Intensive seminar: Pu Lian Fa - The Great Lotus System

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HIGHLIGHT IN MAY from 28 – 30 May 2021

Introduction and deepening into the YIXUE teachings and into the Great Lotus System – spiritual lectures, practice, silence and energy transmission.

a YiXue basic seminar for all interested people with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Participation requirements: The seminar is open to beginners and advanced students.

Course fee: 249 Euro per participant



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Dear YiXue  friends

in this seminar Grand Master Wei Ling Yi will go into the basic principles of his health and wisdom teaching – the Great Lotus System. Especially for new participants it is a very good opportunity to get to know the approach of this holistic teaching for body, heart and soul. Basic exercises introduce the practical part of the teaching, which are supported in their effectiveness by energetic transmissions from Wei Ling Yi.

At the same time, all participants are supported holistically, as through the work on the soul and the spiritual work on the information level by Wei Ling Yi, everyone is picked up where they are – space and time dissolve.

You are all invited to dive into the lotus spirit, deepen your knowledge and unfold your wisdom at this intensive seminar with spiritual lectures, practical exercises, energy transmissions and silence. Questions will be answered such as: 

  • What does the symbol of the lotus mean?
  • Why do we cultivate and practise symbolically on the lotus?
  • How is the lotus connected to us, the cosmos and the earth?

Pu Lian Fa contains the ONE great universal method to receive the lotus. When we receive the lotus, we are in Oneness with our true Self and the Source of all BEING – the Cosmic Lotus – which reveals health, happiness, joy and true beauty. Thus, all the other 10,000 methods are contained in this method of origin.

You are invited to immerse yourself in the lotus spirit during this intensive seminar with spiritual lectures, practical exercises, energy transmissions and silence, to deepen your knowledge and to unfold your wisdom.

The Lotus – Symbol of Spiritual Transformation

The lotus has always been revered as a sacred flower. It grows purposefully from the mud to the light, to reveal itself in its perfection. In its purity and naturalness, the lotus is emblematic of our cultivation process, which gives us access to the light and leads us into true sincerity, great mercy and radiant beauty.

“I am Lotus – Lotus am I.”

As LOTUS SPIRIT, the lotus symbolises a high mental and spiritual power on our lotus path, which we realise for our own good and for the good of all, so that it reaches all families and people. Our hearts are illuminated, touched and nourished by the cosmic, healing LOTUS SPIRIT – the heart can open.

“When the heart laughs, the lotus opens.”

Especially in hard times like the present Corona crisis, life cultivation can help us to solve problems, transform hidden diseases and their roots to unfold true health of body, heart and soul.


“May the lotus bring us health, happiness and peace.

May it develop our potential and unfold our strength, intelligence and wisdom. 

May the wonder door of the heart open.”

Organisation Note: We ask that all participants attend all seminar times if possible. This way we can build up and stabilise the energy field in connection with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, the universal original Yi Qi and in the community. It is also a request from the organising team that all participants – also married couples, families, flat-sharing communities etc. – even if they participate together in the online seminar, register individually and pay the course fee.

Course fee: 249 € per participant

Organisation: Joyce Mok and ZLH members

Do you have any questions? Then contact Joyce Mok; EMAIL:; TEL 0049_176.21847490



Friday 28 May 2021

16:00 – 17:00 Organisational meeting with all webinar participants

20.00 Spiritual talk by Wei Ling Yi


Saturday 29 May 2021

10:00 – 11:00 practice session

16:00 – 17:00 practice session

20.00 Spiritual talk by Wei Ling Yi


Sunday 30 May 2021

10:00 – 11:00 practice

16:00 – 17:30 practice followed by exchange of experiences

20:00 Lecture by Wei Ling Yi and farewell ceremony



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