Online Premiere – Semi Fasting Seminar

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Cleansing for Body, Heart & Soul . Regulation & Energy Build-up

Intensive Seminar YiQi Bi Gu 

A Fasting and Cultivation Seminar for all Interested, Beginners and Advanced.

This 3-day Online Seminar offers also to beginners a good possibility of becoming acquainted with the effective YiXue fasting method. The online seminar starts on Friday, September 18th at 4 pm and ends on Sunday, September 20th at about 10 pm. Contribution per participant: 249 Euro



Please register with the following link via the YIXUE web portal:


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Please register in advance. The closing date for registration is September 16th 2020.

Important Note for New Participants: We ask new participants who have never attended an YiXue seminar with Wei Ling Yi to first contact the organizers for information before registering. Thank you.



Because of the Corona Crisis, still no seminars can take place in our YiXue Education Center in Nossen, Germany. Therefore, we would like to invite you all to the online Semi-Fasting seminar “Yi Qi Bi Gu” from September 18th – 20th 2020. We start with the online seminar on Friday at 16 o’clock. For further program times see below. Course fee: 249 Euro per participant.

The Yi Qi Bi Gu Half-Fasting Seminar is a high cultivation method in the tradition of the Great Lotus System, a universal health and wisdom system that Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi was spiritually introduced to at a young age. Therefore, this fasting seminar includes methods that are different from other known types of fasting.

The seminars are essentially characterized by the daily energy transmission of Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi via the lecture and drinking energized water. Thereby the immune system and self-healing powers are activated intensively, strengthened and rebuilt. Besides this the fasting process is supported by one’s own practice of absorbing energy from nature and the cosmos and by exercises to eliminate toxins, sick Qi and negative information.

Strong feelings of hunger usually are not observed. Tiredness and discomfort disappear after  

a few days, so that the seminar participants soon feel free, light and powerful. Many complaints, pains and inflammation processes decrease during the fasting period or dissolve completely.

Literally translated the Chinese word Bi Gu means ‘omission of grain (Gu)’. Therein the renouncement of animal products, bread, sugar and luxury food is contained. At semi-fasting we only eat vegetables, fruits and water.

Due to the current situation for the first time we are offering this fasting method from home. Afterwards it is relatively easy to integrate fasting into everyday life and continue it for a few days, weeks or even months at home. Through regular fasting it is possible to cleanse body and mind, to change the nutrition holistically and to become more conscious for healthier nourishment.

We ask that all participants do not miss any session of the seminar. So, we are able to work together with Grand Master Wei Ling Yi and the universal original energy YiQi to unfold and stabilize the energy field.

Organization & Contact

Petra Köbinger FON: 08062 / 9223; Mail: or

Regina Stolle FON: 06578 / 7319; Mail:

Course fee: 249 € per participant; After the seminar you will receive an invoice.


For the Seminar the Following is Required

  • thermos flask or thermos bottle to be able to drink hot water at any time
  • YiXue rice bag (method: tapping technique for the release of used energy and for building-up  of new energy) for the common practice. New participants can practice by tapping with their fists or order a ricebag (36 Euros) at the YiXue Education Center: E-mail address:
  • 2 bottles of still mineral water
  • 3 red dates (you can get them in the china store or at pharmacies that sell Chinese teas. Alternatively, normal dates without a kernel are also possible. These will be not eaten, but only kept in the mouth during meditation and disposed of afterwards.
  • different kinds of vegetables and fruits according to taste, dried fruits
  • and/or nuts


ONLINE PROGRAM TIMETABLE (CEST – Central European Summer Time)

Friday, 18.9.20 – Login via zoom

16:00 – 17:00: Introduction of the BiGu Team, organizational meeting with all participants

20:00: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with transmission of the fasting information, by drinking together a ‘cup of hot water’ (drinking energized water)


Saturday, 19.9.20Login via zoom

10:00 – ca.11:00: exercises followed by meditation

16:00: breathing exercises, followed by rice bag practice

20:00: Lecture by Wei Ling Yi with energy transmission and drinking of the cup of energized hot water.


Sunday, 20.9.20 – Login via zoom

Morning and afternoon like Saturday

20:00: Final lecture by Wei Ling Yi, exchange of experiences.


Information on Data Protection

Notes on the visibility of the participants / participant names and recordings during the YiXue online events:

For our online lectures and seminars, we use the webinar platform ZOOM. This means that only the cameras and microphones of the moderators (teaching team, organization team, translation team) are activated. The participants and their names are only visible to the organization team and will not be passed on to third parties. For a possible exchange of experiences the participants can join only by microphone and or if they like both camera and microphone can be switched on.

Information about the recording process

As a standard we record the online seminars locally for archiving purposes. At joining the online seminar the camera and microphones of the participants are regularly deactivated and are also not apparent in the recording. During a possible exchange of experiences, participants can ask questions with activated camera and microphone. In this case these contributions are also recorded. Should you have any questions in this context or do not agree to a recording, do not hesitate to send us your questions or feedback to the organization team by email or telephone:

The creation of own recordings or recordings by participants is not allowed. Only the host (YiXue Education Center) is authorized to make recordings for documentation purposes.


18. September 2020 - 20. September 2020 (Ganztägig)(GMT+02:00)

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