I BEGIN WITH MYSELF is a sentence that could hardly be any simpler. Even if it sounds simple in the fi rst place, it actually holds the quintessence of sublime virtue for humankind and for each human being. The sentence comprises the only path, the universal knowledge to achieve human immaculation. It includes the fundament for everything we do. To begin with myself, to begin with the investigation on all levels of being, is the foundation for the development of a higher, sublime awareness. This sentence holds the key for the development of the indi-vidual personality and the unfolding of intelligence and wisdom. Understanding and practicing the meaning of this sentence will clarify even the most hidden spots in the ocean of our soul.

I BEGIN WITH MYSELF: The meaning of this sentence is ideally revealed by a beautiful, accomplished langua-ge, by respectful and benevolent behavior towards all humans and other living beings, by love and compassion as well as by an environment permeated with love and a holistic way of life. We are healthy on all levels of existence. Our soul is beautiful and accomplished. Externally, we emanate inner sacredness. This inner, esthetic magic ema-nates by a luminous aura, a sublime charisma.

I BEGIN WITH MYSELF also means to act according to DE WEI GONG MU – VIRTUE IS THE MOTHER OF GONG. The virtue of Gong shines upon all humans; with the power of Gong we support and help other peo-ple. Gong DE holds the power to establish a generous, calm and altruistic SELF, which is honest, earnest, happy and kind, perfectly bathed in light and radiant. It is a SELF based on strong will, pure Qi and great virtue. It is a SELF being at one with everything; with heaven, earth, the cosmos, nature and all living creatures. It is a SELF dissolving into universal harmony, into the light full of happiness: EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH THE ’I’.