We celebrate Yin New Year

21Jan20:0022:30We celebrate Yin New YearWith Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


LIVE Online Event | 21 January | 8 – approx. 10:30 pm | Donation from the Heart 

An online event with spiritual teachings and lots of Qi for all interested. We welcome the Yin New Year – the Year of the Water Rabbit – we celebrate and chant and we do it online. Even though we meet online, we will be connected energetically and from the heart. You are all welcome! Wei Ling Yi invites us to this light-filled event with the following words:

Dear Lotus Friends,

“Time passes very quickly, as quickly as the light. The Year of the Tiger is over and a new year begins. 2023 is the year of the auspicious hare. It will be an auspicious year, a year to come together. It will be a year of peace.

We have said goodbye to the Saint of Plagues. We have been on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun chanting the sacred mantra Ma Ya Hai to calm wars and crises in the world. We have spread the peace information around the world. Our hope is great and powerful. We hope for a better future, a harmonious and light-filled future. I wish us good luck and blessings in the Year of the Rabbit. Bliss is always with us. Every good wish can be realised!

May every country and every person be able to live in harmony and work with joy. May the world be at peace!

We and all team members from the YiXue organisation cordially invite you to the Yin New Year event. With all lotus friends worldwide we will welcome the new year and celebrate together. May all people and all families be happy and healthy. May we be successful in our cultivation.


We wish all lotus friends and all families a happy, 

Golden Rabbit Year full of health, joy and peace.” 

Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi 




Spring Festival and YIN New Year 


As a sign of luck, we can light a red candle for the event and decorate our table/altar with two oranges, flowers and sweets.

YiXue culture celebrates the Spring Festival and the beginning of the new Yin year with all lotus friends to say goodbye to the old, fulfilled year energy and welcome the new year energy. On this special day we also ask heaven for a good new year and wish all people, living beings and the earth health, happiness, peace and a long life.

The altar is decorated with fruit, cakes, nuts, the five grains and many sweets, as a sign of respect and gratitude before the abundance of life. During this light-filled celebration with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, the pure cosmic origin energy, YiQi, flows from the East to the Earth, we receive the Heaven Qi, connect it with the Earth Qi, so that the human Qi is harmonised. We meditate together on the natural cosmic laws to discover the unified synchronised regulation of the laws of nature between heaven, earth and human beings. We let go of the depleted Qi of the old year and receive fresh, new Qi for the new year.

“On this day, immortal beings, the saints, come to earth from heaven,” Wei Ling Yi explains, “to support this special day and the people with their presence and to bestow their light. We ask heaven for a happy new year, and wish all people, living beings and the earth health, happiness, peace and long life.”



21. Januar 2023 20:00 - 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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