The Cells of Life with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

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Intensive seminar for cancer patients with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Fri 25 to Sun 27 February 2022


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Closing dates for registration

for first-time participants: Friday 11 February

for all others attendees: Wednesday February 23

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As this is a special seminar, we ask all new interested persons to contact the organizer Karin Hattwig before registering:

MAIL, PHONE +49(0)421.63 68 571 – here you will find information on participation requirements and registration.

The online seminar starts on Friday, February 25, at 10 a.m. and ends on Sunday, February 27, at around 10:30 p.m.

Further information about the seminar will be provided after registration.

Course fee: 249 euros per participant

The Cells of Life
by Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi
“All living beings on earth and throughout the cosmos are alive, carry consciousness and a soul. In this seminar, Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi will teach how to approach, connect with, or deepen our connection to the largest cells within us – our soul.
Every cell is alive. Every cell is life. Every cell has its spirituality.

Of all living beings, man is the highest spiritual being on earth. In him lies the potential to develop high consciousness through the unfolding of his inspiration. If the soul of a human being is perfect, all cells are round, healthy, beautiful and radiant.

In the human being, as a microcosm, all the information and energy of the Markocosm – the original universe – is reflected. We breathe in sync with the earth and the sky. We share the same origin. We share the same destiny of life down to every cell. The largest cell of our life is our soul.
Health through the power of the soul How can we cultivate the billions of cells within us, regulate their information and connect them to the cosmic origin energy so that they become healthy and perfect again? How can neurons be reactivated and connected so that our latent potential can unfold?

On the path of holistic health, we learn from Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi how to discover and develop the three treasures within us through life cultivation: Jing Qi (subtle essences), Qi (life energy) and Shen (spiritual, sacred power). We build our immune system, learn to generate original and natural healing medicine, and nourish our energy center, the lower Dan Tian. Let’s open the lotus. Let all the cells dance. Let’s transform all cancer cells into healthy cells. Let all healthy cells unfold a long life.”


When people get cancer, they often and understandably ask themselves the same questions: Why did I get cancer? Why is it me of all people? How can I get well again? Health and wisdom teacher Wei Ling Yi got to the bottom of these questions: What is cancer and where are the roots of its development? From his many years of research into tumor diseases on an energetic-holistic level, he developed a therapeutic approach that perceives the human being in its entirety and includes body, heart, mind and soul. A method that can lead to healing and always contributes to an improvement in the quality of life such as more strength, stability, joy, confidence and self-confidence.


Friday 25 February

Fri 10-11.30 am : Welcome and introduction session

Fri 4-5 pm : YiXue practice

Fri 8-10:30 : Lecture and energy transmission with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


Saturday 26 February

Sat 10-11:15 am : YiXue practice

Sat 4-5 pm : YiXue practice

Sat 8-10:30 : Lecture and energy transmission with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


Sunday 27 February

Sun 10-11:15 am : YiXue practice

Sun 4-5:30 pm : YiXue practice and sharing session

Sun 28-10:30 : Lecture and energy transmission with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi


25. Februar 2022 10:00 - 27. Februar 2022 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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