Special seminar for people affected by cancer

24NovGanztägig26Special seminar for people affected by cancerwith Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling YiONLINE


LIVE ONLINE SEMINAR – Intensive Seminar for Cancer Affected People with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November 2023.

New interested people please note the following: As this is a special seminar, we ask all new interested persons to contact the organiser Karin Hattwig before registering: MAIL karin.xinlian@t-online.de FON 0421.63 68 571. Here you will receive information on participation requirements and registration.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registration deadline for first-time participants is 10 November. Registration deadline for participants who have already attended is 22 November.


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In this seminar for cancer patients (Yi Qi Kang Ai), Grand Master Wei Ling Yi teaches participants how to look inside themselves and transform sick cells into healthy cells. How can we preserve the sacred energy of life within us? How can we strengthen the immune system? How can we unite the energy of the sky with our energy to improve our health?

How can we regenerate and heal our cells? Wei Ling Yi describes it as follows:

“The basis of life and health lies in the CELL, which is the smallest unit of life. Billions of them make the structure of our body possible through their incessant organic interaction – an incomprehensible miracle.

Our largest cell is the soul and the question is: How can we unite the soul, our body cells and our brain? This is where the real answer lies hidden. If we manage to bring the consciousness of these levels into unity, then we are able to direct cellular process flows, the transmission of information, our sensations and feelings as well as free consciousness. Through the unity of body, heart and soul we can raise our dynamic life energy and thus stimulate and optimise cellular healing.

Through this process and the development of these abilities, the largest cell of life within us, our soul, becomes whole again. In this way we can develop the light within us and open our celestial lotus eye, the Third Eye. Then we will be able to clearly observe every cell in our body. With one pure, sincere thought, we can align ourselves and dissolve thousands of false and low vibrational thoughts.

The purer and brighter we feel, think and act, the higher the energy vibrates in us in each cell. The cells begin to shine, become round and whole. And so we can also say: When the light in us expands and the lotus opens, when the cosmic original energy Yi Qi rotates freely and naturally in us, then we can transform sick cells such as cancer cells back into their healthy and natural state.

May the billions of cells within us shine again! May heaven, earth and man unite. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


When people get cancer, they often and understandably ask themselves the same questions: Why did I get cancer? Why is it me of all people? How can I get well again? Health and wisdom teacher Wei Ling Yi got to the bottom of these questions: What is cancer and where are the roots of its development? From his many years of research into tumour diseases on an energetic-holistic level, he developed a therapeutic approach that perceives the human being in its entirety and includes body, heart, mind and soul. A method that can lead to healing and always contributes to an improvement in the quality of life such as more strength, stability, joy, confidence and self-confidence.


Friday 24 November

Fri 10-11.30am: Welcome and introduction session

FR 16-17 h: YiXue practice

FR 20-22.30: Lecture with energy transmission with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Saturday 25 November

SA 10-11.15 am: YiXue practice

SA 16-17.30 hrs : YiXue practice followed by exchange of experiences

SA 20-22.30 : Lecture with energy transmission by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Sunday 26 November

SO 10-11.15 am : YiXue practice

SO 16-17.30: YiXue practice followed by exchange of experiences

SO 20-22.30: Lecture with energy transmission by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


24. November 2023 - 26. November 2023 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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