Lotus Festival 2023 - for online participants

19DezGanztägig23Lotus Festival 2023 - for online participantswith Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling YiONLINE



The Lotus Festival 2023 with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Prerequisite for participation: The Lotus Festival is the highest spiritual festival in YiXue and is aimed at participants who have already familiarised themselves with the basic YiXue teaching system and have taken part in at least one YiXue intensive seminar or an online event with Wei Ling Yi.

Online participation registration

Those who cannot come to the YiXue Education Centre have the opportunity to participate in the central Lotus Festival days from Tuesday 19.12 to Saturday 23.12 and in selected lectures ONLINE.

All Lotus friends who participate from home are included in the stream of the nourishing energy flow.

Registration for the core time of the Lotus Festival 19 – 23 December with participation fee via the online registration portal:


Or copy the following link into your browser: https://v2202004119103114941.luckysrv.de:8443/yixueweb/portal

Registration for lectures outside the core time on a donation basis – separate registration required – registration then takes place via our website: www.yixue.de/en

Contact for questions about online registration:
Email: anmeldung@yixue.de Phone: +49(0)35242.4888.138, Mobile: +49(0)176.81293518


Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi invites all lotus friends and those interested in YiXue to the Lotus Festival 2023 to celebrate the highest spiritual festival of the year together. It is a festival of mercy, love and harmony. During this light-filled, intense time, the energy of all participants is bundled and combined with the cosmic origin force Yi Qi and the energy of Wei Ling Yi to form a large lotus energy field that purifies, regenerates and stabilises. A great cosmic gift to connect us deeply with our cosmic origin and to receive and strengthen our own lotus.

The Lotus Night on 22 December includes a great communal meditation “Sitting on the Lotus” to go into stillness and emptiness and prepares us to receive our own Lotus. Through the high energy transmissions, Wei Ling Yi helps us to purify our body down to the cellular level, expand our consciousness and strengthen our soul light so that the “door to the undiscovered universe can open”. The energy that is unconditionally given to us during the lotus ceremony can resolve bottlenecks, difficulties and obstacles, promotes our virtue and compassion and serves the well-being of all participants, all people, the happiness of all families, the preservation of the beauty of Mother Earth and peace in the world.

THE PROGRAMME for ONLINE participation

Monday 18.12. ONLINE lecture with donation from the heart
Lecture by Wei Ling Yi from 10 – 12 pm with registration via the website yixue.de

Tuesday 19.12 to Saturday 23.12. ONLINE central lotus festival days with seminars & events daily lecture at 10 am and 8 pm EXCEPTION! The Lotus Night from 22.12. to 23.12. will not be transmitted online – registration via the registration portal, fee 360 Euro

Monday 25.12. probably ONLINE; with donation from the heart
Annual review at 10 am

Tuesday 26.12. probably ONLINE; with donation from the heart
Annual summary at 10 am



19. Dezember 2023 - 23. Dezember 2023 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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