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“Together, let us liberate all kind souls and guide them into the light.” Wei Ling Yi


ONLINE EVENT – “Guiding Departed Souls into the Light” – Chao Du “THE ETERNITY OF LIFE”.

Lecture with ceremony and meditation by Grand Master Wei Ling Yi.

12 November 2022 from 20.00 – approx. 22.30 hrs.


TO PREPARE – At this event we will symbolically light a candle and incense together with Wei Ling Yi to help departed souls to ascend further into the light. We ask you to decorate an altar/table with a blue pillar candle, incense, fruit and flowers.

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Many, many people have lost their lives over the years. Many people have lost their lives because they saved the lives of others. To thank and help them is a great concern of Wei Ling Yi.

AND SO WEI LING YI ASKS US to help departed souls ascend into the light together with the following words on 12 November. 

“In deep trust we will light the lotus lights in our hearts. With both hands, we will raise the lotus incense sticks and recite the sacred mantra Wang Sheng together to save suffering souls. We help them to leave the sea of suffering and bitterness so that they can return to the perfection of the lotus world.

The great luminous cosmos radiates in all ten directions. Let us respect and pay homage to the sky, the earth and our ancestors. May all things in the world be at peace.

We mourn the loss of our ancestors, our relatives and friends. Their souls will last forever. Their souls will enter peacefully into the light.

We mourn the doctors and nurses who did valuable virtue work and sacrificed their precious lives during the Corona pandemic.

We pay homage and mourn for all the virtuous people who lost their lives while saving other people and living beings.

We mourn for all the innocent people who lost their lives in war. Their great deeds and bright spirit will live on forever and never be lost.

Let us join together in saying THANK YOU in love to these so kind and merciful beings. Their souls are as pure, bright as the moon and radiant as the sun that rises daily to give us light and warmth.”

“In the end, may all living beings, all souls last forever and ever.” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi 


Participating in this event will enable us to do great virtuous work – Gong De work from the heart, according to Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. At this event, together with Wei Ling Yi, we will help departed souls to ascend further into the light, into heaven, if they were unable to do so because they lacked strength or direction when they died. We can help our relatives and friends and also the people who sacrificed their lives in this difficult time of disaster.

Through the powerful, high-energy transmissions of Wei Ling Yi and the recitation of the mantra Wang Sheng, we can help souls to increase their strength to the point where they find direction and the path to the light. You are welcome to support a deceased person from your family, friends and acquaintances, as well as people who have died in the many worldwide disasters, especially those who have sacrificed themselves for the lives of others.

We help souls of the deceased when, for example. 

* due to old age and illness

* suddenly and unexpectedly through accidents, natural events, wars or murder

* through abortion

* or died by suicide.

Help also for ourselves!

We also help ourselves with this ceremony to dissolve and balance negative life information that can burden our soul. This means, for example, when we

* have hurt other people and living beings intentionally or unintentionally

* have hurt or killed people and living beings in dreams

* if we are e.g. hunters and have hunted and killed animals, have slaughtered animals ourselves

* if we have received information from deceased persons in dreams and meditations which indicate that this information has not been resolved in the deceased person or in ourselves.


The online lectures are offered by the non-profit YiXue Bildungszentrum gGmbH. We ask for a donation from the heart to support the centre and the work of Wei Ling Yi.


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12. November 2022 20:00 - 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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