YiXue Event 11.11. - Global Energy Transmission

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10 – 12 November event weekend- presence at the YiXue Education Centre Nossen and online

HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR: Lotus Grandmaster at the sacred mountain Emei in China – Event with Global Energy Transmission for Mother Earth for all interested  on 11.11.

On this day the eleven gates to the universe will open in the purple Zi Jin cave at E-Mei Mountain. On this day and at this time, in meditation and through visualisation, let us realise the connection between heaven and the world  across all the world gates.


10:00 am Introduction 11.11. Global energy transmission

10:30 – 11:11 am Live circuit with Sifu Wei Ling Yi from Emei (China) & Global Energy Transmission (Yang) by Sifu Wei LingYi

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Please bring / get the following for the event/ or at home

CANDLE: RED (electronic candle / lotus also possible).
CAPE: colour of your choice


On 11.11. the eleven gates to the universe open in the violet “Zi Jin Cave” on the sacred Emei Mountain in China. The number 1 symbolically carries a high significance. It stands for the UNITY of heaven, earth and man. This year on 11.11. Sifu Lotus Grandmaster will celebrate the global energy transmission at the holy Emei Mountain, while the eleven gates to the universe open in the violet Zi Jin Cave.

He describes this heavenly event in the following words:

“On this day – 11.11. – the holy lotus children follow the Golden Lotus Child. He leads the way, shining in coloured light, through gourd lanterns and decorated with rich gifts such as sweets, fruit, flowers and candles. The lotus children give away the gifts and guide all beings back to the heavenly, human and earthly path. The great luminous path ends in the violet light cave “Zi Jin Dong” on Emei Mountain, where the Golden Lotus Child is waiting for us. It is waiting for all people who wish to unite with heaven, earth and all human beings. On this day of the Festival of Lights, the highest manifestation of ONE embodies itself.

The lotus children radiate their sacred power and carry a sceptre with the inscription “O MI WO MI”. We are all on a quest. And we realise: This is the destiny we have created over generations. We are all searching for the answer to the question: Where am I? We all follow our destiny.


On this day the eleven gates to the universe will open in the purple Zi Jin cave at E-Mei Mountain. On this day and at this time, in meditation and through visualisation, let us realise the connection between heaven and the world for 49 minutes across all the world gates. Everyone communicates in their own way: through dreams, through the soul, through thoughts…. At this time, let us send our discord, our worries, our negativity out into the clouds. Raise your mind, your body, your heart and your soul and unite with the sky.

11.11.2023 is a day in time for the International Week of Science and Peace. It is a particularly auspicious day. Let us wish together:

May world peace return. May all countries be prosperous and all people happy. May every home shine with happiness and health.

Today the Golden Child shows us the way. On the Emei mountain peak we can see its radiant light. A violet misty light rises. We are the guardians of the earth.

11 11 11 is the sacred sequence of numbers and the golden key that opens the way to the universe. With this golden key we activate our energetic “bank account”. We meet today to awaken. 1111 is the seal in the depth of our soul and today we open it. Our hearts are ONE with the DAO and we unite with the universal soul and all divine beings. Heaven protects us. The earth protects us. The twelve signs of the zodiac protect us. The year protects us. The month, the day and the hours protect us. We cultivate our true soul, which is reflected in our outer appearance.

We are in spirit in many power places around the world: on Emei Mountain in China, in the Alps, on the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, on the Mountain of the Moon and at the World Lotus Centre and we invite the world community to participate in this event. Note: On this day, a rare phenomenon will appear in the sky.

We ask you: keep your inner peace. We are all connected to each other. May all people rise from their sea of sin and leave their aberrations and effects. Do good! Transcend space and time to find your true SELF.


Contact and information: Siegbert Moog, FON +49(0)176.56856116 MAIL s.moog@yixue.de

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If many people unite their minds and hearts with the Qi of the cosmic creative power at a perfect, cosmic moment, they can influence the Qi fields of the Earth. For this purpose, we will connect with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi on 11.11. at 11 am in the morning and live online from 9 pm and support the global energy transmission.

The global energy transmission through Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Great Masters are able to see, harmonise and regulate energies even over great distances. Lotus Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, who has selflessly served humanity for more than 60 years to support them in their quest for wisdom, dedicates much of his current work to re-harmonising Mother Earth. By realigning the world’s energy flows and Qi fields in harmony, he is reducing or preventing many disasters and gently supporting the self-regulation of our planet.

Let us connect in harmony and in the awareness that our Mother, the Earth, desperately needs our love, joy and laughter. We, humans, have over-exploited her resources and disrupted the energy cycles. She suffers from our disrespect for all life.



11. November 2023 Ganztägig(GMT+02:00)

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