The New Year event for world peace

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THE NEW YEAR – A peace event with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

LIVE Online | 1 January 2024 | 7 pm – approx. 10 pm | on a donation basis I for all interested parties

Contact: Carola Schönherr, MAIL:, FON: +49.0175.5203508

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Dear YiXue friends, dear interested parties, we cordially invite you to the online YiXue World Peace Evening on 1 January 2024 with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi. We would like to create an evening of peace with you through the connection of our loving hearts, through meditating together, chanting YiXue mantras and through peace wishes from many international lotus friends.

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi introduces the peace evening 2024 with the following words:

“In 2024, everything begins anew, everything is renewed. We say: “The red gate opens. The golden child comes into the world and gives peace to all people. Happiness develops through peace.”

Believe in yourself! Master your life: Go forward step by step with the “Fire of Lis” and receive the auspicious winds from the East. Everything is immersed in the colour red, becomes lively and flourishing. Happiness shines forth. The golden lotus opens at our feet. We are enveloped in happiness.

The people come together. All families come together. The world is united in peace and harmony. The colour of happiness is red, red, red. People are gathering wood and the flames are shining high. Only when we work together in harmony does immense power arise. Each and every one of us has our very own skills and talents, which only come into their own when we bring them harmoniously into the community and into the team.

A person’s life is like a theatre play. The role you play determines your entire life. Humanity has already entered a new era. The next 20 years of the new era have begun. Everything is changing: time, the world, energy. We should welcome the beginning “20 years of happiness” with a new attitude. A life in the element of fire, in unity, a balanced life, prolonging life. It is a sign of happiness: everything is red, alive and beautiful. This is hope. May all people be healthy and every family happy! May all nations be at peace and prosperous. May the earth retain its beauty.

The New Year has its origins in faith.

The power of faith is enormous and strong. It is the power and inner drive of the lotus spirit. We believe that everyone will change in 2024 in the “Fire of Lis” and the New Year has a unique value. It symbolises a new beginning that can help us to overcome old suffering and move into the future with confidence. The New Year symbolises change and hope! The time of the New Year has come: “The nine winds appear in the “Fire of Lis”.

We celebrate the peace event on 1 January 2024, starting at 7 pm. Lotus friends from all over the world will speak at this peaceful event and express their good wishes. Together we pray for world peace! We sing, dance and carry the message of the New Year into the world. With the beginning of the new year, we enter the era of “purple fire”. All will be bright. The element of fire forms the basis, its vibrant red colour. Will we manage to seize this great fortune? That will depend on each and every one of us. Can we change? Can we adapt to the new times? We must overcome ourselves, surpass ourselves. If we can do this, then there is a chance to connect with the nine energies of time and space. The YiXue starts with the initiative: “DO GOOD AND START WITH YOURSELF:”

The power of YiXue mantras

The peace evening is accompanied by the collective singing of powerful YiXue mantras to build up Qi fields with healing, peaceful and auspicious information and effects. Through the light and energy-rich sound waves of the mantras, it is once again possible for us to regulate ourselves and to send out these effects globally in a much stronger way in order to help our fellow human beings to heal and build themselves up energetically. This can also prevent or at least minimise the suffering and misfortune that comes our way. The more people come together for this spiritual work, the greater the intended effect.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Yours sincerely, Your YiXue World Peace Evening organising team

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