CD YiXue Mantra 6Healing Sounds & Ma Ha Ha

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The sound waves Ma Ha Ha carry happy, joyful information. Negative information in our body feels this Qi, relaxes and leaves us. This mantra can help that negative information and ourselves as humans are transformed and brought into a happy state of mind.

With these 6 healing tones we can regulate our organs and increase their energy. We do this by combining a movement, a sound and a thought. The associated acupuncture points and meridians of the organs are opened. Congestions dissolve and the Qi can flow unimpeded.

1. xü ya xü – xü xü xü – liver
2. he ya he – he he he – heart
3. hu ya hu – hu hu hu – stomach
4. si ya si – si si si – lung
5. chui ya chui – chui chui chui – kidney
6. xi ya xi – xi xi xi – triple burner