The Power of the YiXue Rice Bag

25März(März 25)16:0027(März 27)22:30The Power of the YiXue Rice Bagwith Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


Rice Bag Tapping Technique Special Yi Qi Mi Dai FuTi

25 – 27 March 2022

Please note! Closing date for registration: Since special rice bags will be made for the intensive seminar, the registration deadline is 01 March. After binding registration you will receive your rice bag by post.

We cordially invite you to the 8th Mi Dai FuTi seminar, which will take place online for the second time this year. Already at the first online FuTi seminar we were able to experience that through the powerful energetic support of Wei Ling Yi and the joint practice we succeeded in freeing our energy system from old information and energies and at the same time building up our energy.

Effect: energetic cleansing of body – heart – soul system; building up of energy, strength and stability.

In this special seminar we will learn about the connections between energetic attachments and foreign information (Fu Ti) and how we can protect ourselves against them.

Participation requirements: Advanced YIXUE practitioners who have participated in at least two Basic Mi Dai seminars (online and/or YiXue Education Centre) can participate.
The registration deadline is 01 March. After binding registration you will receive your rice bag by post.

Course fee: 360 Euro, special rice bag 64 Euro


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Human life lies in movement and strives towards balance and harmony. Thus, the human heart in its essence is based on peace and the human soul on perfection, which we can develop through our practice and cultivation.

The obstacles on the path: the information of the Fu Ti

We humans live in a world full of incriminating foreign and disease information (FuTI) such as bacteria and viruses that can affect us. We also get out of balance through our seven emotions and the six forms of greed, through the desire for power and through constant greed. Uncontrolled greed, blind and aimless cultivation are the main consequences that lead to emotional imbalance and physical FuTi reactions, and in the long run can affect the quality of life and physical and mental health.

According to YiXue teachings, the beginning of health lies in discharging sick information while building up our vital force, which we can significantly increase by tapping with the YiXue rice bag.  From this point of view, the patented YiXue rice bag is a living being through the consciousness of the five grain saints associated with it. If we use their power and light through our rice bag practice, we can dissolve blockages and inflammation within us.

If we practice regularly with the rice bag, it is also possible for us to recognize ourselves on the levels of body, heart and soul. In doing so, we are supported on the path of holistic health and cultivation by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. Increasingly we learn how to discover and develop the three treasures within us: Jing Qi (subtle essences), Qi (life energy) and Shen (spiritual, sacred power). Their unfoldment is the basis for cultivating an enlightened soul (Golden Child).

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will teach us in this seminar how to come into silence with ONE heart, its mercy and kindness, and how to behave sincerely and truthfully towards all people. We should cultivate together with all living beings in the world. Every living being wants to cultivate, to increase its energy level and quality of life. This is the hope of all life.

The MI DAI FUTI rice bag

For the seminar we need a special rice bag, which we receive exclusively in a FuTi seminar. It carries special information and is prepared for us personally by Wei Ling Yi and his team. Wei Ling Yi transfers an energetic protective sign (Fu Hao) onto each rice bag, which contains and radiates power and healing information. The rice bag can be used until the next Fu Ti seminar.

With the seminar we deepen the help for self-help. In order to be successful on this path, it is essential that we continue to practise after the seminar. Through regular practice with the special rice bag, we take our health of body, heart, mind and soul into our own hands and continue step by step on the path of life cultivation.

For questions please contact:

Waltraud Babbe, Mail:, Mobil: +49(0)173 530 2066 or
Susanne Ludwig, Mail:, Mobil: +49(0)171 / 430 12 31.

If you have any questions about online registration, please contact our registration team:
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Friday 25 March
16.00 – 17.00: Introduction of Mi Dai Team and organisational meeting with all participants
20.00 – 22.00: Lecture with energy transmission by Wei Ling Yi

Saturday 26 March
10.00 – 11.00 a.m.: joint online rice bag practice
11.00-11.15: joint recitation Ma Ya Hai
16.00 – 17.00: joint online rice bag practice
17.00 – 17.30: Exchange of experiences, questions & answers
20.00 – 22.00: Lecture with energy transmission by Wei Ling Yi

Sunday 27 March
10.00 – 11.00: joint online rice bag practice
11.00-11.15: joint recitation Ma Ya Hai
16.00 – 17.00: joint online rice bag practice
17.00 – 17.30: Exchange of experiences, questions & answers
20.00 – 22.00: Lecture with energy transmission by Wei Ling Yi

More background information about YIXUE rice bag tapping technique

The rice bag method was already used 1000 years ago to cultivate a balanced and harmonious state. So it is more than a tapping technique and is one of the higher cultivation methods in the YIXUE teachings. Wei Ling Yi, who will lead this seminar, is one of the few people who can do this difficult work. Since he acts from higher dimensions and levels of consciousness and can connect with our soul, he is able to transform external energies that we ourselves – despite all our practice and cultivation – cannot transform on our own if we lack the necessary strength.

By tapping acupuncture points, pathways and energy centres, we expel foreign energies and at the same time cultivate our life (Yang Sheng). Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, with the help of his team, will practise methods with us to raise our own energy level and that of the FuTi. The high energies that Wei Ling Yi transmits during the seminar nourish us as well as the foreign information that is attached to us. The aim is that these foreign beings are no longer dependent on our life energy and can leave our system (body, heart, soul).

Every living being has the desire to develop its inner child – the soul. FuTi also have this desire, only their life force is not sufficient. Therefore, they attach themselves to another body in order to absorb its powers. With regard to the FuTi, it is particularly important which methods we use in the tapping technique and in which way they receive higher powers. We should practise with a kind and merciful heart and nourish the foreign beings in kindness so that they can leave us and find their true energetic place.

What are FuTi?

FuTi is the traditional term, today’s term is: sickening information. Fu means: adhering | Ti means: being

FuTi – that is, information and energies – that adhere to us are, according to the understanding of the YiXue teachings, living beings that carry their own essence and which we often do not notice and grasp at all or only imperfectly. They can affect and control us without our recognising it. It does not matter whether they are visible or invisible. Every Fu Ti has its own origin, its own energy level and its own form of appearance. It can be ancient information and foreign beings from other lives, but also parasitic information from this life.

are living beings with strength and radiant power
they have different powers and penetrate our body with different speed and intensity
They can steal our life energy in a very short time

How do FuTi enter us?

When our emotions are out of balance for a long time, it weakens our life energy. Every weakening opens the door for unhealthy information and foreign influences. This is not only true for us humans, but for all living beings. If we cannot transform absorbed energies, then they nest in us and feed on us energetically. Since 2020, we have been experiencing this through the Corona virus, which has lost its balance and thus its original harmony due to negative influences.



25. März 2022 16:00 - 27. März 2022 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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