The transformation of virus information

17Dez20:0022:30The transformation of virus informationLecture by Wei Ling Yi


LIVE Online Lecture | 17 December | 8pm – approx. 10:30pm | Donation from the heart.

For all interested people: All interested people are welcome to get to know and enjoy the unique energy field and the way of working of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi; a spiritual lecture with energy transmission for the power and light of body, heart and soul.


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How do we deal with infections? What is their significance? Why does a pandemic occur? And how can we transform the information?

In his online lecture in December, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi illuminates this important topic from a holistic, global perspective. Wei Ling Yi introduces his talk with the following words: 

“In late 2019 to early 2020, disasters swept across the earth worldwide. We also call this time the “Gengzi year” – the 37th year in the 60-year cycle. During this time, large forest fires in Australia caused orange smog and darkened the sky. A strong, stormy wind spread and accelerated influenza in the Americas. Then the coronavirus was discovered in Asia and spread worldwide at high speed into a pandemic. Many, many people suffered from illness, uncertainty, fears and panic.


You can say: we humans have emotions and the pandemic as an entity has lost its emotions. When the qi of a pandemic is upset, a virus mutates very quickly. The coronavirus mutated from alpha, beta, gamma and delta to the variant omicron in a short time.

Through our Gong De work – our virtue work – through the recitation of the protective mantra Ma Ya Hai and the power of our hearts, we have touched the hearts of heaven and earth and also the heart of the plague saint. Through the power and compassion of our hearts, the energy of the virus changed from destructive to gentle, from evil to good, from good to harmonious and from yang to yin. Humanity rejoices, lights fireworks, sings, laughs and is exuberant. The epidemic is now dissolving completely and we can bid farewell to the Saint of Plagues.

It is the great wish of humanity that the earth shines in harmony and peace, that nature regenerates and that well-being returns. It is the great wish that people, all families in all countries live in health and in peace. On 17 December, we will bid farewell to the Saint of Plagues with the viral information home. We will enter the Lotus Way – the Great Heavenly Dao Way – together and return to the origin between heaven and earth.” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

The gift of a great master – working in the universal information field

All those who know Wei Ling Yi have already experienced it: in his lectures, which usually do not follow a defined theme, questions are answered and wishes fulfilled, even if we only formulate them inwardly in silence.

Wei Ling Yi works from the moment and the spiritual, higher dimensional level, acting as a channel and energetic catalyst. His special ability is to communicate with the participants through the hearts and from soul to soul and to receive their current issues and wishes spiritually. Those who open up and let go will receive the right and effective information for them, which vibrates at a high energy level, regulates holistically and initiates healing.

The goal of life cultivation in YIXUE
Through our own life cultivation and in YiXue intensive seminars, we ourselves learn to open or strengthen the connection to the cosmos and to work with universal information in order to use it to build up our dynamic life force.


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