Gigantic planetary parade on 24 June

24JunGanztägigGigantic planetary parade on 24 JuneOpen Meditation. Everyone practices for themselves on this day. There is no fixed time!


Open Meditation on the gigantic planetary parade on 24 June 2022  – Everyone practices for themselves on this day. There is no fixed time! The connection to the cosmic yin information is important.


Dear cultivating lotus friends,
Sifu Wei Ling Yi cordially invites us to a meditation on 24 June. The occasion is the rare cosmic event of a gigantic planetary parade. On this day all planets of our solar system – MERCURY – VENUS – MARS – JUPITER – SATURN – URANUS & NEPTUN – seen from the perspective of the earth in a row.

This unique planetary constellation opens a cosmic gateway and allows us to receive the energy associated with it. When we practice sitting on the lotus, connecting and meditating on 24 June is up to us. Wei Ling Yi asks us to take advantage of this opportunity and gift for cultivation and describes it in the following words:

“In this special time, the magnetic energy field changes and a high cosmic energy is flowing to the earth.
I wish you to appreciate and use this wonderful opportunity, to receive and unite well with the high cosmic energy. Let us from our hearts formulate our good wishes so that the peace qi flows to the earth. Ma Ya Hai!” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

For more background and information, such as the best time to observe the event from your location, please see this LINK


Central Lotus House, YiXue Education Centre, 2022




24. Juni 2022 Ganztägig(GMT+02:00)

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