The Breath of Life

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LIVE Online Lecture with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

07 August | 8pm – approx. 10:30 pm

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The Breath of Life – The Golden Autumn and the Lungs of the Earth

Every conscious breath leads us into the moment, every conscious breath connects us with the breath of the earth and the breath of the cosmos. BREATH IS LIFE. In this lecture Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will deepen and teach the meaning of the breath qi and the connections between the three energetic qualities: heaven, earth and the human being.

  • How can we reunite these forces?
  • How do we unfold our lung qi?
  • How can we open the energetic miracle point, the bottleneck and the gate in the lungs?
  • How can we move the Qi in the body, regulate it and let it flow freely?

All interested people are welcome to learn and enjoy the unique energy field and working method of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi; a spiritual lecture with energy transmission for the power and light of body, heart and soul.


Proper breathing and well-functioning lungs are central to our health. Traditionally, it is said that the lungs control the air and guide the breath. If we nurture the lung qi in autumn, true health can unfold. With every breath we give ourselves oxygen and fresh energy. We inhale fresh Qing-Qi and exhale used Zhuo-Qi, naturally flowing, so that the airways become free and the lungs work well.

This applies to humans as well as to nature. Nature also breathes. For example, the tropical rainforest – like the Amazon region – is called the “lungs of the earth”. It is one of the largest suppliers of oxygen on earth. An ingenious cosmic invention: Humans need oxygen to live, which plants give them. We breathe out carbon dioxide and give it to the plants so that they can grow. An eternal cycle that makes life possible.


Unfortunately, humanity has forgotten that we are connected to everything, in constant exchange with our environment, with nature, with the cosmos. If we disturb this natural exchange more and more, we completely lose the balance and equilibrium of life.

For decades, we have been destroying the so-called lungs of the earth – the tropical rainforest like the Amazon – for cattle breeding and the extraction of precious woods. Through this destruction, we are massively interfering with the global ecosystem. With every day that passes, we are depriving ourselves of our livelihood and bringing our planet more and more into imbalance every day.

The next big step for humanity is to come back into balance and harmony: with ourselves, nature and the cosmos.

“May we cultivate the Qi of long life,

the heaven in our hearts and the true vision unfold.

May we unite with heaven,

and achieve true health.” Wei Ling Yi

The work of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi in the universal information field
All those who know Wei Ling Yi have already experienced it: In his lectures, which usually do not follow a defined theme, questions are answered and wishes fulfilled, even if we only formulate them inwardly in silence.

Wei Ling Yi works from the moment and the spiritual, higher dimensional level, acting as a channel and energetic catalyst. His special ability is to communicate with the participants through the hearts and from soul to soul and to receive their current issues and wishes spiritually. Those who open up and let go will receive the right and effective information for them, which vibrates at a high energy level, regulates holistically and initiates healing.

The goal of life cultivation in YIXUE
Through our own life cultivation and in YiXue intensive seminars, we ourselves learn to open or strengthen the connection to the cosmos and to work with universal information in order to use it to build up our dynamic life force.

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