100 Children Gong (Bai Tong Gong)

17MaiGanztägig21100 Children Gong (Bai Tong Gong)Holistic movement form - presence seminar in the YiXue education center Nossen


17 – 21 May 2023

Presence seminar in the YiXue Education Centre Nossen

EFFECT: 100 Children Gong opens up the possibility for beginners as well as experienced lotus friends to permanently increase their own energy level and to follow the path of spirituality. Lotus master Wei Ling Yi will accompany and instruct us in order to newly learn or refresh the healing movement forms of 100 Kinder Gong as well as to purposefully focus and move the Qi within us and to heal ourselves holistically.

TOPIC: “With children’s heart and children’s joy back to the natural state of childhood”.

Course fee: 249 Euro per participant – plus board & lodging at the YiXue Education Centre.

Organisation & contact: Jutta Becherer: MAIL: j.becherer@yixue.de FON

0049-176 60142153



How can we regain our once childlike purity, flexibility, permeability and our joy? In this seminar, Lotus Master Wei Ling Yi will teach us how to find the truth and experience the true meaning of the movement form 100 Children’s Gong (Bai Tong Gong) by returning to the natural state of a child.

Lotusmaster Wei Ling Yi introduces the intensive seminar in the month of May with the following words:

“By nature, every human being has a pure, childlike heart. If we wish to return to this state, then only ONE THOUGHT is enough. If it is pure and true, it is immediately possible to unite with the original SPIRIT and become ONE with the childlike state of its purity and joy. Childlike joy is so pure and full of Qi that it enables us to feel like a child, carefree and free. It is the essence of all of us and the root of all beings. Those who live a childlike heart are balanced in soul and embody pure human qualities.

If we practise 100 Kinder Gong regularly, we can cultivate this childlike joy and our childlike natural BEING. It is a proven method to become healthy, permeable and happy. If we develop a calm, balanced child’s heart through regular practice, this also includes the possibility of freeing ourselves from worries and problems. In the cultivation of the child’s heart and body lies great potential for a long, healthy life.

Organizational information for the stay at the YiXue Education Center

  • Arrival on 17.5. from 15.00 o’clock, departure on 21.5. from 14.00 o’clock
  • Seminar starts on 17.5. at 19.30 o’clock
  • Bed linen and towels can be rented for a one-time fee of 8 € – please let us know when registering.
  • Catering: 22 € per participant and day
  • Accommodation: according to the chosen category
  • Seminar fee: 249 € per TN

Collaboration in the center (no participation in the course)

The cooperation in the center is voluntary. The registration for kitchen helpers can be done directly by email or phone with Stefanie Jarzombek: anmeldung@yixue.de or Tel. 0049-35242 / 4888 138. There is an additional sleeping room available for the helpers.

All interested people of all ages are welcome! 


17. Mai 2023 - 21. Mai 2023 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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YiXue Bildungszentrum Nossen

Seminarweg 5, 01683 Nossen

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