Presence Dance Seminar 'Yi Kuai Bu - Dance with the Shawl'

09Jun(Jun 9)15:3711(Jun 11)15:37Presence Dance Seminar 'Yi Kuai Bu - Dance with the Shawl'Seminar for beginners and advanced students with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi at the YiXue Education Centre Nossen - registration is open!


Presence seminar at the YiXue Education Centre Nossen | 09. – 11. June 2024

Yi Kuai Bu – Dance with the Shawl

Healing cultivation dance for heart and soul regulation – inspiring & heart-opening

A basic seminar for beginners and advanced students – all are welcome. Experience has shown that even beginners can easily learn the dance on the Qi field and in a group.

Seminar fee: 149 euros plus board and lodging – registration and further information will follow shortly.

Contact & further information: I.-B. Andrzejewski, phone: +49(0)531/ 121 63 542  Email:

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Background of the YiXue Dance Yi Kuai Bu – Shawl Dance:

This Dance with its harmonious opening movements makes us clearly experience, feel and practice the flow of the life energy, the Qi. We raise our energy level and dissolve physical and emotional blockages. It is a dance, which opens up our hearts, presents us with joy and moments of happiness and accompanies us on our path of life cultivation. The shawl in movement and at rest is a symbol for life itself: Opening and closing, a symbol of the connection to the outer world as well as a symbol for looking into one’s inner self. While dancing this dance, we come to self-investigation. In our consciousness, we emerge into the movements in order to unite with the shawl and swing with it in harmony and in accordance with heaven and earth.

Dances of the YiXue Culture with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi The – Healing Power of the YiXue Lotus Dances

Already thousands of years ago, people expressed their thoughts and emotions by dancing. Ever since, dances became a medium for greeting, communication, thankfulness, dedication and humbleness. The YiXue Lotus Dances belong to the oldest forms of dancing and self-cultivation. They are an artistic expression of the contents, effects, power and significance of the YiXue-Culture and implement important exercises for the development of the body, heart and soul. In order to make this ancient and precious art of dancing accessible for everybody, Wei Ling Yi choreographed sequences of movements and different dances, which are easy to learn and which can activate and strengthen the Qi – the life energy. While dancing the mind comes to rest, feelings of happiness, joy and harmony arise; self-healing forces are activated and the persons dancing can easily, and in a playful way, open themselves up for health. By practicing regularly, physical complaints and blockages diminish or are dissolved completely.

Lotus Dances also stand for cultivating one’s own soul and for spiritual growth. They help us to develop holistic abilities and wisdom and support our virtue. On the highest level, the dancers become One with the dance. They forget themselves and are merged into the dance; they are within and at the outside rounded, full of light and complete. As Wei Ling Yi says, in this way the Lotus Dances bring health and happiness for the dancers as well as for the auditorium simultaneously.

The Lotus – Symbol of Spiritual Transformation & the Central Emblem of the YiXue Culture & the Dances

For thousands of years the beauty of the Lotus blossom stood for the spiritual potential of humans. In Asia, it is worshipped as a holy plant. It is rooted in the darkest mud, but grows determinedly into the light. Above the surface of the water, it opens up into a blossom and reaches its completeness. A special feature of the Lotus is what is known as the Lotus effect. The structure of the leaves make it impossible for dirt particles to adhere to them. For thousands of years, this untouchable purity qualified the Lotus blossom to be the symbol of cultivation of one’s own self.


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9. Juni 2024 15:37 - 11. Juni 2024 15:37(GMT+02:00)

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