Presence event 'Fang Sheng' - ritual to heal the seas

14Jul10:0014:00Presence event 'Fang Sheng' - ritual to heal the seasNature event with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi - more information about the event will follow


Presence Event Weekend in Northern Germany  |  14 July 2024

THEME: “Giving, protecting and liberating life – ritual to heal the seas (Fang Sheng)

Venue: HEIDKATE BEACH Kieler Förde
Meeting point: 10:00 a.m. (CEST) car park at Heidkate lighthouse
Start of the ceremony: 11:00 a.m. (CEST)

More information about the venue and programme will follow!


The world’s oceans are home to a marvellous variety of creatures, from microscopic plankton to the largest whales. However, fauna and flora are increasingly being affected by human behaviour. In order to develop a respectful and loving awareness of our planet and nature, the YiXue Education Centre invites you to the YiXue Nature Event ‘Fang Sheng – Giving and Protecting Life’. At the nature event, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi will regulate the energy of the earth’s waters and at the same time transfer healing life information to crabs. We symbolically give these animals their lives back in freedom by releasing them back into the sea during the ritual. The positive information transferred to them spreads across the Baltic Sea into the Atlantic and all the oceans.

To strengthen the energy field, the ritual is framed by healing mantras and energetically effective exercises such as rice bag tapping and 100 children’s gong from the YiXue practice.


In order to regulate and strengthen the earth’s feng shui, its energy field, YiXue Culture organises nature events in all four cardinal directions, such as “Giving, Protecting and Liberating Life”, “Collecting Cosmic Herbal Medicine” and “Universal Gratitude”. All YiXue nature events equally enable us to strengthen and increase our awareness, mindfulness and gratitude towards nature, the cosmos and all living beings.

Together with Grand Master Wei Ling Yi, we visit places of power and energy to accompany him in his energetic healing work for Mother Earth, for all people and living beings. The ceremonies harmonise the Qi field of the earth and increase the life energy of the participants, channel out old and negative energies and information, nourish body, heart and soul and give joy of life.

Contact and information:
Maren Langbehn, Phone: +49(0)4522.7446396 or Mobile: +49(0)162.9410680  Email:
Chirstin Ischdonat, Phone: +49(0)4342.4417 or Mobile: +49(0)178.3317700  Email:

Participation in the YiXue Nature Events is on a donation basis

We ask for a donation from the heart to support the centre’s non-profit YiXue Bildungszentrum gGmbH and the work of Wei Ling Yi. Thank you very much for your support.



14. Juli 2024 10:00 - 14:00(GMT+02:00)

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