Intensive Seminar for Cancer Affected People

03JunGanztägig07Intensive Seminar for Cancer Affected PeopleKang Ai – Presence seminar in the YiXue Education Centre Nossen, Germany


PRESENCE SEMINAR – Intensive Seminar for Cancer Affected People with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Saturday 3 – Wednesday 7 June 2023 at the YiXue Education Centre in Nossen, Germany.

“Know yourself and regenerate your cells through the radiant power of the soul.”


CONTENT: Alternative and complementary techniques and methods that can be applied to all types of cancer. The aim is to improve the quality of life and to turn the disease into a healing process.

Course fee: 249 Euros per participant – plus board and lodging

Please note the following for new participants: As this is a special seminar, we ask all new interested persons to contact the organiser Karin Hattwig before registering: MAIL FON 0049 (0) 421.63 68 571. Here you will receive information on participation requirements and registration.


When people get cancer, they often and understandably ask themselves the same questions: Why did I get cancer? Why is it me of all people? How can I get well again? Health and wisdom teacher Wei Ling Yi got to the bottom of these questions: What is cancer and where are the roots of its development? From his many years of research into tumour diseases on an energetic-holistic level, he developed a therapeutic approach that perceives the human being in its entirety and includes body, heart, mind and soul. A method that can lead to healing and always contributes to an improvement in the quality of life such as more strength, stability, joy, confidence and self-confidence.

How can we regenerate and heal our cells? Wei Ling Yi describes it as follows:

“To know yourself is to know yourself. Who am I? Who is the real me, my true self? Whoever recognises himself recognises his true heart. The true heart corresponds to the true self. Whoever recognises himself recognises his soul. The soul is the great cell of life. The soul is life, it is alive.

To know oneself implies the close connection between the soul – the great cell within us – and the billions of small cells within us. To know oneself means to understand the wonderful cell communication on a spiritual level.

However, this knowledge and the spiritual-energetic connections are hidden from many people. Through our behaviour we prevent the spiritual connection and our permeability: We are tense and anxious. We have worries and pain. And we ask ourselves questions: Why do we get sick and suffer? Why do we get diseases like cancer?

In this intensive seminar for cancer sufferers, Lotus Grand Master Wei Ling Yi will reveal how we can train and regenerate our cells. We will learn to understand, build and optimise the spiritual relationship between our soul and the countless cells within us. We enter into communication with our soul, we enter into dialogue with ourselves.

Through this path we increase the resonance and energetic vibration between our soul and our cells. A method that strengthens our immune system, awakens and raises our life energy and preserves the original power and abilities, virtue and wisdom of our true self. We will develop the understanding of the true emptiness – of the emptiness of the lotus flower.

When the Yi Qi within us – the cosmic original energy – begins to turn, the lotus blossoms. The eternal wheel of life – the wheel of FA (Fa-Lun) – rotates incessantly and our cells will be flooded with light and shine.” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi



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