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Online seminar ’Sitting on the lotus’ from 24 – 26/03 with Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi for all those interested. 


“Sitting on our own lotus, we transcend ordinary humanity and reach the level of saints.”

– a meditation and cultivation weekend for all interested, for beginners and advanced practitioners. The Sitting on the Lotus retreat is dedicated to intensive meditation practice. It enables one to connect deeply with one’s soul and the cosmos, to unfold insights and to raise one’s level of energy and consciousness.

Course fee: 249 Euro per participant


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It is a special opportunity to spend a weekend meditating and going into silence with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. This basic cultivation seminar is suitable for all those interested in developing further on their spiritual path of life. Wei Ling Yi’s special and high ability is to communicate with all participants via the spiritual level from heart to heart and from soul to soul. In this way, he is able to pick us up at our respective cultivation level and accompany us through the entire weekend to receive the pure lotus information that nourishes and energetically lifts us.

Current seminar 

In this seminar, at the end of March, Lotus Master Wei Ling Yi will reveal to us the secret of truly sitting on the lotus. “It is my wish that all lotus friends will sit on their own lotus stable and upright, at the same time relaxed, detached and in balance.”

Wei Ling Yi introduces the contents of the seminar with the following words: 

“The cosmos is infinite in space and time – small in itself and at the same time big without limits, immeasurable. And we ask ourselves: Where am I? Where are you? Where is he? Every living being is searching … Every human being has its place in life. The origin of life begins with “ZERO”. Zero is the starting point of life, the sacred light of life. Once the sacred light shines, we, you and I, have all taken our place in life.

When we truly sit down on our own lotus, we will immediately feel at ease: happy and relaxed, without thoughts, completely absorbed in the Yin Gong state. We forget ourselves. Our hearts open like a lotus flower and we laugh like the most beautiful lotus flower.

Then we have taken our true place in life. We realise that we are ONE with the original essence. In our heart, the innumerable natural laws – we say “FA” – will unfold. The natural “FA” has no fixed form, it does not correspond to any worldly rule. It follows only the wonderful holy lotus method – the “LOTUS-FA”.

May all seminar participants sit on their lotus in peace, harmony and radiant beauty. May all lotus friends ascend to their wonderful lotus throne in the heart.  May all lotus friends unfold their supernatural, sacred being together.” Lotus Master Wei Ling Yi 


“Sitting on the Lotus” is an elegant and powerful cultivation method, a structured method from the ground up that can take us step by step through all levels of spiritual development in the company of Wisdom Teacher Wei Ling Yi. First of all, it is about relaxing and becoming still in order to stably dive into emptiness via the prenatal state and build up light until we can finally unite with the highest cosmic light at a high level. Especially in these challenging times with many natural disasters, accidents, crises and wars, it is important to practice stillness, to centre ourselves and to develop and maintain stability. We best serve ourselves, all living beings, the earth and the cosmos when we start with ourselves, change and expand our consciousness. Focusing, we look into the lotus, raising our level of cultivation step by step to unfold mercy, kindness and peace for the benefit of all beings.

You can find more detailed information about the YiXue cultivation method “Sitting on the Lotus” and its meaning in the YiXue book “On the Path of Wisdom into the Freedom of the Soul” – Chapter III, on pages 190 – 206.

For questions please contact: Susanne Ludwig, EMAIL:, MOBIL: 0049 (0) 171 / 430 12 31.

We start the seminar on Friday 24 March at 4 pm. See below for program times.


The following is needed for the seminar

  • Out of respect for heaven, earth and all living beings, we can decorate our altar/table with fruit, flowers and a pink candle. If you cannot find a pink candle, you can also use a red candle.
  • For protection against cold and wind during meditation: a cloak – red and at least 3 m long to cover the whole body. The colour red protects us against “slanting” qi.
  • YiXue rice bag (method tapping technique discharging and building up energy) for joint practice. New participants can tap with their fists or purchase a rice bag (36 Euros) at the YiXue Education Centre, mail address:
  • A scarf (any colour) to wear during Wei Ling Yi’s lectures; initiated YiXue students (DiZis) are requested to wear their cultivation scarf.


Friday, 24 March 2023

16.00 – 17.00 ONLINE: Organisational meeting with all participants

20.00 ONLINE: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with joint meditation

Saturday, 25 March 2023

11.00 – 13.00 EVERYONE GOES INTO SILENCE FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR: Meditation “Sitting on the Lotus” (not online)

16.00 – 17.30 ONLINE: Joint practice of exercises followed by exchange of experiences

20.00 h ONLINE:Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with joint meditation

Sunday, 26 March 2023

11.00 – 13.00 EVERYONE GOES INTO SILENCE FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR: Meditation “Sitting on the Lotus” (not online)

16.00 – 17.30 ONLINE: Joint practice of exercises followed by exchange of experiences

20.00 ONLINE: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with joint meditation followed by farewells



24. März 2023 - 26. März 2023 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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