Folded Card Golden Child, Buffalo, High Master

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Meaning of the motif on this card:

United in the ONE from East to West
Bringing a great spiritual wisdom teaching to the world is a challenging mission. Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi began this path in his childhood, researching, training and cultivating himself, healing and teaching at a young age and founding the International Qigong University at the foot of the sacred E Mei Mountain in his homeland in China. After 30 years of teaching in the East, he set out to teach the Lotus Way, the DAO – the Way of ONE – in the West as well. Symbolically, the three great energetic forces unite on this path: the Golden Child – the enlightened soul, the guiding, patient and driving force of the buffalo and the luminous, perfect beauty of the High Master, revealing the true teaching of wisdom and the lotus spirit.

Illustration: The three great energetic forces symbolised by:
The Golden Child: the enlightened soul
The buffalo: the leading, patient and driving force
The High Master: the luminous, perfect beauty, the true teaching of wisdom, revealing the lotus spirit