Yi Qi Mi Dai Futi

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Yi Qi Mi Dai Futi

Special Rice Bag Tapping Technique with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Conditions for participation 

Participation is open to all YiXue practitioners who have attended at least two Basic Mi Dai Seminars (online and/or at the YiXue Education Center.)

COURSE FEE € 360, special rice bag € 64

Closing date is 31.12.2020 – since special rice bags are made

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We would like to offer English speaking YiXue friends the opportunity to also attend Wei Ling Yi’s three day Ricebag Seminar. Please note!

Voice volume of the English Interpretation: 

Because of the technique of ZOOMs interpretation system, the volume of Sifu Wei Ling Yi’s voice will be low when choosing the English interpretation, but theinterpreters voice will be clearly audible.

Quality of interpretation: 

Our interpreters from German to English are not professionals, but speak English fluently and will do their best to offer you a good translation.

Dear YiXue Friends,

we cordially invite you to the 7th Mi Dai Fu Ti Seminar, which this year will take place online for the first time. As feedback has already shown, after the last Basic Rice Bag Seminar in October, the effects – even online – are very powerful and help us to holistically divert old information and energies out of our system and at the same time build up our energy.

Seminar Content

In this special seminar we will learn about the connections between energetic attachments and foreign information (Fu Ti) and how we can protect ourselves against them.

By tapping the rice bag, we discharge foreign energies and at the same time care for our life (Yang Sheng). Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi, with the help of his team, will practice methods with us that increase our own energy level and that of the Fu Ti. The high energies that Wei Ling Yi transmits during the seminar nourish us as well as the foreign information adhering to us. The goal is that these foreign beings are no longer dependent on our life energy and can leave our system (body, heart, soul). The gift of being accompanied by a master like Wei Ling Yi is great. Since he acts from higher dimensions and levels of consciousness and can connect with our soul, it is possible for him to transform foreign energies through his work in the information field, which we ourselves – despite all practice and cultivation – cannot transform on our own if we lack the necessary strength. Thus, the information and energy transmissions in the seminar are of far-reaching importance for our lives. Wei Ling Yi, who will lead this seminar, is one of the few people who can do this difficult work.

With the seminar we also deepen the methods to help ourselves. But to be successful on this path, it is essential that we continue to practice after the seminar. Through regular practice with the special rice bag we take the health of our body, heart, mind and soul into our own hands and continue step by step on the path of life cultivation.

Background: What are FuTis?

Fu Ti – i.e. information and energy – which adhere to us, are, according to the understanding of the YiXue teachings, living beings which carry their own essence and which we often do not notice and grasp at all or only imperfectly. They can affect and control us without us realizing it. Each Fu Ti has its own origin, energy level and appearance. It can be ancient information and foreign beings from other lives, but also parasitic information from this life.


Fu Ti is the traditional name, today’s designation is: ill making information

Fu means: adherent Ti means: being

Fu Tis are living beings with strength and radiant power

* they possess different forces and penetrate our body with different speed and intensity

* they can rob our life energy in a very short time, which in the worst case can lead to death

How do Fu Tis come into us?

If our emotions get out of balance for a long time, our life energy is weakened. Each weakening of our life energy opens the door for foreign influences, for unhealthy information and energies. If we cannot transform them, they nestle inside us and feed on us to develop themselves further.

Example: Corona Virus

We all know about the Corona virus by now. And we experience what it means when a virus itself has lost its balance and changed in such a way that it turns against humans with great strength and overcomes all boundaries. We experience that this Fu Ti in the form of a virus not only feeds on our life energy, but even robs us of a large part of our vital force, so that it can affect the entire life energy.

The MI DAI FUTI Rice Bag

For the seminar we need a special rice bag, which we receive exclusively in a Fu Ti seminar. It carries special information and is prepared for us personally by Wei Ling Yi and his team. Thus Wei Ling Yi transfers an energetic protection sign (Fu Hao), which contains and radiates strength and healing information, to each rice bag. The rice bag can be used for one year.

Order Rice Bag

You can order the Mi Dai Fu Ti rice bag from 1st December from the Lotus shop using this email address lotusshop@yixue.defor a price of € 64. You will then receive it by mail. 31 December is the last day for both registering and placing an order. We urge you to keep to this deadline, because the postal delivery can be very delayed during Corona time. You can still use the old rice bags until 21.01.2021. After that you can send the old rice bag to the Lotus shop in Nossen (labeled “Alter Reissack”) or you can keep it until the next Chao Du Event and then bring it to the Center, if that is possible again.

Participation & Registration

In order to be able to unfold and stabilize the energy field together with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi and the universal primordial energy YiQi, we ask that all participants participate at all seminar times, unless it is not possible for you for health reasons.

Course fee: € 360 per participant; you will receive an invoice after the seminar.

Do you have any questions?

Then please contact us: Waltraud Babbe, mail: lotushaus-preetz@yixue.de, mobile: 0173 530 2066

or Susanne Ludwig, mail: s.ludwig@yixue.de, mobile: 0171 / 430 12 31.

If you have any questions regarding online registration, please contact our registration team:

Email: anmeldung@yixue.de Fon: +49(0)35242.4888-138



Friday 22 January

16:00 – 17:00: Presentation of the Mi Dai Team and organizational meeting with all participants

20:00 – 22:00: Welcome, short meditation ‘Sitting on the Lotus’; afterwards lecture with energy transfer by Wei Ling Yi

Saturday 23 January  

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.: Rice bag practice together

16:00 – 17:00: Rice bag practice together

17:00 – 17:30: Exchange of experiences, questions & answers

20:00 – 22:00: Welcome, short meditation ‘Sitting on the Lotus’; afterwards lecture with energy transfer by Wei Ling Yi

Sunday 24. January

10:00 – 11:00: Rice bag practice together

16:00 – 17:00: Rice bag practice together

17:00 – 17:30: Exchange of experiences, questions & answers

20:00 – 22:00 Welcome, short meditation ‘Sitting on the Lotus’; afterwards lecture with energy transfer by Wei Ling Yi


Information on data protection

Notes on the visibility of participants / participant names and on the recordings during YiXue online events:

We use the webinar platform ZOOM for our online lectures and seminars. This means that only the moderator cameras and microphones (teaching team, organization team, translation team) are activated. The participants and their names are only visible to the organization team and are not passed on to third parties. In the event of a possible exchange of experiences, the participants have the option, after approval, to connect either with microphone only or with microphone and camera.


Information about the recording process

As a standard we record the online seminars locally for archiving purposes. At joining the online seminar, the camera and microphones of the participants are regularly deactivated and are also not apparent in the recording. During a possible exchange of experiences, participants can ask questions with activated camera and microphone. In this case these contributions are also recorded. Should you have any questions in this context or do not agree to a recording, do not hesitate to send us your questions or feedback to the organization team by email or telephone:

The creation of own recordings or recordings by participants is not allowed. Only the host (YiXue Education Center) is authorized to make recordings for documentation purposes.


22. Januar 2021 16:00 - 24. Januar 2021 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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