Presence: YiXue Nature Event Universal Gratitude

07OktGanztägig08Presence: YiXue Nature Event Universal GratitudeLecture, mantra event and ritual in nature


THANKSGIVING – the essence of love, the wisdom of life

In order to regulate and strengthen the Feng Shui – the energy field – of the earth and all living beings, the YiXue and Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi regularly organize nature events at selected energetic power places.

07 – 08 October 2023

Lecture, Mantra Event and Ritual in Nature – GAN EN – the touching YIXUE Nature Event for THANKSGIVING

Info about the program see below

Wei Ling Yi introduces the event with the following words:

“THANKFULNESS belongs to the highest cosmic energies and frequencies with great transformative power. It is a law of the universe. Through our hearts, gratitude flies to the Earth and radiates into the world. It is the essence of LOVE itself.

Towards everything we should train and express our gratitude: To the world, to our life, to our parents, to our family, to our fellow human beings…… To everything we can show our gratitude, give LIGHT and LOVE in THANKFULNESS.

THANKFULNESS is the treasure of spirituality. We can give thanks for the health of our soul, for nature, the mountains and rivers, for the earth and the sky, for the flowers, for the sun and the moon, for the summer days and the snow in winter….

THANKFULNESS is so wonderful. The feeling of gratitude shines immediately from the heart. It carries a mysterious power and force and transcends any human imagination. The LOVE you share about THANKSGIVENESS returns to you – so does the HAPPINESS you share.

Carrying THANKSGIVENESS in your heart, sharing it lovingly and giving it as a gift, is a true exchange of love. Living a life of gratitude allows us development and the unfolding of our spiritual potential.

THANKFULNESS enables you to return to yourself. It is the power of the heart, the great wisdom of life. The root of gratitude is universal love itself, the source of all energy.

THANKFULNESS for yourself warms countless hearts at the same time. Years pass, thousands of years, but gratitude is timeless. It is universal and everlasting. Begin to awaken gratitude in your heart. Awaken your sleeping soul and learn from your experiences.

There are many, millions of ways to be grateful and it is difficult to return even a fraction of the grace of the gods that is bestowed upon us. The grace of heaven and earth are infinite. The grace of the parents who raised us is infinite.
Notice, for this is possible: the lamb that bows down to you once looked after you. The raven you feed once fed you.

As long as each of us gives even a little love, our world is a paradise.” Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


Saturday, 07.10.2023 Lecture with mantra event and energy transfer

14:00 – 17:30 Lecture

19:00 – 21:00 Mantrevent and preparation Gan En

LOCATION: Leutasch/Tyrol

Alpenbad Leutasch, event arena – hall Hohe Munde in Weidach 265 – A-6105 Leutasch

COST: 49 € (reduction possible)

REGISTRATION & INFO: Susanne Ludwig FON: +49(0)171/4301231 EMAIL:

or Gabriela Bodner FON: +43(0)660/2161143 EMAIL:


Sunday, 08.10.2023 YiXue Event with Ritual for Gratitude

Meeting point at 10:30 in Krün in the Alps at the hikers’ car park

LOCATION: At the Isar, Griesweg 10, 82494 Krün – North of Mittenwald

CONTRIBUTION: Donation from the heart

REGISTRATION & INFO: Susanne Ludwig FON: +49(0)171/4301231 EMAIL:

or Gabriela Bodner FON: +43(0)660/2161143 EMAIL:


From the meeting point we walk 10 minutes comfortably to the ceremony place.

Please bring food, if possible waterproof shoes and rainwear.

All interested people are welcome! Bring your families and friends.


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