"Sincerity, mercy, inner beauty and abundance are the deepest meaning of our lives." Wei Ling Yi


Nothing can support and carry us better in this turbulent time than the balance, harmony and stillness in our heart and soul.

Wei Ling Yi has created a new term for a development in which we all participate if we want to develop holistically and globally: the YIXUE HEARTWIND. The YiXue heartwind symbolises the light that radiates from a pure, loving heart; a deep joy that unfolds when we begin to act unconditionally and naturally for the benefit of all, thus making the soul happy.

"Who cultivates virtue (De) in the heart, unfolds the beauty of the soul." Wei Ling Yi

The YiXue heartwind is the true wind of change. Every change begins in each one of us with the decision to develop into a true and merciful human being. From a merciful heart radiates the power that is capable of changing the world. The one who carries peace in his or her heart carries it to the world outside. This is a cosmic law − timeless and eternal. It is a knowledge that is cultivated in all great wisdom cultures and is always in the center of true spiritual development.

“Only in ourselves do we find true peace, which radiates from each of us and can change the world from the heart. Wei Ling Yi

And so Wei Ling Yi never tires of talking about the spiritual heart, its qualities, its power and true purpose. Overcoming the ego is one of the greatest challenges on the path of life cultivation and implies the understanding why we have chosen this path, why acting in the spirit of the whole is more important than following our own personal needs without consideration for others. Which thoughts do we cultivate? What words do we choose? What do we feel and how do we act?In the YiXue we call the signpost that guides us ‘LOTUS SPIRIT’. When we follow the Lotus Spirit, we follow the highest spiritual principle, the highest universal consciousness, which is revealed through unconditional love.

“Unconditional love is the outer expression of the supreme spirit.” Wei Ling Yi

The Lotus Spirit comes out from the voice within our heart, which acts unconditionally in the spirit of universal love. Whoever acts by the Lotus Spirit fills oneself with true Qi, unfolds true inner values and by this develops one’s light and the power of Great Virtue (Gong De)

“Great Virtue – Gong De – boundless.” Wei Ling Yi

A wisdom teacher like Wei Ling Yi reminds us of our own true nature and accompanies and supports us on the path of cultivation into the freedom and perfection of the soul. The power of the heart and overcoming the ego are the next big steps for humanity on the path to a new dimension of global consciousness.