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Cleaning campaigns in the WORLD LOTUS CENTER. We look forward to your support!

We happily invite you to the World Lotus Center. By appointment you are asked to help at any time, especially we look forward to your support at the next common action days:

  • MON 01. – MI 03. July
  • SAT 13. – MI 17. July
  • FR 19. – Sun 21. July
  • MON 05. – MI 07. August

Since the handing over of the keys on 18.1.2019, the new Lotus Center is permanently inhabited and assistance and support in cleaning and refurbishment are highly needed. Any help is welcome, whether for a day or longer. Overnight staying is possible on the site. Please bring sleeping bag. We ask you for registration, so that we can plan well, coordinate and assign all helpers.

Registration & Contact Cleaning Team:

Joyce Mok +49 (0) 176.21847490 o. Jurina Harders +49 (0) 157.88283019 Email:

Registration & Contact Craftsmen Team:

Georg Kerschl Email:   MOBIL 0160.827 099 8
Uwe Mädger MOBIL 0176.620 313 24

The New Center

In the vicinity of Berlin, surrounded by a wonderful forest and lake landscape, lies the new World Lotus Center: 84 hectares, 5000 square meters of usable area, with its own spring and eight largely intact buildings. For 20 years, Wei Ling Yi and many Lotus friends searched for this great center and looked at hundreds of places. In September 2018, the wish came true. The location and feng shui of this particular property are so good that the decision to acquire it was quickly made by the Wei Ling Yi Lotus Light Foundation.

A visioncomes true –World Lotus CenterBerlin | Beelitz

The World Lotus Center, acquired by the Wei Ling Yi Lotus Light Foundation, enables Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi to connect the energies, lights, and information of the Cosmos and Earth, creating a great, unique, and healing energy field.

As a globally effective educational and research center, the World Lotus Center will take over a tremendous pioneer-function concerning the holistic understanding of mankind in reconnecting with one’s soul and the universal energy source of the Yi Qi and in the vision of the UNITY of Heaven, Earth and Man.

By building up this Center, we can raise the YiXue to an international level and selflessly help and support people. We will establish special training institutes (including housing) for people of all ages, expand teaching and research, and offer a variety of new YiXue teaching activities and courses. By sharing the mission and responsibilities of Wei Ling Yi, we cultivate ourselves to a higher energetic level, experience the Great DAO and deep happiness.

Infos & ContactWei Ling Yi Lotuslicht - StiftungGeorg KerschlEmail: weilingyi-lotuslicht-stiftung@yixue.deFon: +49(0)8158.2996Mobil: +49(0)160.8270998
AdresseWelt Lotus ZentrumBirkenallee 10-1114547 Beelitz-Schönefeld

Birkenallee 10-11 14547 Berlin-Beelitz
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Every donation is welcome!

Donation account to renovate the World Lotus Center:

Wei Ling Yi Lian Guang (Lotuslicht) - StiftungStadtsparkasse MünchenIBAN: DE63 7015 0000 0000 3298 05BIC (Swift): SSKMDEMM


”In the World Lotus Center, the lotuses of heaven and earth will merge together and the pure universal information will flow to earth. Through the great development of GONG DE, true and noble virtue, lotuses will open, myriads of luminous lotus lights will rise and enter  the world − a great cosmic gift for all beings and the entire world − .” Wei Ling Yi

A visioncomes true –World Lotus CenterBerlin-Beelitz

How can you get involved?

Preparations for the renovation of the new World Lotus Center are in full swing. Any help is welcome. The cleaning and refurbishment will take place in several stages and is coordinated by team leaders. The cleaning team will start work in the middle of January and the team ‘crafts and construction’ will start soon. Here are the contact persons, if you want to help or if you have any good ideas. For the complete renovation of all buildings we still need a lot of financing. Every euro is welcome.

A big wish:Opening of the World Lotus Center in late August 2019

Save the Date

If we continue to work with heart, hand and financial resources − inspired by the spirit of the lotus − we will be able to move into our big Lotus Center in summer. Afterwards, we will be celebrating three great highlights there with many guests from near and far in August 2019:

  • Foundation of the International Lotus Center Beelitz
  • 30th teaching anniversary of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi
  • YiXue Congress 2019 in combination with other congress events in Berlin