What can we do?How can we transform this time into a worthwhile opportunity?Assistance from Wei Ling Yi

"May all living beings unite in harmony so that the coronavirus can leave people peacefully.This is the best way to resolve this crisis."

– Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Sifu Wei Ling Yi appeals to all of us, from the bottom of his heart, to sharpen and develop our awareness of the situation on earth, which affects us all. Wei Ling Yi wrote us a letter that you can download here as a PDF.Never before has Sifu spoke so clearly and unequivocally about how important it is to take the current situation in the world seriously and to realize the causes and effects. The coronavirus is just one example of how the situation on earth is worsening. In the West, we do not hear much about the many catastrophes in the world. But they do exist, and they all contain messages and call us to pause and learn to break new ground.

Letter by Wei Ling Yi regarding the Corona crisis, 20 March 2020

We are one world, we are ONE

The source of all life is kind in its essence, filled with great compassion and great love. Unfortunately, humanity no longer follows the natural laws of the cosmos and nature, even though they are the fundamental laws of all life. Although Mother Earth is our home, we have shown her little respect, appreciation and love for many decades. We have lost sight and gratitude for their beauty and preciousness, for our planet, which unconditionally gives us everything we need for our life, our development, our BEING and our happiness.

Download Letter PDF

The current YiXue seminar situation

Like all public institutions, the YiXue education center is also affected by the Corona crisis. All YIXUE seminars are now taking place online until further notice - the following button will take you to the current ONLINE seminar page.

YiXue Online Events

What should we pay special attention to now?

It is still important to avoid any risk of contracting the virus. Sifu Wei Ling Yi continues to ask us to adhere to the state regulations and to comply with the now well-known hygiene regulations in order to practice care and prevention. Not everyone who is infected feels the symptoms and is nevertheless a potential virus carrier. Therefore caution is important at all ages. Old and sick people in particular can get life-threatening illnesses from an infection.

What can we do?

Even if Sifu supports us all, it is now particularly important to take responsibility for ourselves and to practice and cultivate on the Yin and Yang level. We can thank Sifu for teaching us many methods that make it possible to practice anytime, anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces. In this way we can strengthen our defenses, increase our energy level and go into silence to regulate ourselves and to develop and maintain calmness, optimism and hope.

Most of you are familiar with the exercises from the YiXue practice. Nonetheless, here is a brief overview of exercises that are particularly suitable now.
  • YiXue Rice bag
  • Bowings
  • Opening and closing the red heart Lotus
  • Sitting on the Lotus
  • Standing, walking and sleeping on the Lotus
  • Recitation of the YiXue Mantra “Ma Ya Hai“

Worldwide energy transmissiondaily at 9:00 PM for 11 minutes

At 9 pm we sit in silence on the lotus and connect with Wei Ling Yi and the cosmic original energy YiQi.Quietly or inwardly, we recite the protective mantra ’Ma Ya Hai’.The mantra carries the power and information to spread light into the world, to harmonize ourselves, all living beings, the environment and to prevent or mitigate disasters. The more people recite together, the greater the effect. For text and audio version, see the following section.

YIXUE Mantras for recitation during the Corona crisis

YiXue protective mantra for all living beings and the earth

Ma Ya Hai

Ma Ya Hai is a heavenly song. It is a protective mantra that carries the information and the power to avert and transform catastrophes, earthly suffering and bitterness. We recite and sing Ma Ya Hai to support Great Mother Earth. We give her our singing so that she can shine in her true beauty and we can unite in loving harmony and peace with her and all living beings.

Guiding souls to the light

Wang Sheng

We recite the mantra WANG SHENG especially at the present time to support people who have died from a corona infection so that they can leave the earth in peace and ascend into the light. We can also recite the mantra (49 days) after relatives, friends or acquaintances have died. A good time to recite the mantra is at 11:00 in the morning or at 9:00 in the evening. This selfless Yin work (Gong De) enables us to open our hearts and to raise our level of cultivation.