Deepening into the Lotus Greeting Dance

08JunGanztägig11Deepening into the Lotus Greeting DancePresence seminar at the YiXue Education Centre Nossen


8 – 11 June Presence Seminar: “Deepening into the Lotus Welcome Dance – We dance freely on the stage of life” at the YiXue Education Centre in Nossen, Germany

Healing cultivation dance for heart and soul regulation – inspiring & heart opening

A basic seminar for beginners and advanced dancers – all are welcome. Experience has shown that even beginners can learn the dance with ease on the qi field and in the group.

Seminar fee: 249 Euro plus board and lodging – registration and further information will follow soon.

Registration deadline: For organisational reasons, the registration deadline is 1 June.

Contact & further information: Petra Köbinger FON: 0049-08062 / 9223; Mail:

YiXue intern: This year’s Fu Dao Yuan dance examination will take place on 11 June.


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When we dance the Lotus Welcome Dance, we practise the true form of welcome. Compassion manifests and gives beauty and happiness to ourselves and all living beings. With its original cosmic hand signs, mudras, the Lotus Welcome Dance invites us to introspection. This dance is taught in depth by Wei Ling Yi, so that new dimensions of holistic development and deepening insights can open up.

Wei Ling Yi introduces the seminar with the following words:

“In the history of the last 5000 years, a beautiful flower blossomed: the LOTUS. The sound of the lotus flower is unique and its appearance can be invisible. It embodies the soul of the lotus dance and the emotions of the dancers. The lotus dance also corresponds to a life practice that leads to the perfection of goodness and beauty.

Every step, every hand movement is endless in its grace. The vibration of happiness touches everyone. Everyone can dance a pure, harmonious and peaceful spirit of love and experience the happiness within. This form of practice gives harmony to us as human beings and to society. We are all dancers, you are a sacred dancer, as clear as the sky and as wide as the earth – always moving.

Behind one minute of lotus dance on stage there are ten years of hard work. The movements are perfect. They correspond to the language of the body and the expression of cultural wholeness. The dance relaxes the nerves and leads to suppleness of the joints. The rhythm and nature of the melody reach the highest level of the lotus spirit. Move the shoulders, the arms, the wrists, the waist and the legs….

We dance freely on the stage of life. I am a lotus. As a lotus flower, I blossom and merge completely with the dance of life.” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


8. Juni 2023 - 11. Juni 2023 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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