YiXue World Peace Evening

01Jan19:0021:30YiXue World Peace Eveningwith Grandmaster Wei Ling YiONLINE


A Peace event for the New Year with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

LIVE online event | 1 January 2022 | 7 – approx. 9.30 p.m. | on a donation basis.

For all interested 



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A peace event for the New Year with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi
01. January 2022 from 19 – circa 21.30 hrs.

Dear YiXue friends, dear interested people,
We hereby cordially invite you to the first Online YiXue World Peace Evening on 1.1.2022 with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi! We would like to create an evening of peace with you through the connection of our loving hearts, meditating together, chanting YiXue mantras and peace wishes from many international lotus friends.

Times are still turbulent and that is worldwide. The words of Wei Ling Yi are clearer than ever: “Although people desire peace and reject wars, wars are destroying the happiness of many families worldwide. The weapons of hatred cost endless lives. Yet we wish for nothing else, than peace in the world and a happy life.”

In order to turn the energy into the light through our spiritual heart power, we connect on a large, healing lotus energy field and send our good wishes into the world so that we can contribute to the harmonization of heaven, earth and all living beings.


“May our songs of peace echo throughout the heavens.

May we dance the dance of peace in all lands.

May the dove of peace light up the sky. May the lotus of peace open throughout the world.



Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


The power of the YiXue mantras

The peace evening is accompanied by the collective chanting of powerful YiXue mantras to build up Qi fields with healing, peaceful and auspicious information and effects. Through the light- and energy-filled sound waves of the mantras, it is once again possible for us to regulate ourselves and to send out these effects in a much intensified way also globally, in order to help our fellow human beings to heal themselves and to build up energetically. This can also prevent or at least weaken suffering and disaster coming towards us. The more people come together for this spiritual work, the greater the intended effect.

We ask you to forward this invitation to as many people as possible, so that together with Wei Ling Yi we can build up a great energy field for peace in the world. Thank you very much!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

With best regards

Your organisation team YiXue World Peace Evening

Contact: Carola Schönherr, c.schoenherr@yixue.de, FON: 0175.5203508

For all interested / on a donation basis

Participation in the YiXue online lectures is on a donation basis. 

The online lectures are offered by the non-profit YiXue Bildungszentrum gGmbH. We ask for a donation from the heart to support the centre and the work of Wei Ling Yi. Thank you very much for your support.

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The Gift of a Great Master – Working in the Universal Information Field

All those who know Wei Ling Yi have already experienced it: In his lectures, which usually do not follow a defined theme, questions are answered and wishes fulfilled, even if we only formulate them inwardly in silence.

Wei Ling Yi works from the moment and the spiritual, higher dimensional level, acting as a channel and energetic catalyst. His special ability is to communicate with the participants through the hearts and from soul to soul and to receive their current issues and wishes spiritually. Those who open up and let go will receive the right and effective information for them, which vibrates at a high energy level, regulates holistically and initiates healing.

The goal of life cultivation in YIXUE
Through our own life cultivation and in YiXue intensive seminars, we ourselves learn to open or strengthen the connection to the cosmos and to work with universal information in order to use it to build up our dynamic life force.

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1. Januar 2022 19:00 - 21:30(GMT+02:00)

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