Lotus Festival 2018


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‘Cheerful as the shining sun,
in harmony like the full moon,
united together heart to heart,
with everything and everybody‘
– Wei Ling Yi

A Warm-Hearted Welcome

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi invites all Lotus friends and those interested in the YiXue Culture to the Lotus Festival week 2018 celebrated in the YiXue Education Center in Nossen. We will celebrate together the highest spiritual feast of the year. 

In this festival week, the energy of all participants is concentrated and combined with the cosmic power of the Yi Qi and the energy of Wei Ling Yi to form a great Yi Qi Lotus energy field that purifies, regenerates and stabilizes. It is a great cosmic gift, that deeply connects us with our cosmic origin and enables us to receive and strengthen our own Lotus.

The highlights of the festival week are the energy transmissions of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi in the Lotus night from the 16th to the 17th of December. On the 18th of December Wei Ling Yi will give us his direct personal transmission via the Lotus hand (Guan Ding) to the Bai Hui, the highest acupuncture point on the head.

The Lotus Night on the 16th of December includes a great meditation “Sitting on the Lotus“, to enter into silence and emptiness in order to prepare to receive our own lotus.

Due to the high energy transfer, Wei Ling Yi helps us to purify our body down to the cell level, to expand our consciousness and to strengthen the light of our souls so that “the door to the undiscovered universe” can open. The energy, that is unconditionally given to us during the Lotus celebration, can open bottlenecks, solve difficulties and obstacles in our lifes, promotes our virtue and our compassion and serves the well-being of all participants and all people. It also increases the happiness of all families, preserves the beauty of Mother Earth and establishes peace in the world.

Friends of the YiXue who practice at home and connect themselves with Wei Ling Yi during the Lotus Night will also receive this nourishing energy flow.

See all important information and the program of the festival week in the PDF download!

Info PDF Lotus Festival 2018

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