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07Mai8:0010:30Giving a LotusOnline Lecture by Grandmaster Wei Ling YI



LIVE online lecture | 07 May | 20 – ca. 22.30 hrs | on a donation basis

For all interested people 

All interested people are welcome to get to know and enjoy the unique energy field and the way of working of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi; a spiritual lecture with energy transmission for the power and light of body, heart and soul.


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An introduction to the lecture by Wei Ling Yi:

May 8th is Mother’s Day. When we think of our mother, she appears before our eyes: loving, kind, pure and natural. A good mother embodies true life and pure qualities of heart. From our hearts we can thank her for her Great Giving, Great Mercy and Great Love, for her Great Kindness and Great Virtue “Gong De”.

“From our hearts, let us give the first lotus
to our mother.” Wei Ling Yi

Our mothers teach us to respect heaven and earth, to love life and all living beings in the world, and to help people and shine ourselves through our heart qualities – “Gong De”.

“De” is the mother of gong.
With Gong De in our hearts, we carry and respect
 all people and living beings.” Wei Ling Yi

In his talk, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will teach the method of Gong De – the Mother of Virtue – and teach the significant power of gratitude that makes true giving possible.

“In this challenging time of crisis, may all Lotus Friends remain healthy and peaceful.
May the mercy and kind hearts of our mothers resolve all disasters.
May thousands of families receive the lotus.
May the world be at peace.
May Mother Earth shine in beauty.” Wei Ling Yi

The gift of a great master – working in the universal information field.

All who know Wei Ling Yi have experienced it: in his talks, which usually do not follow a defined theme, questions are answered and wishes fulfilled, even if we only formulate them inwardly in silence.

Wei Ling Yi works from the moment and the spiritual, higher dimensional level, acting as a channel and energetic catalyst. His special ability is to communicate with the participants through the hearts and from soul to soul and to receive their current issues and wishes spiritually. Those who open up and let go will receive the right and effective information for them, which will vibrate at a high energy level, regulate holistically and initiate healing.

The Goal of Life Cultivation in YIXUE
Through our own life cultivation and in YiXue intensive seminars, we ourselves learn to open or strengthen the connection to the cosmos and to work with universal information in order to use it to build up our dynamic life force.

Participation is on a donation basis.

The online lectures are offered by the non-profit YiXue Bildungszentrum gGmbH. We ask for a donation from the heart to support the center and the work of Wei Ling Yi. Many thanks for your support.

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7. Mai 2022 8:00 - 10:30(GMT+02:00)

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