I BEGIN WITH MYSELF is a sentence that could hardly be any simpler. Even if it sounds simple in the fi rst place, it actually holds the quintessence of sublime virtue for humankind and for each human being. The sentence comprises the only path, the universal knowledge to achieve human immaculation. It includes the fundament for everything we do. To begin with myself, to begin with the investigation on all levels of being, is the foundation for the development of a higher, sublime awareness. This sentence holds the key for the development of the indi-vidual personality and the unfolding of intelligence and wisdom. Understanding and practicing the meaning of this sentence will clarify even the most hidden spots in the ocean of our soul.

I BEGIN WITH MYSELF: The meaning of this sentence is ideally revealed by a beautiful, accomplished langua-ge, by respectful and benevolent behavior towards all humans and other living beings, by love and compassion as well as by an environment permeated with love and a holistic way of life. We are healthy on all levels of existence. Our soul is beautiful and accomplished. Externally, we emanate inner sacredness. This inner, esthetic magic ema-nates by a luminous aura, a sublime charisma.

I BEGIN WITH MYSELF also means to act according to DE WEI GONG MU – VIRTUE IS THE MOTHER OF GONG. The virtue of Gong shines upon all humans; with the power of Gong we support and help other peo-ple. Gong DE holds the power to establish a generous, calm and altruistic SELF, which is honest, earnest, happy and kind, perfectly bathed in light and radiant. It is a SELF based on strong will, pure Qi and great virtue. It is a SELF being at one with everything; with heaven, earth, the cosmos, nature and all living creatures. It is a SELF dissolving into universal harmony, into the light full of happiness: EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH THE ’I’.

A teaching without words

Meditation seminar in silence with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Being silent together with Wei Ling Yi for five days is a wonderful opportunity to truly get to know oneself: one’s body, one’s spiritual heart, one’s own soul, one’s thoughts and emotions. In the course of this inspirational, compendious lecture Wei Ling Yi explains the meaning and essence of this extraordinary form of teaching.

Silence is golden: effects and aims

As children we learn very fast how to talk. That is simple. However, in order to really communicate with our heart, thus in a regardful, supportive and merciful manner, the learning will take at least 20 years; this is how Wei Ling Yi describes the teaching without words – a high form of cultivation. Mostly, we speak too much therefore we lose much energy and power. It weakens the strength of the heart, disperses our life energy and often we hurt ourselves and others with words. The more our awareness and wisdom will grow, the clearer we will see that it is better to speak less and be silent to acquire higher knowledge and grow holistically.

In this respect, the seminar without words is firstly a great opportunity to channel the energy by being silent back to our heart and soul so that they can be nourished and strengthened. “If the teacher does not talk, the students will have more intense, faster and better benefits”, says Wei Ling Yi. “We don’t speak, neither do we reply. Consequently we are able to uplift our mind and come closer to the cosmos. We get to know cosmic laws and the path of the soul and we can receive precious information and wisdom from the universe and make use of it on earth.”

In silence, we also deepen our connection with nature. Its secrets are revealed to us. We can be intensely in touch with nature to receive the nourishing essences of each season. The more our level of awareness will grow, the more powerful our connection to the universe will be so that we can receive cosmic information without any words. According to Wei Ling Yi, it is a state that cannot be put into words anymore. It is nothing but bliss, full of happiness, pure, still and without any intention. In this state, the personal level is meaningless. It is a higher state in peace, relaxation and lightness – simply luminous. In order to develop in this direction, silence is the best and only way.

The highest form of teaching that we can ever receive from our teacher
is teaching without words.

The basic four teaching methods within the YiXue Culture

From the use of words to the teaching without words

There are four teaching methods within the YiXue Culture, which are applied by Wei Ling Yi. The first two types still include and make use of words. The other two belong to the teachings without wordsand take place between teacher and student on the so-called Yin level, in an invisible, nonverbal way, from heart to heart and from soul to soul.

  1. At the beginning lessons are taught via the written or spoken work to gain knowledge about cosmic interrelationships and heavenly laws, about the connection between humans and cosmos and the science of perfection. As a solid basis this knowledge is necessary in order to know and understand the content of the path of cultivation leading to holistic self-realization.


  1. The next step is the teaching and learning with the support of the unconditional love of the teacher. He gives lessons about the soul with all his heart with and without words which can be compared to a loving mother parenting her child: regardful, understanding, indulgent, patient, compassionate.


  1. If the heart laughs, the Lotus will open– The third method involves the direct communication between teacher and student from heart to heart without words. This teaching level is only possible if the heart of the student has been opened. Symbolically, the heart lotus needs to be opened. Only then can the hearts of teacher and student be united and information directly transmitted. The opening of the heart cannot be deliberately accelerated and thus requires patience. Only when the time is right, the heart will unfurl.


  1. The ultimate teaching technique of the YiXue Culture, the highest level of the teaching without words, is the cultivation method of the soul which nurtures Qi and soul and unfolds insights. It is an immediate exchange between teacher and student, from soul to soul with the support of spirit, wisdom and mind power. This connection is not bound to space and time, thus it does not need the physical closeness between Wei Ling Yi and the respective student.

Statements from participants

”A seminar filled with silence. The silence in the canteen is particularly pleasant. I can taste the meal more intensely and eat with more awareness. I don’t need to say anything and don’t feel pressure to say anything. That is very comforting. This quietness is simply magnificent.”


“To me this seminar was nothing but pure wellness. My body is smooth, harmonious and free from blockades. My heart is opened up and smiling. I can feel my soul being very close to me. I am filled with joy, happiness and lightness. Simultaneously, there were emptiness and fullness.”


”I learn to listen, to really perceive the surroundings and people around me acoustically and with all other senses: noise, facial expressions, gestures, body positions. And very slowly I begin to look at myself. Outwardly and inwardly, I learn to be aware of myself.”


”During the seminar I could feel how peace and quietness in my body and mind expanded. Never before have I experienced such deep stillness. Thank you!”