On the path of wisdom into the freedom of the soul

If we − like many of us today − want to change the world, we first have to get to know ourselves and start to change us. By teaching the ONE − the YiXue − the internationally working grandmaster Wei Ling Yi integrated a millennium-old culture of cosmic wisdom into present day knowledge and reveals a path that begins with health and goes beyond enlightenment to the fusion with the origin of our being − the transformation to ultimate happiness.

An interview with Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

You teach the wisdom of a millennia-old culture and call it YiXue. What does this name mean?
The YiXue is based on of the “Great Lotus System”. This is derived from ancient knowledge and wisdom. “Yi” comes from Chinese and literally translates as “one”. Yi stands for the cosmic origin, the perfection and the universe. Xue means teaching, study, research and self-awareness. The YiXue explores the secrets of life and the cosmos in order to ultimately reunite us with our origins. Many people are looking for a way of transformation and luck and seek the answers to these big questions of life: Where do I come from? Why am I here? What task do I have in life? And where will I be going when I leave the earth again?

What exactly do you teach and how can we gain specific access to higher dimensions of consciousness and thus of happiness?
Spiritual development is always a question of how we can develop our soul, so that it is finally free again. But in order that the soul may develop its power and its light we need a healthy body and a stable emotional heart.

To get well again, we teach how to work with life energy, the Qi, and with the cosmic primordial energy, which we call YiQi. These energies are present in every human being and are essential for our health, our well-being and happiness and are of crucial importance for our spiritual ascension process as well. We learn to absorb energy and subtle essences from the cosmos and nature, to work with them in our bodies, to save them and transform them into light, in order to be able to get into resonance with higher dimensions.

Is this possible for every human being?
Each of us comes originally from the Center of the Cosmos. We call this origin Yi and traditionally also Dao. You could also call it God or Divine Consciousness. Because we all come from there, we carry, as a microcosm, the same information as the macrocosm. That’s why it is possible for everyone to reconnect with the cosmos again and receive its healing power and its information. All the divine, the sacred, is within us. It is located in our spiritual heart and corresponds to our true nature. Many people have forgotten that.

You call this way Life Cultivation. What exactly do you mean by that?
Life cultivation concerns, besides health, the grinding of the ego, and thus we cultivate until we are sincere people having a big, loving and kind heart. First we go through a holistic cleaning process, resolving old information, energies, diseases, conditionings and karmic complications. And we have to learn to regulate our emotions and bring them into balance. This also benefits happiness in everyday life. Every anger, every fury weakens our energy. A weak vital force will open the door for disease information. The path of Life Cultivation is not an easy one. I always say, it is the hardest work in the world. We need a lot of self-discipline, patience, dedication and faith. If we incorporate practice and cultivation into everyday life, we increase step by step our dynamic life force and our consciousness and we start to explore the secrets of life. Our intuitive intelligence and our wisdom will rise and we will recognize where we come from, what tasks we have on earth and how we will be able to return to heaven again and ultimately join the One again. Today we call this the cultivation path. Earlier this way was called “the study of the saints”. Who wants to be successful on this path, has to keep to the cosmic rules.

What does it mean, to keep to the cosmic laws?
There are very clear rules in the cosmos. Everything there works according to a universal plan and it is important to always behave and act in the sense of balance – in the sense of the DAO, the highest consciousness. It is important to overthink our relationship with nature, to get to know the cosmos and its energies and to live in harmony with all of them. That starts with simple questions like: How do we live? How do we sleep? How do we eat? For example, we get up late and disregard the natural rhythm of our body. Because we do not dress properly while we are outside, we will receive wind and cold and will become ill. In the larger context, the question is: Do we live in the sense of the true, the good and the beautiful? What do we think and how do we act? Do we always live in the power of universal and compassionate love, in harmony and in strife for peace? This would be the first step. But only a few people follow these principles. Still many of us are looking for money, power and fame, are greedy and selfish. Their ego is still strong. But as long as man, earth and cosmos are not in balance and harmony there will be wars between people and also between galaxies and planets. If we want to change the world, we have to start to change ourselves.

Do we need a teacher, a master for the spiritual path?
I have never heard that we do not need teachers in this world and on that path. If we look into history, how people became successful in their cultivation, they always had a teacher. Jesus had a teacher and his own mother Mary was his teacher. Buddha Shakyamuni had a teacher and even God has a teacher. Our highest teacher is the cosmos itself. If a person has good prenatal roots, he or she has well cultivated in former lives, he or she can rapidly rebuild a cultivated state again and succeed in present life like Jesus and also Buddha. Such people live according to the cosmic laws and never demand money for their spiritual and healing work and their support. True cultivation means to do good deads and have a compassionate heart. If we have cultivated successfully in life, then we are completely in balance and radiate happiness. Then through our charisma alone, the light and the positive information that we send out, we can help other people. We then say that such a being is a heavenly being. The soul has cultivated so far and build up so much strength that it can get off the wheel of rebirth and change over to the side of heaven.

This year you are opening a new Spiritual Center in Beelitz near Berlin. You call it World Lotus Center. Where does this name come from, and to whom is this Center dedicated?
If we cultivate, then our aim is to return to our origin. That is the goal of every soul. In the YiXue we call this origin the Cosmic Lotus Center. Through cultivation and the development of our lights we connect again with the center of the cosmos, so that the energy field of the earth and the energy field of the cosmos can get in resonance again. Therefore we call the new center World Lotus Center.

It is an earthly center that is united with the cosmic center. But the name is not the most important thing. What is important, is what we do in this Center, in what quality we cultivate and develop ourselves there. Everyone can visit the Center and take part in seminars.

Young people, children, adults, people who want to get well again and people who want to develop spiritually. The goal is to work together, to cultivate and develop high awareness.

Then we give something wonderful to us and the world, because through our increasingly luminous charisma we spread something wonderful.

You teach and instruct people of all ages. Why is it good that even children are trained in this way?
The unfolding of the higher consciousness of humanity starts with the children. If we use a holistic system for education that combines both knowledge and wisdom then humanity will realign, and develop holistically, everything involved, body, heart and soul.

At the moment it is still the case that education in schools is like training for a race. It is only important who will get the best job, be most successfully, has power and earn the most money. But in the long run that will not take us any further.

Without the development of human qualities like a kind, compassionate heart and without the development of wisdom the children, will have more and more emotional problems. And not only them, but also their parents. That is why we teach parents together with their children in family seminars.

In Malta we have started to teach teachers of Primary schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Children, who are holistically trained have a good start in life. They learn to trust their intuition, will take to a healthy path, be self-confident, and have good social behavior!