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How Can We Master Our Emotions?
An Online Lecture by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi Concerning Work With Our Hearts

October 03 / 8:00 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)
October 03 / 11:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)



“If we cultivate an even heart, hundreds of diseases can be resolved”. – Wei Ling Yi


Who likes to be taken over by one’s emotions? Especially if they are not in balance they will affect our health, our well-being and our inner peace enormously. 

  • Do we master our emotions, or do they dominate us?
  • How can we regulate our emotions? 
  • How can we balance Yin and Yang in order to get into balance? 

In this lecture Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi goes in depth about the importance of work with our hearts, which holds the key to our inner peace and worldwide peace for all people.

The key to healing 

A big step on the path of life cultivation is to learn to control oneself, to bring the seven emotions into yin-yang balance, and to cultivate the calm, harmonious heart with patience, mindfulness, self-love, and wisdom. 


“If the emotional heart is not in balance, it can cause hundreds of diseases”. – Wei Ling Yi 


True healing is hidden in the development of our heart qualities, the development of “De” – of true virtues. It carries the potential, the energy and power to regulate our emotions and brings Yin and Yang into balance in our heart. Then the YiQi – the cosmic primordial energy and great power of healing – can flow unimpaired continuously within us.

Working with our hearts – Gong De 

  • Doing good for the good of all – Yang virtue
  • Cultivate mercy – Yin virtue
  • Development of universal, unconditional love – Great virtue


“De – the great virtue is boundless.” – Wei Ling Yi 

How does Wei Ling Yi work in the information field? 

Everyone who knows Wei Ling Yi has already experienced it: In his lectures and seminars questions are answered and wishes are fulfilled, even if we only formulate them silently. The special ability of Wei Ling Yi is to communicate beyond time and space, on the level of our hearts and from soul to soul, and to regulate holistically and initiate healing through the cosmic information field. 

A lecture for all interested people.

Date: Saturday, October 03, 8:00 pm (CEST)
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3. Oktober 2020 20:00 - 22:00 CEST – Central European Summer time(GMT+02:00)

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