Lotus Festival Days 2021

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“The Lotus Festival in the Year of the Buffalo
will turn the energy to good.
The whole world is celebrating.
The Yi Qi turns. The lotus opens.” 
Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi 

Online Lotus Festival Days 2021 with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

12 – 14 December & Lotus Hand on 18 December, 2021, Red Lotus Sign on 19 December

Participation & Registration

Participation is open to all those who are interested and have already learned the YiXue teaching system at the basic level. Prerequisite is also the participation in a YiXue intensive seminar or an online event with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. The seminar fee is 300 Euro per participant. Sunday 05 December  – 17 pm – Obligatory preparation meeting for all participants

Closing date for REGISTRATION is 3 December 2021!


The following are the most important dates. For organisational reasons the dates are spread over two weeks.

Overview – Programme Online Lotusfest 2021

Sunday 05 December  – 17 pm – Obligatory preparation meeting for all participants
Sunday 12 December – Tuesday 14 December Lotus Festival Days; seminar fee 300 Euro

Follow-up events -Online Lotus Hand and Red Lotus Sign

Saturday 18 December- 8 pmOnline energy transmission “LOTUSHAND” for all Lotus friends; donation basis
Sunday 19 December – 8 pm – Online energy transmission “LIAN HUA YING / RED LOTUS SIGN” for all Lotus friends; donation basis


Dear YiXue friends, dear interested people,

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi cordially invites us to the Lotus Festival 2021, the highest spiritual event in YiXue, which focuses the energy of the past year and gives us new energy for the coming year. During the Lotus Festival, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will summarize the cultivation experiences and effects of the year 2021 and teach us in depth the wisdoms of YiXue in his teachings. They imply the great goal of merging the hearts of heaven, earth and man in the harmonious unity. The way to this goal is made possible by cultivating our own light-filled “lotus boat” through the support of the spiritual lotus world.


The highlight of the Lotus Festival is the high energy transmission of Wei Ling Yi on the Lotus Night, which we celebrate this year from December 13 to 14. This night is a great heavenly gift to receive our own lotus – our own highest, perfect energy. On the light-filled lotus night, together we build a great, universal and perfect lotus energy field to send good wishes to the world through our loving heart.

In his lecture with energy transmission of the “Lotus Hand” on December 18 and at the lecture “Red Lotus Sign” on December 19 Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi transmits to us the auspicious energies and information to awaken the spiritual consciousness of our soul, so that the wisdom gate in us can open and we can successfully follow the Great Dao Cultivation Way.

Program ONLINE Lotus Festival Days 


Sunday 05 December  – 17 pm – Obligatory preparation meeting for all participants

Sunday 12 December
10:00 – 11:15 am: Group practice – exercises
4:00 – 5:00 pm: Group practice – exercises
8:00 – approx. 10:30 pm: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi: “Cultivating the lotus boat”.

Monday 13 December– The Lotus Night
10:00 – 11:15 am: Group practice – exercises
4:00 – 5:00 pm: Group practice – exercises
9:30 – approx. 11.30 pm: Lotus Festival Lecture by Wei Ling Yi: “Taking you Place of Life Life Place” followed by meditation “Sitting on the Lotus” and receiving one’s own Lotus at 11 p.m: energy transmission of the “Lotus Information” and worldwide energy transmission for the Earth

Tuesday 14 December

10:00 – 11:15 am: Group practice – exercises
4:00 – 5:00 pm: Group practice – exercises
8:00 – approx. 10:30 pm: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi: „The Lotus Boat – carried by the power of the wind, revealing happiness“.

Program Follow-up Events

Saturday 18 December
8:00 pm: Online lecture with energy transmission „Lotushand“ for all lotus friends; with a donation from the heart, an extra registration is needed for this lecture

Sunday 19 December
8:00 pm: Online lecture with energy transmission „Red Lotus Sign“ for all lotus friends; on a donation basis from the heart, an extra registration is needed for this lecture


Participation requirements: The Lotus Festival is the highest spiritual festival in YiXue and is aimed at participants who have already become acquainted with the YiXue teaching system in the basic level and have participated in at least one YiXue intensive seminar or online event with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. In order to be able to unfold and stabilize the energy field together in the connection with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi and the universal original energy Yi Qi, we ask that you participate in all seminar times, unless you are unable to do so for health reasons.

Participation in the preparation meeting on Sunday, December 5, at 5 p.m. for about 1 – 1.5 hours, is mandatory for all participants of the Lotus Festival Days from December 12 – 24. In order to support the organizing team, we ask you to register in time. Deadline for registration is Friday, December 3. Seminar fee for the Lotus Festival Days from December 12 – 14: €300 per participant; you will receive an invoice after the seminar.

For the participation in the lecture with energy transmission „Lotushand“ on December 18th for all interested people, as well as for the lecture with energy transmission „Red Lotus Sign“ on December 19th, we ask for a donation from the heart. Thank you very much!

Registration Lotus Festival Days

You can register via the following LINK


Closing date for registration is Friday December 3, 2021.

Please note:

We ask all Lotusfest participants who cannot register through the registration portal, as well as family members, married couples, apartment communities, companions, etc., if they are looking at a common computer, to register extra by mail anmeldung@yixue.de, or by phone TEL.: +49(0)35242-4888190. We ask that everyone who participates without registration, transfers the course fee of 300 euros.

The luminous lotus night

Preparations for the Lotus Night on December 13

We traditionally celebrate the Lotus Night on the 11th of November of the lunar calendar. Every year on this day a cosmic gate opens, through which the energy of creation Yi Qi flows to us unhindered. A light-filled stream of blessing that nourishes us, regulates us and enables our body to cleanse itself down to the cellular level, expands our consciousness and strengthens our soul light.

This light-filled energy, which is given to us during the lotus celebration, can release bottlenecks, difficulties and obstacles. It promotes our virtue and compassion, serves the well-being and happiness of all participants and families. It serves to preserve the beauty of Mother Earth and peace in the world.

On the following 11 days after the lotus night, receiving one‘s own lotus is still possible between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. each day. Those who wish can meditate and receive during this time.

For your decoration

  • Candle (gold colored) with coaster
  • Fruits and flowers

For the energetic protection

  • red cloak about 3 m long to cover neck, lumbar area and knees

Reception position on the lotus night

We ask you to shower before the lotus night and to put on clean, light or white clothes. DiZis (initiated lotus students) please wear their DiZi scarf. We sit on a seat cushion or on a chair (on the front one third). The body is erect and relaxed. The head is straight and the chin slightly tilted to open the apex – the bai hui – so that we are in direct connection with the yi qi, the origin qi, and the cosmic lotus. In this way, we are erect between heaven and earth.

We bring our hands together to form a lotus bud in front of the heart and enter into stillness. We imagine a lotus opening beneath us and golden lights shining out from the pistil. The breath flows calmly and gently. The heart is peaceful and serene. The closed hands (lotus bud) gradually open into a lotus flower – the opened lotus. We look into the light of the lotus and place our hands on the thighs with the palms facing upwards, according to our own state of mind. We receive our own lotus, our own highest light.

When the meditation is finished, we gather (three times in the lower Dan Tian three finger widths below the navel) our lotus, qi, light, sounds, colors, fragrances and all the positive phenomena we have experienced. At the end, we place our hands on top of each other on the lower Dan Tian, women with the right hand at the bottom and men with the left hand at the bottom, to focus and store the energy. While doing this, we recite the mantra: „Shou Gong Ling, Ling Dao, Gong Bi Shou!“

We wish all participants a light-filled and successful Lotusfest 2021.

Your ZLH representatives and Lotusfest organizers


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