Half-Fasting Intensive Seminar Yi Qi Bi Gu

28AprGanztägig30Half-Fasting Intensive Seminar Yi Qi Bi GuWith Grandmaster Wei Ling YiONLINE


Yi Qi Bi Gu Half-Fasting Seminar -.

Healing methods of a healthy, holistic diet. Good food is the best medicine.

28 – 30 April 2023

Learning and deepening the YiXue basic fasting method, exercise practice, energy transmission with Grand Master Wei Ling Yi. YiXue Basic Seminar for all interested people

EFFECT: Expulsion of old energies and information, holistic energy build-up for body, heart and soul, development of consciousness for a healthy diet.

Course fee: 249 Euro per participant.


Note for new participants:
We ask new participants who have never attended a YiXue seminar with Wei Ling Yi to first contact the organisers for information before registering. Thank you very much.

Organisation & Contact

Regina Stolle FON: 0049- (0) 6578 / 7319; Mail: reginastolle@gmx.de
Petra Köbinger FON: 0049 – (0) 08062 / 9223; Mail: petra.koebinger@web.de or

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi dedicates this seminar to the YIXUE food culture. This is connected with the appreciative handling of food and a conscious diet. Wei Ling Yi introduces the Bi Gu intensive seminar in April with the following words:

“We all know how to eat. It is a need we come into the world with. We do not have to learn it. But how do we eat healthily and holistically? This knowledge is unknown to most people. Many people love sumptuous food that tastes good and fills them up. But in order to maintain our health in the long term, it is more important than ever to learn, cultivate and integrate conscious nutrition into daily life.

A conscious, holistic nutritional therapy such as YiQi BiGu teaches a holistic method according to the principle: LESS IS MORE in which vitality, well-being, development of consciousness and energy work are the focus at the same time. Yi Qi Bi Gu trains the consciousness towards an appreciative diet. We should fast and cultivate with compassion and a Gong De – heart – a loving heart – to develop a simple, appreciative attitude towards nutrition.

Especially in times of natural disasters, pandemics, wars, economic crises and food shortages, when countless people are suffering, it is more important than ever to train a contemporary, sustainable approach to food. And so, in this intensive seminar, Lotus Master Wei Ling Yi teaches the importance of fasting, especially in times of crisis. We should value every grain of rice, every meal, every bite. We learn to be conscious with food, to eat less and to cultivate fasting. Wei Ling Yi will explain how to integrate fasting into our daily lives and how to develop healthy eating habits. This holistic form of fasting, which also involves the energy system, changes the awareness of body, mind and soul step by step and in a sustainable way, which enables us to better cope with crises.

At the same time, the intention is to develop nutrition and fasting as forms of self-exploration. It is good to fast twice a year – preferably in spring and autumn – in order to expel burdening energies, metabolic products, deposits and toxins from the body and to purify the body and the energy system. In this seminar, Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will also further deepen the cultivation method “Hundred Children – Embryonic Breathing” in order to place fasting in a larger, holistic context. All interested people are cordially invited to learn about and deepen these special forms of fasting.”


What does BI GU mean?

YI QI BI GU is a holistic dietary form and cultivation method that trains and raises the awareness for a healthy lifestyle within us. Eating less, eating consciously and naturally – for example vegetarian or vegan – would directly solve many of the world’s problems associated with a gigantic global machinery of food production.

Literally translated, the Chinese word Bi Gu means “abstaining from grain”. This includes abstaining from animal products, bread, sugar and stimulants during the half-fast. We eat only vegetables, fruit and water. In this seminar we will start with the YI QI BI GU half-fasting methods, which the organising team will give a basic introduction to. All more advanced methods such as water fasting, full fasting and light fasting require many years of experience and advanced holistic development.

During the seminar, the participants are supported by the daily energy transmission of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi through drinking energised water. This intensively activates the defence and self-healing powers and strengthens the immune system. The fasting process is also supported by one’s own practice of absorbing energy from nature and the cosmos, as well as by exercises for the expulsion of toxins, diseased Qi and negative information.

Strong feelings of hunger usually do not occur. Possible tiredness and malaise give way after a few days, so that seminar participants usually feel light, carefree and powerful. Many complaints, aches and pains and inflammatory foci diminish or dissolve completely during the fasting period. The seminar serves as an initial point for a fasting period that everyone can extend beyond the course as they wish.


How do I prepare for the seminar?

In preparation for the semi-fasting seminar, it is advisable to abstain from meat, alcohol and stimulants such as sweets a few days beforehand. Coffee and black tea consumption should be reduced bit by bit, as well as bread and pasta. It is advisable to switch to vegetables and fruit a few days beforehand. It also makes sense to drink plenty of water (hot/warm). You can find more information in the following list. The vegetable and fruit list is only a suggestion on our part, if you feel that you absolutely have to eat a certain fruit/vegetable, that is perfectly ok. The nuts are a kind of first aid, if hunger overcomes you, then we can eat some (unseasoned, unsalted).

In our opinion, a prior intestinal cleansing is not necessary at the half-fasting seminar. We practise exercises together that stimulate digestion. We can answer further questions in the seminar.

The following is needed for the seminar

  • Thermos flask or thermos to be able to drink hot water at any time.
  • YiXue rice bag (method tapping technique discharge and energy build-up) for joint practice. New participants can tap with their fists or order a rice bag (36 Euro) at the YiXue Education Centre: Mail address lotusshop@yixue.de
  • 2 bottles of still mineral water
  • 3 red dates (available in Chinese shops or pharmacies selling Chinese teas). Alternatively, normal dates without pits will also work. During meditation, the dates are placed under the tongue for excretion processes.
  • For the half-fast period, various vegetables and fruits to taste, preferably seasonal such as pumpkin, beetroot, cabbage of all kinds, carrots, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber; dried fruits and/or unsalted/unspiced nuts: Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds; possibly dried fruit to stimulate digestion, fruit in moderation such as apples, oranges, pears, plums, grapes.


Friday, 28-03 

4 -5 pm: Organisational meeting with all participants

8 pm: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with transmission of the fasting information,

drinking an energised cup of hot water together

Saturday, 29-03.

10 am – approx. 11:15 a.m.: joint exercises followed by meditation

4 pm.: joint breathing exercises, followed by rice bag practice

8 pm: Lecture Wei Ling Yi with energy transmission, common drinking of the cup of hot water

Sunday, 30-03

Morning and afternoon as on Saturday

8 pm: Final lecture by Wei Ling Yi, possible exchange of experiences



April 28 (Freitag) - 30 (Sonntag)(GMT+02:00) View in my time