and bears light, power and information. Even if it is neither comprehensible, nor tangible, nor visible, it is still existent and sustains, navigates and regulates all processes of life. In the East, this vital energy has been investigated for centuries and has been applied for the benefit of health. In China, the knowledge of the energy of life and its practice resulted in the development of manifold types of Qigong.

The more freely Qi can flow through our bodies by regular practice and the more our energy level increases, the healthier we are. Qi and blood flow easily through a healthy body; there are neither blockades nor painful parts. Any physical and organ functions work in harmony. We are full of power and energy; it is a perfect, ideal state of health, which is also referred to as Return to a Child’s Body.

Learning to sense the quality of Qi

There are different types and qualities of Qi – like Qi of the sun invigorating plants, Qi of the organs sustaining organ functions or Qi of a place, where the information of past events is still existent. Qi is most likely graspable if the individual learns how to sense it and to experience which effect it has on our body and our surroundings. For example: If we enter a house and we have a sensation of cold and feel the need to quickly leave this place, it usually means that we are uneasy with the energy of this location. It can be said that the Feng Shui of this house is not good, distorted information got stuck in there and literally chased us off. However, if the Qi of a house is in balance and harmony and the Feng Shui is good, we take a seat voluntarily, feel at ease and like to dwell there.

In the context of humans it is similar. There are people, in whose proximity we feel very much at ease so that, often unconsciously, we don’t want to leave them at all. This is because these people have an elevated energy level and a highly developed, harmonious and shining charisma so that humans and animals like to be near them.