Global Energy Transmission 11.11.

11Nov21:0023:30Global Energy Transmission 11.11.Online event with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi




FRIDAY – 11.11. from 9:00 p.m. to about 11:30 p.m.




The annual date of 11.11. offers a unique opportunity for a perfect connection with the creative power of all life, the “YiQi” (energy of 1 / of origin). On this special day of interconnectedness of all living beings, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi will lead an energy transmission for the regulation of worldwide information,

  • to stop wars and avert a possible escalation.
  • to help MOTHER EARTH so that catastrophes are reduced.
  • to protect the life of humans and all living beings.

You are all invited to turn the current precarious, dangerous world situation energetically through your light and spiritual power by participating in the global energy transmission on 11/11.

Let us unite our forces in our hearts to support the Earth and dissolve the information of war, natural disasters and chaos.

All people are invited to connect spiritually-energetically with the Sun Pyramid on 11.11. and chant the sacred mantra “MaYaHai!” together to bring back the information of peace into the world with cosmos, earth and humanity. The more we are, the greater the impact. Therefore, we ask you to spread this invitation through your networks.

“May the world and all hearts find peace and Mother Earth blossom again in beauty!”

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi 


You are invited to participate in two energy transmissions on 11.11.2022 with the power of your heart:

1. everyone for themselves : energy transmission at yang time from 11 to 11.11 a.m.

2. live online transmission with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi from 9 p.m. to approximately 11.30 p.m. with an energy transmission at Yin time from 11 p.m. to 11.11 p.m.

Everyone is also invited to repeat the meditation on the following 10 days from 11am to 11.11pm and from 11pm to 11.11pm. The last global energy transmission will take place on 21.11.2022.

Contact and information:

Siegbert Moog, FON 0049-(0)176.56856116 MAIL Translated with


1 Meditate
Go into silence on 11.11. at the above mentioned times. Put your hands together to form the lotus bud in front of your heart and connect with the original source of all life, the creative power “YiQi”.

2 Receive & send out Qi – 11 minutes
Receive the cosmic forces of creation (Qi, light, information) for a few minutes through the open hands with the inner surfaces facing the sky. Then bring the hands to eye level in front of the body and point the palms forward to offer the absorbed energy, light, power and love to the earth. Chant or recite the YiXue protective mantra “Ma Ya Hai” or a short prayer for Mother Earth.

3 Conclusion
Conclude by collecting and storing the Qi and all blessings with your hands below the navel.

Under the following LINK (at the bottom of the page) you will find the AUDIO of Ma Ya Hai in support:

In order to achieve the greatest possible success, we ask for the following:

Forward this invitation to 11 people.
Practice the meditation for 11 days.


All life is connected through Qi

The alarming state of our planet requires urgent and immediate action. The entire biosphere with its mutually interacting Qi fields is in chaos, leading to increasing disasters and conflicts. We humans are the causers of this global and very deep crisis – and at the same time we have the responsibility and ability to support Mother Earth in her regeneration and re-harmonisation.

For this we do not need financial resources, sophisticated technologies. We need a loving, open and compassionate heart for our planet Earth, which is like a universal mother for us, whom we treat with love and respect.

The crucial source of energy is the Qi of the people

Modern man has unfortunately forgotten that with the vibration of his heart he emits – automatically and incessantly – Qi into his environment, which influences all living beings, plants, animals and Qi fields. This means: we are always interacting actors, not merely helpless bystanders in the information field of the earth. If we bring in our love and gratitude instead of greed and egoism, we can contribute to the harmony of Mother Earth and the entire biosphere.

If many people unite their thoughts and hearts with the Qi of the cosmic creative force at a perfect, cosmic moment, they can influence the Qi fields of the Earth. For this purpose, we will connect with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi on 11.11. at 11 am in the morning and live online from 9 pm and support the global energy transmission.

The global energy transmission through Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Grandmasters like Wei Ling Yi are able to see, harmonise and regulate energies even over great distances. Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, who has selflessly served humanity for more than 60 years to support them in their quest for wisdom, dedicates much of his current work to re-harmonising Mother Earth. By realigning the world’s energy flows and Qi fields in harmony, he reduces or prevents many disasters and gently supports the self-regulation of our planet.

Wei Ling Yi appeals to all of us:

Join hands, work hand in hand. With our hearts united in love for Mother Earth, we are able to help our planet. The power of our united Qi can support Mother Earth in her extremely difficult, chaotic situation to find the natural harmony of energies again. Regardless of origin, nationality, faith or spiritual conviction, all children of the Earth are invited to participate together in a worldwide meditation for our planet on 11/11.

Let us unite in harmony and in the awareness that our mother, the Earth, urgently needs our love, joy and laughter. We, humans, have over-exploited her resources and disrupted the energy cycles. She suffers from our disrespect for all life.



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